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HEY: DESTRUCTO is no longer playing Bang Bang this Thursday due to a sudden change of plans but will be playing another night in the near future. JOSH DAVID will be taking over the decks in his place. So, you all must still come jam with us at Velvet Jones, 423 State Street this Thursday from 9:30-1. If you don’t, we’ll find out. And you’ll be cut.

UPDATE: DESTRUCTO just sent us his addictively saucy remix of Rick James’ “Super Freak.” I’ll def. be dropping this Saturday, for now I’ll just keep it on loop. As far as we can tell, we’re the only place you can get it. You know what that means…TWO GDD EXCLUSIVES IN ONE POST…download it already! (direct download, right click>save as)

Rick James – Super Freak (DESTRUCTO remix)
(YSI link)

It’s your resident DJ harasser Stevie E here and the boys at GDD are up to no good as usual today with a special treat for YOU, our dear reader…

We’ve somehow finagled an exclusive interview with DJ DESTRUCTO.

aka: Gary Richards, the man behind every HARD event, resident DJ at Avalon Hollywood’s CONTROL night, the king of the 90’s LA underground rave scene.


The never-ceasing to amaze us master of all things worth listening to and going to, DESTRUCTO! Thanks so much for taking the time out to help an up and coming blog.

GDD: To start things off, can I get you anything to eat? No? Alright, there’s some finger sandwiches in the back if you change your mind. What do you drink? (so we can buy you one Thursday as a thank you.)

DESTRUCTO: Grey goose and tonic.

GDD: It’s on the blog.

GDD: Who would you say had the biggest influence on bringing the electronic scene to where it is today? Who have you personally been most influenced by?

DESTRUCTO: People from LA I would say…Barry Weaver, Doc Martin, Jason Bentley, Beej, Gary Blitz, Daven, Kool-Aid and Pasqual.

GDD: You and Loveman certainly played a huge part in the west coast underground scene in the 90’s. From the days of map points and warehouses to today’s massives and sports arenas, how has the rave and party scene, particularly in LA, changed since then?

DESTRUCTO: I think today its seems like the music is much, much better, which in turn is creating larger events and different types of people enjoying electronic music.

GDD: How would you describe the scene now and what do you see it pushing towards in the future?

DESTRUCTO: I think it’s morphing into more than just a scene, it’s a lifestyle.

GDD: HARD events, with their razor sharp innovation and edge-cutting lineups behind them are quickly becoming the new places to be. How did HARD come about and can you share with us any plans or ideas for the future of HARD?

DESTRUCTO: I have been producing and releasing compact discs for the last fifteen years. Nobody buys them anymore so I thought, “why not go back to my roots and produce events and DJ again?” Coming up we have the HARD SUMMER 08.08.09 and HARD HAUNTED MANSION 10.31.09.

GDD: HARD feels much more like a proper party and cause for celebration than what the standard “rave” has become, is this a reaction to the massives that are being put on, a return to the roots of it all? Do you think we’ll ever see a return to the days of ferries with DJ’s on board taking kids to parties on Catalina island or the adventure of the “break into where ever you can and dance until the cops roll up” get togethers?

DESTRUCTO: I am not sure what we will see in the future from other promoters. I know for myself and HARD it’s about doing it proper. I will never leave anything to chance and always make sure everything is put in place for our supporters. We will always make sure at HARD you get the best, safest and most legal events that I can possible put together.

GDD: With HARD 13 fast approaching, you’ll have been in the company of the brilliant Alexander Rhida (Boys Noize) at HARD a couple times now. Can we expect to see more of him in the future? I seriously doubt my mind will ever function properly again after hearing his set at HARD Halloween, the only cure is further melting.

DESTRUCTO: I would always love to have Boys Noize on all HARD events. Sometimes you need to mix things up and change it up but yes for sure BOYS NOIZE and his posse will be performing at more HARD events.

GDD: Are you able to find time to kick back with the artists you’ve booked at all? We here at Gotta Dance Dirty often speculate about a big breakfast for all the artists at your house the morning of the party.

DESTRUCTO: Not so much at my house but yes we get to hang from time to time. Part of my day job is co-managing The Crookers.

GDD: Does HARD/Nitrus Records offer internships or any opportunities to get involved with this big beautiful world of wild, curfew-breaking parties? Ever looking to hire? You know we’ll tear yo tickets, just say the word.

DESTRUCTO: As we expand we are always looking for responsible, hardworking people who love the music.

