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Ladies and Gentlemen of the GDD™ movement, today I bring you a brand new mix tape from a man who truly does not need any introduction, the one and only Dieselboy. Dieselboy’s mix tapes have turned on generation after generation of heads to the sounds of drum and bass. From “Drum and Bass Selection USA” in 1996 to “Substance D” in 2008, each has become a classic for the genre. Recognized for their solid content, clever aesthetics, imaginative concepts, and intense energy, his CDs have set the bar against which other DJ’s mix projects are measured. Because he releases his mixes fairly infrequently, these moments are considered a special event.

His Mixtape’s are as well known as his ferious live sets are.

DieselboyUnleashed! is his most layered and nuanced studio mix to date. Returning to his old school mixtape roots where he isn’t limited to what tracks he could use or license, Dieselboy has used the opportunity to take Unleashed! to another level.

56 tracks were used to craft a deep and extensive 73-minute mix that reveals itself only after repeated listens. Steering away from banging out an “of-the-moment” forgettable dancefloor rinseout, Dieselboy throws down a wide variety of current and classic tracks and edits, wrapping up the mix with 25 minutes of finely diced dubstep that showcases his current taste in the genre and forthcoming tracks from his dubstep label, Subhuman. Finally, the project is given a tongue-in-cheek graphic treatment that references the exploitation of sci-fi fantasy movie posters of the 1970s. It looks and sounds hardcore.

Without further adieu I give you the mix tape Dieselboy himself considers his best to date! (Which is saying A LOT) Also be on the lookout for a GDD™ exclusive interview with Dieselboy in the coming weeks.

Dieselboy – Unleashed! by Dieselboy

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As 2010 draws to a close, we at GDD™ have decided to embark on a recap for you guys, and summarize our favorites from a truly epic year in EDM. Every day between now and January 1, our contributors will be pairing up to share their top picks with you. Tre and I drew the short straw and are up first, covering the bassier genres, so without further ado let’s kick things off…

Tre’s Picks:
Skream – Outside The Box [Tempa]
In my eyes, 2010 saw the start to a great number of full length albums from EDM artists, which is pretty uncommon. The genre of mainstream dubstep emerged and saw the release of Magnetic Man on a mainstream label (Columbia), as well as Rusko’s OMG! on Mad Decent. However, there was only one that really stuck out to me as worthy of my album of the year – Skream’s Outside The Box. A cracking album from start to finish that demonstrates Skream’s versatility as an artist, ranging from the beautiful and entrancing sounds of ‘Epic Last Song’ to the heavy as sin ‘Wibbler’, which was a longtime anticipated by dubsteppers early on in the year.
Essential Listening: Wibbler / How Real (Ft. Freckles) / Epic Last Song

Breakage – Foundation [Digital Soundboy]
2010 was the year that saw Breakage (aka James Boyle) burst through the EDM scene with his own unique style. Foundation is a groundbreaking album full of jungle inspired drums, haunting bass lines and an eclectic mix of drum and bass and dubstep. James Boyle has taken a futurist approach to the scene, cranking out tunes that give listeners the best of both worlds while maintaining percussive roots in a scene that has been flourishing since the early 90’s. Breakage follows the simple, yet crucial rule of quality over quantity and while his songs may not be the busiest they sure deliver a sound that can only be described as smooth, haunting and powerful.
Essential Listening: Hard (Ft. David Rodigan & Newham Generals) / Run ‘em Out (Ft. Roots Manuva) / Vial (Ft. Burial)

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma [Brainfeeder]
2010 was also the year that IDM finally broke into the mainstream. This is one of those albums that stayed #1 in the unbelievably competitive billboard chart that is my car stereo. FlyLo’s intricate full length was a full force fusion of IDM, Jazz, Classical, 8-bit, hip-hop and so much more. Flying Lotus’ intense amount of work and emotion can be felt throughout the entire record, which arguably flows better than any other album I’ve heard this year. One can’t mention Cosmogramma without mentioning the enormous amount of collaborations that graced the album, from Laura Darlington to Thom Yorke.
Essential Listening: …And The World Laughs With You (Ft. Thom Yorke) / Do The Astral Plane / Nose Art

