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pic: TheStyleShark
We here at Gotta Dance Dirty™ value our strength through diversity in musical opinions and tastes. Consequently, when our front page gets dominated by Dutch house, I can’t help but roll up my sleeves and dig up some sweet disco house to share with our readers.

Busta Rhymes – Hustler’s Anthem 09 (Bit Funk Remix)
T-Pain’s presence on this jam nearly excluded it from consideration, but Bit Funk’s magic makes it impossible not to dance.

Grey Ghost – Take A Trip (Do The Boogaloo)
San Diego’s ghost with the most trades in his nu-disco hat for this unreleased funky house single.

Valerna – Look Ma, No Pants! (Felix Cartal Edit)
Vancouver’s Felix Cartal makes a quick edit of this disco rug-cutter from Valerna.

We just got sent a GDD™ exclusive from our fellow Los Angelenos, Valerna. Good track with that signature crunchy Valerna sound. If you didn’t catch their ruthless remix of Pance Party‘s ‘Fun Factory’ in a post from a few weeks ago, grab it here and show them some love.