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I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t always a little electronic music connoisseur. I preferred screaming, distortion, and double bass drum anthems. If you’re anything like me, or just have an affinity for really raw/dirty/vile noise, then I offer you Tek-One. Obviously, hailing from grime capital of the world Lon-don, these two dudes give huge a new meaning. If the name Bring Me The Horizon doesn’t ring a bell for you, you might want to hit up ‘command+w’, because this definitely isn’t some cheesy hipster shit. I hope to see moshpits in the clurb 2k10. I think they just bred a new genre: ‘screamostep’.

Bring Me The Horizon – Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One Remix)
Tek-One – Hate you