SweetFA’s Picks:
Netsky – Netsky [Hospital]
When I think of Belgium, probably the last thing that comes to mind is Drum & Bass, but this year I’ve been forced to have a rethink, after the success of Belgian DnB sensation Boris Daenen. Relatively new to the game, Daenen under the guise of Netsky unleashed his selftitled debut on the legendary London-based DnB label Hospital Records. Netsky’s liquid DnB sound has acted as a huge spark for the genre, breaking into the mainstream in a similar way to Pendulum when they unleashed Hold Your Color in 2005. With Hospital’s backing, you can expect big things from this guy.
Essential Listening: Pirate Bay / Moving With You (feat. Jenna G) / Escape (feat. Darrison)

Swedish House Mafia – One (Netsky Remix) by GDD-sweetfa

Horsepower Productions – Quest For The Sonic Bounty [Tempa]
Credited as one of the earliest pioneers of the dubstep genre, Horsepower Productions’ experimental UK Garage sound has been influencing scores of present day dubstep producers since the early noughties. The core duo consists of Benny Ill and Jay King, while Nassis and Lev Jnr drift in and out of the group, they worked together as a four piece for third studio album Quest For The Sonic Bounty which dropped last month. If you’re expecting high energy electronic wobble then this isn’t the one for you, but if you’re expecting a subtler more refined roots and garage album, then this is the one. For some the dubstep genre has begun to sound stale and monotonous, but when you listen to this record, you see that UK Garage is experiencing a second wind and will soon surpass it.
Essential Listening: Poison Wine / Water / Damn It

Underworld – Barking [Om Records]
While this record only touches the tips of bassier genres via some dank co production duties from Welsh DnB guru High Contrast, it’s definitely one of my top 5 records this year. Seeing an allstar lineup of co-producers including High Contrast, Appleblim, Dubfire, D.Ramirez and Paul Van Dyk, Barking is Underworld’s eighth studio album and it absolutely bangs. While it’s come under flak from some critics, I see it as some of their most ambitious and versatile work to date, ranging from the Deadmau5-ey prog house vibes of ‘Always Loved Film’, to straight up DnB jam ‘Scribble’. Those who were lucky enough to catch Karl Hyde and Rick Smith live this year will agree that these guys are one of the few acts whose live shows are even more mindblowing than their studio work, which is no easy feat.
Essential Listening: Scribble (co prod. by High Contrast) / Always Loved Film (co prod. by D.Ramirez / Strumpet Groove

Breakout Artists:
01: B-Complex
02: Breakage
03: Zeds Dead
04: Netsky
05: 12th Planet

Top Labels:

Subsidiary of Coldcut’s legendary Ninja Tune label that turned 20 this year, Brainfeeder is a collective run by Flying Lotus which this year has seen epic releases from FlyLo himself, as well as Daedelus, Mr. Oizo, Teebs and Tokimonsta.

Digital Soundboy

Started in 2005 by the legendary jungle mogul Shy FX, Digital Soundboy has become a household name in the electronic music scene. With both Shy’s musical knowledge and the talent he has recruited it is no wonder Digital Soundboy has become such a widely renowned and highly respected label. DS has had a massive year with hits from the likes of Breakage, Redlight, Benga, Benny Page, DJ Fresh, Caspa, Calibre and many more.

Circus Records

Circus Records was founded in 2008 in Weisbaden Germany, and now contains some of dubstep’s biggest names. Circus’ artists have saturated almost every dubsteppers itunes library and favorite clubs, whether it be the unique high end screeches of Doctor P, the intense layered basslines provided by Flux Pavilion or the diverse singles and remixes that Funtcase has dropped on us, we can’t deny that this was Circus’ year.

