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Muchachos and Senoritas, we are proud to present the first official release of our own Troy Kurtz, alongside his Overthrow brother Damaged Goods. If you’re a tropical, rave, moombahton fan – or just a fan of the Cabo San Lucas sleaze in those dirty clubs (you know what I mean), then boy do we have a treat for chu. We are premiering to you the exclusive 320 download, so break out the tanning oil, chips & salsa, and the 2 for 1 cervezas because its time to CABO FUEGO. ¡Aye, Tan Sucia!

Troy Kurtz & Damaged Goods – Cabo Fuego √+

Troy Kurtz & Damaged Goods – Cabo Fuego (Original Mix) by Troy Kurtz

Sorry for the lackluster description of these tracks. I left majority of my brain cells in cabo this past weekend. But I am pretty sure these tracks speak for themselves. All I can say is Afrojack has done it again. The guy is having quite the monster year so far, and I think its gonna just keep going up from here.

Afrojack- Bangduck (Original Mix)

Also here is an older yet great track from Afrojack to keep it going:

Afrojack- Zeggie (Original Mix)