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The hip hop world has been bridged again by the killer production of LA’s own Pipes. Reaching north into bay area territory, The duo has taken the original vocal of Sage The Gemini’s “Gas Pedal” and created a bass driven techno track that even breaks into hard-style tempos. Fans of Boys Noize and Bromance Records will be all over this one, tis’ a big warehouse pumper for sure.

Pipes on

It’s Monday morning, wait, it’s Monday morning after a long weekend. Right now is supposed to suck. But I find myself bopping around in my office, unfazed by the sheer amount of work ahead of me today and this week…. and for this I owe the entirety of my appreciation to young Brodinski (and coffee… lots of coffee).

After announcing a new mixtape last week along with a giveaway and preview of two of the tracks, Brodinski dropped The Purple Ride for everyone in Europe to lap up on their lunch breaks and all of us in America to wake up to. Hey, nice one dude. The mixtape is everything you want and expect it to be: an effortless blend of apocalyptic techno, “forward-thinking” artists, and off-center rap that Brodinski has been cultivating for quite a while now. I’m just going to go ahead and dub this blend “Purple drank techno” for my own enjoyment.

A really massive shout out to Savoir Faire, Bromance Records, and of course the ever-impressive Brodinski for continually delivering fresh and original content and ideas at what seems to always be near-perfect timing. You can stream the mixtape below and I obviously suggest you download that ish ASAP.

Every time Brodinski announces a mixtape I swear it’s like f*cking Christmas came early or any feeling similar to when they announce a new Gears of War or that you won first round draft picks in your league or whatever you good people get overly excited about (pretty sure I just embarrassed myself there but also pretty sure I don’t care) . Brodinski is like the kid in high school who always put you on to the cool shit and apart from being innately cool himself was SUPER cool because he made lesser-souls like us free mixtapes all the time. Well praise the rap and techno gods because Christmas is in July this year with the delivery of his newest mixtape: The Purple Ride. It’s got ridiculous artwork. It’s got rap. And Techno. And vibes. And probably a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol behind it. It’s released next week on the 8th of July through his label Bromance Records. Tite.

Up for download as a bit of a teaser to the mixtape is his remix of King L’s “Val Venis”. Not much of a surprise here on the choice of rapper as King L had a SICK verse on the track from Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ that both Brodinski and Gesaffelstein worked on, “Send It Up“. The remix stays true to the Brodinski stylings with what I would love to call “purple drank techno” & is a good indication to the new mixtape being another fire delivery from Brodinski.

Zone Music is a haven for modern Techno. The imprint’s founders, Gesaffelstein & The Hacker, have carved somewhat of a niche alongside their fellow Frenchmen over at Bromance Records, pushing for the cutting edge, bouncy, bassy Techno that we’ve all learned to love. Forthcoming on Zone is a 3-track EP from Maelstrom — a promising young producer from the West coast of France with previous releases on Sound Pellegrino, dirtybird, and BNR Trax. The title track of the Resistance EP that we’re premiering today fuses a love of Detroit Techno fundamentals with a new age French twist, providing for a uniquely indefatigable production. Preview “Resistance” below and pick up the release on May 29th. √+

Another Wednesday brings another installment of our guest mix series, and today we feature our favorite Australian living in Los Angeles, Craig Williams. A master in the studio, Craig astonishes me with his clean productions and remixes, even when he shows me them through an iPod in his Prius 😉 Craig has included a healthy helping of his own originals and remixes in this mix topped with some tracks from BNR, Turbo, and Bromance providing for a bouncy Techno soundtrack to your life for the next 72 minutes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, watch out for this dude. √+

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French foursome, Club Cheval (consisting of Canblaster, Panteros666, Sam Tiba, and Myd), are releasing the 6th EP out on Brodi and Manu Barron’s label, Bromance, today accompanied by a music video for the A-side, “Decisions.” Aptly self-described as “Rave N’ B,” the Decisions EP consists of a heavy serving of Bass on the eponymous A-side, while the B-side “Vanilla Girl” utilizes sultry female vocals in an homage to early 00’s R&B. Pick it up on iTunes now.


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Today we are excited to announce our first official collaboration with one of our favorite imprints, BROMANCE Records, in the form of a perfect mix from one of the best ladies in the game, Louisahhh!!!. This BROMANCE Summer Tape exclusively features her collaborations with the likes of Brodinski, Danny Daze, Prince Club, and more, as well as Louisahhh’s original, ‘Narcotic.’ Louisahh’s vocals truly shine through in this mixtape, showcasing her undeniable dexterity for writing and lyricism. This mix, mastered by BROMANCE rep Gesaffelstein, has been made available for free download by the wonderful people at BROMANCE Records, so download below and find the impeccable tracklist after the jump. √++

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Bromance Records is simply on fire. Brodi really has the vision for his label down, and he’s let his pal Gesaffelstein take the reigns for the 4th EP, Rise of Depravity, due out on July 9th. Rise of Depravity sees 2 originals from Gesa, ‘Depravity’ and ‘Belgium.’ The title track consists of the pumping Techno you’d expect from the handsome Frenchman, but ‘Belgium’ slows the tempo way down into something I can only describe as Technoombah (see Dave Nada I can make up genres too!), and pays homage to the early 80s/90s ecelectic electronic scene of the country. Pick it up on Beatport in a couple weeks, and until then have a listen to the previews below! √+ Continue Reading

As if the EDM acts coming out of France weren’t killing it already, another French outfit called Club Cheval (Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba & Panteros666) is quickly making its mark in this competitive industry as one of the most radical acts of the moment. In the midst of their upcoming EP on Bromance Records, the four-piece monster group just released an exclusive preview in mixtape form for Dazed & Confused Magazine. The tape features their very first original track.  Download free!  >:) devil

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Brodinski‘s buzzing collaboration with Louisahhh! released on Bromance Records now has a visual component to accompany it, designed by the artist, Alain Domagala. Roll something up and click this video into the full screen. Here’s what Domagala had to say about it:

“Everything happened so quickly, even if the idea of a collab was planned for quite a long time now. I guess the release of “Let The Beat Control Your Body” started the process. We talked about it when Louis came to Marseille for Marsatac festival in September. I do think this “Dancing with myself” animation – that I started during a residency in Berlin back in 2008 and finished for an exhibition in Marseille – was the impetus for this project. It’s the very first appearance of the skeleton. Dumb on purpose, it obviously refers to the music itself, in a different way than its title does. This suggestion gave me the chance to get the skeleton out of its box and to rub it up against the acid tones of the track, such as a tough chafing on a stinging nettle. Just like Louis’ music, full of sound and rhythmical material stratums, above all I prefered to work more on the visual effects than on the illustrative side of the video.”