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Bay Area dirty dancers who won’t be making the pilgrimage this weekend to HARD Haunted Mansion will be delighted to know that Death Crew 77 will be performing live this Tuesday at Mezzanine with support from Gotta Dance Dirty™ favorites Pance Party! The first person send an email to tronjeremy at gottadancedirty dot com with a link of Bob Rifo’s uncovered face will win a pair of tickets to the madness. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite tunes from these heavy hitters and keep your eyes peeled for one more San Francisco ticket giveaway this week!

• Pance Party – Let’s Get Invisible!
Vitalic – Second Lives (Bloody Beetroots Remix) [Buy on Beatport]

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who participated, we have a winner. Be sure to get your tickets, they’re going fast!

I’ve heard The Bloody Beetroots debut LP Romborama (DIM MAK RECORDS) in its entirety. After the general disappointment surrounding their collaboration with The Cool Kids, I must say that I am pleasantly delighted with what they’ve come up with. The album is more conceptual than anyone anticipated, just when we were tiring of the same noises they’ve been making, they take things in an at times wildly different direction. Strings, piano and more classically influenced arrangements sit alongside their signature distorted compression of twisted hard electro funhouse madness in this amalgamation of old and new (10 old, 11 new).

My first impression? Beautiful breath of fresh air after a short period of stagnation. Decide for yourself with these three: one of the softer songs on the album, somewhere in between, and one of the harder ones, respectively. Grab the FCKN remix while you’re at it, good to see new material coming from their end as well.

Second Streets Have No Name (feat. Beta Bow)
House N° 84
House N° 84 (FCKN Remix)

Preview Tracks Here

Full description of the album & concept by Bob Rifo himself

Be sure to buy the full album out on DIM MAK August 25th and do yourself a favor and make it out to DIM MAK TUESDAYS at Cinespace as well, they’re not to be missed.

Buy their music:

You know what’s not awesome? The release of “Smash Your Stereo 2009″ was pushed back until tomorrow and mum’s the word on the release of this Bloody Beetroots remix of “Who Are You?” by The Proxy.

The Bloody Beetroots – Awesome (feat The Cool Kids)


The Bloody Beetroots – Get Loaded in the Park Exclusive Mix

1. The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9 (G-Tronic vs. Sir Bob Edit)
2. The Proxy – Who Are You? (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
3. His Majesty Andre feat The Bloody Beetroots – Puppets (Original Mix)
4. The Bloody Beetroots – Awesome (feat The Cool Kids)
5. The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 9.5 (Autoerotique Mash-In/Out-Hihat-Re Edit)
6. Ryskee Feat. Leslie Ming – Leave me Amor (Bloody Beetroots Shoegaze Rmx)

If there’s one producer who hasn’t been getting the hype he deserves this year, it’s John Roman. “Warp it Down” isn’t some cheesy mashup of “Warp” and “Shake it Down,” but a crunchy five-minute motorcycle fueled by ticking clocks, Steve Aoki screams, and pitched down vocals. Grab your Jus†ice leather jacket and hang on tight.

The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki vs Laidback Luke & A-Trak – Warp it Down (John Roman Mashup)

P.S. Effective immediately, I’m going to blog with proper capitalization.

like a hot girlfriend saving it for marriage, dim mak has kept a tight lid on the new bloody beetroots single featuring steve aoki, “warp.” with less than two weeks to go until its march 24th release date, will we get to hear anything more than the same two 30 second clips surface? in the meantime, czech out their remix of “heads up!” by sound of stereo, who released their ep earlier this month.

sound of stereo – heads up! (bloody beetroots remix)


the bloody beetroots – cornelius (mix oi!)

for those of you i’ve heard using the radio oi! edit in yr sets 😉

a new bloody beetroots remixes teaser?! yes sir. the duo from italy will soon be on the DIM MAK Records European Tour along with fellow electro DJ Steve Aoki, and since i am now living in europe I will most absolutely be attending. enjoy this teaser, along with the tracklisting.

1.Tiga-Mind Demension (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
2. Zoo Brazil-Circle Jerk ft. Adam Sky (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
3.Zuper Blahq-Here We Go (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
4.The All-American Rejects-Gives You Hell (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
5.Sound of Stereo-Heads Up! (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
6.Pink-So What (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
7.Peaches-Billionare (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
8.S.P.A.-Pets Dance (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
9.Fact-Fog (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
hey everybody. so i’ve been doing a ton of blogging lately so i thought it was about time to start one of my own. i’ll be throwing some good bangers and bruisers up here each week that i hope you will all appreciate. for now i’ll just throw a few tracks that have been constantly repeated in my car, ipod, head, etc. enjoy!

so i’m not a lil’ wayne fan at all but this track hits harder than any i have heard in a while. just wait for the beat to drop and you might have the urge to hump whatever speaker you are closest to.

here’s another banger that i have been obsessed with. Moby plays it in a lot of his DJ sets and it definitely gets the blood pumping. check it out.

these next couple songs/remixes are by some of our favorite boys from Italy that have been shredding up the electro scene lately. i actually just saw them at HARDfest a couple weeks ago and they absolutely killed it. i would definitely say that the electronic music coming out of Italy lately has been terriffic, but i suppose you can’t really go wrong with guys like the bloody beetroots, crookers, and federico franchi rockin your headphones.

and finally, since I am attending Lovefest in the city of angels tonight, I thought I would throw some of my favorite remixes from a couple artists performing:

i’ll be trying to throw some posts with brand new songs at you soon i just wanted to get this started with some goodies. have a good weekend people.