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GDD veterans Caligula and newly crowned regular Joe Maz have taken two of Dev’s tracks and turned them on their heads. Caligula transforms ‘Dancing in the Dark’ into one of their finest dubstep remixes yet, while Joe Maz catapults ‘Kiss My Lips’ into a maniacal big-room monster.

Dev – Dancing In The Dark (Caligula Remix) by Caligula Wins

Dev ft Fabolous – Kiss My Lips [Joe Maz Remix] – Universal Records by joemaz

Damaged Goods and Sydney Blu, two of Miami’s most recognized big-room DJs, are releasing a booming anthem today in the form of Devastating, which is out on Sydney Blu’s label Blu Music. Certainly not a track for the warm-up DJ, but if you need some peak-time juice at a 1000 person rave, then head over to Beatport and sort yourself out. They’re also giving away two versions of another one of their songs called Giving It Up, which should do more to keep you buzzing around all day than 10 shots of espresso.

Damaged Goods & Sydney Blu – Devastating by DamagedGoods

This week CaPa‘s Aurora EP dropped on Harkee Records and I couldn’t be more excited. The EP is massive, delivering a wide range of takes on the already exceptional title track, Aurora. CaPa has really blurred the lines here, producing a track that takes you on a journey through different EDM sounds and genres. Aurora starts as a techy jam complete with intelligent percussion and a melodic, well-produced melody. Just as you think you have found your groove the track drops you into a big room explosion that would make any progressive house head sweat.

Don’t miss this one folks!!! [Purchase Link]

CaPa – Aurora (Original MIx) HARKEE by CaPa

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