Best Live Performers:
01: Flying Lotus w/ Live band
02: Bassnectar
03: Magnetic Man

Biggest Tuneage:
01: Nero – Innocence
02: Bassnectar – Basshead √+
03: Skream – Wibbler √+
04: Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage’s Bad Week Remix)
05: Freestylers – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)
06: • Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger [Beatport]
07: Plan B – Recluse (Netsky Remix)
08: Zeds Dead – White Satin
09: B-Complex – Beautiful Lies VIP
10: 12th Planet – Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

Thus, what can we say bassheads, glitch freaks, and IDM nazis…this was truly our year ; ) So grab these tunes, curl up next to the fire hugging your most massive sub and reminisce, because the best has yet to come (and we will keep bringing it to you).

Always with love,

Tre & SweetFA

Over the past few years, Breakage aka James Boyl has had nothing short of an enormous impact on the drum and bass/dubstep scene. Reigning from London, Breakage has fused together drum and bass and dubstep to create a hybrid that contains both the devastating basslines of dubstep with the widely known percussive aspects of drum and bass. This is certainly the case with his latest remix of Clare Maguire’s “Ain’t Nobody.” Breakage delivers an unsurprisingly massive track that brings you a sound that can be described as both melodic and haunting. While it contains a dark, massive bassline and intricate percussion, it still manages to yield that subtle signature sound that Breakage has become known for. But don’t take it from me, grab this tune and I guarantee you’ll be playing it on repeat for at least the next week.

Clare Maguire – Ain’t Nobody (Breakage Remix)

* Big ups to Phuturelabs for posting this massive tune first


Hold tight San Francisco, because it’s going to be a hell of a weekend at Mezzanine! Blasthaus is bringing back Flying Lotus along with dubstep kingpin Caspa on Friday night and New York’s Designer Drugs on Saturday. I can feel my face melting already. Two lucky readers will receive a pair of tickets to the evening of their choice, but you’ll need to be at least 21 years of age and email me at tronjeremy at gottadancedirty.com with your preference, first come, first serve. Here’s some choice tunes from these distinguished artists and we hope to see y’all this weekend.

Breakage – Hard (Caspa & The Others Takeover Remix) [Beatport]
Flying Lotus – …and The World Laughs With You (feat Thom Yorke) [Beatport]
Monarchy – Love Get Out Of My Way (Designer Drugs Remix) [Beatport]

EDIT: Glad to see an overwhelming response for the giveaways! Big ups to all the participants. Tickets to both are still on sale at blasthaus.com.

While the new Breakage remix of Plan B has blown up on the blogs over the past ten days, mainly thanks to Zane Lowe who made it his record of the week on BBC Radio 1; I’ve just got my hands on a remix that Riva Starr has put together of the very same track, the EP of which drops mid-July. I’m a fan of Prayin’, even with it’s soulful undertones and undeniable similarity to Franki Valli‘s Beggin’. Pilooski watch out, I don’t think Breakage and Riva Starr are going to be the only ones remixing this track:

From the vault:
…that track with the Jay-Z sample


Wassup dirty dancers?! After a pretty nutty weekend, here are some fist-pumping new jams from all corners of the globe to start your week afresh. First up, Miles Sherman an LA-based New Yorker playing under the guise of Avedon has just dropped a storming remix of Soul II Soul classic ‘Back To Life’. I’ve never really bought into the Dutch House thing, but with more tracks like this, I’d be willing to change my stance. Big builds and 90s nostalgia meets some Bart Bmore-esque synths. Banging tune:

Soulwax‘s longtime support act Paul Chambers is dropping his ‘Yeah, Techno!’ EP this week on Erol Alkan‘s Phantasy label, featuring b-sides from Soulwax and Beataucue. Soulwax provide the standout remix on the EP, the Belgians laying down their trademark heavy synths over an already heavy-ish track.
• Paul Chambers – Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax mix) (link removed by request)

From one banger to the next: In April, Herve announced via twitter that he and Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim were planning a collab, the result of which is set for release in two parts via Cook’s legendary Skint label. The EP entitled ‘Machines Can Do The Work’ will feature remixes from Herve under his pseudonym Action Man, as well as Joris Voorn, Modeselektor and Reset!.
You can get your mits on the full first half of the EP via Beatport.