GDD: How did you get into promoting? What are your most memorable experiences thus far? Will we ever see a HARD Wild Rivers? (not counting the time at the first one when Dave 7 got naked at the giant jaccuzi and ran around, of course.)

DESTRUCTO: I got into promoting in 1990. I just loved this music so much and thought, “wow if I could make more money working with this music than my job delivering pizza, I would be a seriously happy kid.” And it worked out. I think Wild Rivers may be out of the question. Way too many memorable moments to count.

(so check this out kiddies: in the summer of ’91, DESTRUCTO did the impossible and threw LA’s first outdoor underground in the cop-heavy heart of Orange County. Last minute cancellations on the part of the first venue, who didn’t want a “drug party,” forced them to do it at Wild Rivers, Irvine. There were water slides, an Olympic-sized jacuzzi, and thousands of people. They called it MICKEY’S HOLY WATER ADVENTURE, it later became known as the “Ultimate Rave.” He’s best known for throwing RAVEAMERICA at Knott’s Berry Farm, however. At midnight they played snippets from “Dominator” and “O Fortuna” from all seven stages together and shot off fireworks. People went so fucking balls crazy for it that Knott’s had to shut off all the power for an hour just to get people to calm down to a safe level.)

GDD: How would you describe your DJ sets? How did you start out and what setup are you currently using? Do you think the new superstar DJ vibe is here to stay in dance music? You let all the GDD boys on stage over the summer, and we all appreciate the DJ being part of the party instead of on some far off pedestal.

DESTRUCTO: After almost 20 years I look at my sets and basically call it PARTY. I will play NWA into BART B MORE, I feed off the crowd, it’s whatever makes the party jump. Currently I use Ableton Live or vinyl.

GDD: How’s being resident DJ at CONTROL treating you? Last week with Fischerspooner and DANGER was absolutely fucking wild. You and Mr. White always seem to be having fun, to say the least. Anything ridiculous happened so far on/back stage that our readers might enjoy hearing?

DESTRUCTO: All kinds of crazy shit but you have to come to see.

GDD: What’d you grow up listening to?

DESTRUCTO: Mostly rock and r&b. My dad has been in radio and records for 40 years and when I was seven he took me to Led Zep and that changed my life. I love Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Paraliament Funkadelic…anything good really.

GDD: What’s on your most played list now?

DESTRUCTO: Crookers.

GDD: What do you think of the music blogs today, specifically their promotion of dance music artists and DJs? Can labels do anything to control those damn commie blogging kids getting every track out there the second it leaks or is the free promotion worth more to a label? Is this any different for electronic music? How do you think the blogs and aggregator sites like Hype Machine are changing the face of electronic music and all the people and events connected to it?

DESTRUCTO: I love it. I think it’s the reason electronic music is so big right now.

GDD: What do you think of Gotta Dance Dirty, specifically this interview? (;

DESTRUCTO: You guys fucking rock, keep it up.

GDD: You’ll be playing a Bang Bang party in Santa Barbara at Velvet Jones this Thursday with support from our personal friends and residents Cam Francisco, DJ Winner and aRod, the town couldn’t be more excited about it. Cam Francisco has a formidable mustache that’s been in the works for a while now. How do you feel about playing along side DJs with such attention demanding follicular accessorization? Will you be making any facial hair modifications in preparation for the event?


GDD: We’ve gotta ask…do you ever feel compelled to dance dirty? If not, why and what happened that made you clean up your act? How do you feel about the obscene and highly immoral gyrations that your DJ sets invariably bring out in a crowd?

DESTRUCTO: Bring it on…

GDD: Finally, any advice for up and coming promoters, DJs, producers or future label owners?

DESTRUCTO: Make shit happen on your own. Don’t wait for someone to help you out just make it happen.

GDD: The boys at GDD and all our readers can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to talk to us and we can’t wait to see where you take things next. Catch you Thursday at Bang Bang.


and here are some links for all you guys:

ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce to you a brand new mixtape put together by one of my best friends DJ Cam Francisco and his partner in crime, Barrett LaCapria. These two masterminds have come up with a brilliant CD release mix for BANG BANG out of santa barbara, california. Bang Bang has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene in downtown santa barbara and have made their mark in numerous venues in los angeles as well. with a perfect blend of art, music, and fashion, Bang Bang has created quite a name for itself in the past year+, and i would expect a lot more out of this group of talented people in the year to come. if you have a facebook, become a fan to get some good updates if you are in the SB/LA area. so download this mix, twist those knobs up, and enjoy some good electronic music from some good friends.

direct link-right click and “download linked file”