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As the holiday season continues to sneak up on us with colder temperatures and earlier sunsets, we’ve got a grip free downloads to keep your spirits up. In this 137th installment of The Dirt, we have an exquisite new edit from Maceo Plex, a 2013 touch up of TLC courtesy of Bixel Boys, a sexy new take on Marvin Gaye from Kygo, electro meets rock courtesy of Coyote Kisses and the very first Golden Pony original.

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What happens when you take the silky smooth, sun-drenched vibes of Goldroom and put them in the hands of the Bixel Boys? Well, you end up with a sexy, big-booty, bass heavy version sure to make your grandma shake her rump. Both these acts of two of the hottest coming out of LA currently, and this is a testament to why. There is a free download in exchange for a ‘like’ below. Get amongst it.

Our LA friends the Bixel Boys have been on a warpath this year with production, giving away literally everything in a stellar strategy of exposure. They finally can celebrate their debut EP, landing themselves a release on famed aussie label Sweat It Out! Records. The 2 tracks are energy driven through the concoction of deeper house, hip hop and techno but with a big room appeal (Red October even samples the classic AOL 56k dial up sound). Fans of everything from Diplo to Digitalism to Duke Dumont will be all over these… listen below and be on the lookout for more to come!

Bixel Boys on

Well, the young #freelife boys have done it again. Bixel Boys are no strangers to the fusion of R&B with dance music, injecting the R&B vibe into both their DJ sets and their remix selections. This time, they pick none other than one of the most MFTF (music to…. you fill in the rest) R&B babes in the game Robin Thicke for what they VERY BRILLIANTLY dub an “R&Bmix” (this is almost as good a dub as ‘Skreamix’… almost). I really love that they have called this “girl trap” which is both wildly hilarious and mildly inappropriate. Go have a listen for yourself, and when you hear this in the club I dare you to not A. gyrate to this or B. gawk at girls gyrating to this. Bixel Boys, you dogs.

Oh yeah, free download. Bitches love a free download.

Bixel Boys have been keeping busy as of late, working on new music, dominating the SoCal club circuit, and as of today, launching a new mixtape series: Bixtape. With each episode centered around the influence and products of a particular city. Starting things off, of course, is the Boys’ hometown of Los Angeles. Full of LA-based artists like Justin Jay, Shlohmo, CBG and Kendrick Lamar, the mixtape is a dope little blend of every kind of sound. The boys have a real ear for pleasing sounds, so whatever droll activity you have to go through today (which if you’re in LA is probably traffic) make sure you plug this into your speakers. Looking forward to the future cities the duo will explore in the Bixtape series, which you can keep updated on by following their Soundcloud.

Well, it appears that Bixel Boys have decided to take things up a notch on their latest remix.  The latest Bixel Boys remix come courtesy of the track “The Way We Are” by Swedish electro popper Kate Boy.  It’s a big 4/4 track combining Bixel Boys’ signature deep sound with a festival setting.  Festival Deep House.  Deep Rave.  Big Room Deep House.  Call it what you will, Bixel Boys have just elevated their deep sound (and the deep house genre) to a whole new level.
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When you think of 4th of July, you think of the peak of Summer. When you think of Summer, you think the beach, pool parties, boats, and music. We put 2 and 2 together and have teamed up with Take 2 Entertainment to create Boatylicious – a triple decker yacht party with 2 stages of music featuring the summer groove specialist Viceroy, along with favorites Cherub, Ana Sia, Bixel Boys, Kid B, Nicefingers, and our very own BONES. The party sets off from Long Beach in the evening and will be 5 hours of madness. You know you’re gonna be celebrating American pride next weekend, why not do it on a boat?

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the cruise, so GO HERE to find out details on how to win. Otherwise, buy your tickets below because they are almost sold out!


We’ve had an absolute blast curating the WIDE AWAKE Art Car Stage at New York and Chicago the past month, and this weekend, it’s time for the holy grail of Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas. We’ve put together a great lineup for this Saturday the 22nd, with sets from GDD™ homies like Wax Motif, Bixel Boys, Craig Williams, and Astronomar, who has put together a killer minimix to give you a taste of his set Saturday night. Download the mix below, and read on for the tracklist and full GDD™ stage lineup.

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It’s been a torrid 2013 for our LA compadres, Bixel Boys.  Their short but sweet list of remixes/reworks/edits over the last several months reads like a who’s who of pop/R&B icons, both current and past.  From Michael Jackson to Robin Thicke, Bixel Boys have put their own modernized stamp on popular (but not obvious) crowd favorites.  This time around it’s the 1991 jam “Crazy” by Seal receiving the remix treatment.  The remix fuses together sunny West Coast disco & house with deeper, soulful garage giving it a California UK vibe perfect for the upcoming Summer season.  POOL PARTY APPROVED.

Live that #FREELIFE and grab the free download below.
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Thicke x Bix = bootleg flair.  Our LA brethren Bixel Boys continue to keep things haute on the RnB tip with their latest edit of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.  The one characteristic that sets the Bixel Boys apart from many other producers is they simultaneously have their fingers on the pulse of mainstream America AND underground America & continue to combine the two seamlessly & effortlessly.  Simply put, when you put those two things together properly, you get real shit that’s real fun.

Grab this delicious new bootleg + enjoy…
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