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House Music maestros Waze & Odyssey return this fall with another EP out on one of the most impressive new imprints of 2012, Body Work. Turn The Volume On/Rejected will be released September 10th, but it’s already picked up heaps of support including Pete Tong‘s early prediction that it was “set to be a massive track in Ibiza this year” on BBC Radio 1. Soulful, Balearic, and sticking to House roots, this EP from W&O gets full support from GDD™. √+ Continue Reading

The third release out on the newly formed Body Work imprint comes from Firas, one half of Waze & Odyssey and one hell of a House music producer. This two-pack of original productions, Stray/For Those Who Know, has hit all digital retailers today, and in the good spirit of Monday music, Firas has also decided to give away his previously “DJ Only” edit of Cassie’s ‘Just You.’ Stream the EP and download ‘Just You’ below! Continue Reading

The mysterious duo, Waze & Odyssey, have finally unveiled themselves today in an announcement of their new label, W&O Street Tracks. Their identities are finally out in the open, and we now know that Waze is actually Firas Waez — a DJ, promoter, and one half of the duo, Caze Nova — and Odyssey is Serge Santiago — a former member of Radio Slave and one half of Retro/Grade. Lots of serious talent up in this duo out of London as you can tell. Their first release is slated for sometime in September, and it will feature two tracks from the newly unmasked duo — ‘Love That’ and ‘Ma Body.’ Have a listen to previews of each below and pay attention to the Body Work label this July as W&O will be releasing an EP over there as well. √+ Continue Reading

Without a doubt, Body Work has rapidly become one of my favorite imprints out there, and the next piece of gold being uncovered is the upcoming 1983 EP from the Paraguayan trio, LPZ — due out on May 7th. This release sees 3 original tracks, each with their own very original sound. The title track ‘1983’ takes on influences from Detroit and Chicago and truly is an instant jackin’ anthem. ‘Mafia (Dub)’ then takes the listener down deep, providing for that much needed late night dancefloor roller. Finally, we culminate with ‘Snake & Butterfish,’ which makes you feel like you’re walking through a Saudi market on a head full of acid in slow motion. Yes, it’s like that. √+ for the whole EP. Stream the first two track and download the third after the jump. Continue Reading

The second release from John Power’s Body Work imprint has come out today, and it’s taken the form of a dichotomous EP from Detroit’s Waze & Odyssey — taking influences from House and Garage music that tantalizes and interests. The EP features three original tracks from the duo; all of which teeter perfectly between sexy House loaded with saxophone riffs and sultry female vocals, and the snappy, percussive sounds of NY Garage. Big ups Body Work. Keep the good ones coming…

Stream the entire EP and download a bonus track after the jump. Continue Reading

You might remember hearing about London’s CSY & Stripes around the holidays when we showed our full support for the debut Footsie EP on John Power‘s new Body Work imprint, which happened to be released yesterday. I’m happy to say that the guys are back in action with a new Detboi remix as well as an hour long February mix containing some fantastic House/Garage crossover productions — both are free to download.

Get ’em after the jump! Continue Reading

I’m sure most of you have never heard of the Body Work label, mostly because it hasn’t issued its debut release yet. But this will all change on February 6th of the new year when CSY & Stripes will release BODYWORK001 — the Footsie EP. With A&R for Body Work being handled by John Power of Your Army, I can venture to assume that we will see many fantastic releases from the imprint in 2012. BODYWORK001 features a two-track bundle of love hatched from House and Garage, with plenty of solid bassline to go around. Body Work and CSY & Stripes. Seriously, watch out.

CSY & Stripes – Footsie (sample clip) by Body Work

CSY & Stripes – Speak Easy (sample clip) by Body Work