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If there’s one thing you can say about Goldroom’s remixes, it’s that he always fully understands the emotional content of the song of the artist he is remixing and always seems to manage to take that emotion to a higher level.  Whether it’s the noirish pridefulness he brought to Pat Lok’s “No Shame” or the added sexiness & solemnity he gave to Lancelot’s “We Can Dance”, Goldroom seems to value the listener’s mental state more than its physical one.  It’s not that his remixes won’t make you dance.  They’ll certainly make you dance but they’ll also make you dig a little deeper emotionally.

Goldroom’s latest remix of “You (Ha Ha Ha)” by UK singer/raver/dancer Charli XCX is another emotionally packed tune dealing with the heaviness of heartache.  It’s an emotional heartbreaker with lots of groove.

Out February 10th via Asylum Records.

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