Moving on to something a little more mellow…
Originally from Zimbabwe and now residing in Hackney, North-East London, Tinashe has been kicking up a lot of heat with his shows in and around London lately, pushing a soulful disco and afrobeat sound. Tinashe’s ‘Zambezi’ EP is set to drop at the end of June via Mango Recordings and the label were kind enough to send over MJ Cole‘s fresh new remix of Tinashe’s forthcoming single:

Dubwise, I’ve been bigging up Breakage for some time now, and this latest effort fails to disappoint; transforming R&B songstress Melanie Fiona‘s ‘It Kills Me’ into one of the most catchy UK Garage tracks I’ve heard in 2010.

A couple of months ago I was bigging up a British d’n’b and dubstep producer who’d just released his album Foundation; still in my opinion one of the best records I’ve heard all year. Londoner, Breakage aka James Boyle, is signed to Shy FX‘s label Digital Soundboy, on which he’s been dropping a really diverse range of tunes covering everything from breaks and dubs, to drum & bass. Take a listen to his latest essential mix and you’ll soon get an idea of what I’m talking about. If you like what you hear, head on over to Beatport and treat yourself to his record in full, you won’t regret it.

01. Breakage – Open Up
02. DLX – Matter Of Fact (Breakage remix)
03. Breakage – Rain
04. Skream – Memories of 3rd Base
05. Breakage – Justified (Feat. Erin)
06. Noah D & Mensah – Kashmere
08. Benga – Body Rocking
09. The Others – Gravity
10. Sidney Samson – Riverside (Breakage remix)
11. D1 – Pitcher
12. Melanie Fiona – It Kills Me (Breakage Dot Dot Dot mix)
13. Redlight – Mdma
14. Breakage – Hard (Feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan)
15. Breakage – Hardcore Music
16. Sub Focus – Could This Be Real
17. Doorly – Toys
18. SonicC – Stickin
19. AC Slater feat. Ninjasonik – Take You (Urchins Remix)
21. Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You
22. Fake Blood – Mars (Jack Beats remix)
23. The Winstons – Amen Brother
24. Breakage – Playing About With An Amen
26. Commix – Be True
27. Loxy & Gremlinz – Silver Steez
28. Breakage – Posers
29. Heist – Sprout (Breakage remix)
30. Lynx & Kemo – Skylines
31. System – Thought Reform
32. Breakage feat. Roots Manuva – Run Em Out
33. Ma2 – Hearing Is Believing
34. ShyFX – Bambaata (Break remix)
35. Fresh – Heavyweight
36. Break – Let It Happen
37. Aswad – City Lock (Breakage remix)
38. Breakage & Rohan – Ruff Dub
39. Vicious Circle – Havana
40. D-Bridge – Inner Disbelief
41. Logistics – West Country
42. Breakage – Foundation
43. Instra:mental – Thugtronika
44. DJ War – Rafale
45. Breakage feat. Kemo – Temper
46. Rockwell – Stowaway Dub
47. Digital – Weather Man
48. Breakage – Come Back
49. Breakage – Clarendon
50. Benga – Stop Watching
51. Chase & Status – Bits (Indian VIP)
52. Deadmau5 – FML (Caspa refix)
53. Skream – Filth
54. Nero – Innocence [highly recommended]
55. Benga – Little Bits
56. Breakage feat. Zarif – Over
57. DJ Madd – Someone (Breakage’s Unspecified remix)
58. Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Breakage’s Raspberry Ripple Mix)

photo cred: Banksy & Art is my Religion

Hailing from South London, Breakage has been throwing down beats for almost a decade. Evolving from d’n’b through to jungle and dubstep, he’s shown himself to be an extremely versatile producer and inspiration for London’s Scientific drum & bass movement. Lately his work’s been more dubstep oriented. Check out his new downtempo remix of Florence & The Machine’s Dog Days…

Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix)
massive tune


“Breakage is a man with an ear for deep, deep, sub-sonic frequencies. He goes in low. I’m thinking he’s talking to sea-life. He’s talking to the squid.”
Roots Manuva.