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If you guys are long time readers of GDD™, you’d know how much love we have for our good friends Pance Party from San Francisco. Besides being a trio of rad dudes, Ben, Eric, and Andy continue to impress me with each new release they send our way. This time, the boys have put together another hard-hitting remix for the new single from powerpop band, The Dance Party, who will be releasing their new album, Touch, at the end of September. So grab this and make sure to keep your eyes out for Pance Party’s latest collaboration with Valerna, the Robobot EP, which should be coming out soon!

Here’s a sweet little video of the boys droppin’ this track at Ruby Skye in San Francisco when they opened for Benny Benassi. Peep Eric’s shirt yeeewwwwww!
Also, if you haven’t picked up their latest EP or remix of Benny Benassi’s Spaceship, hop on over to Beatport and get these guys paid.

This Saturday in San Francisco, I’ll be headlining the dubstep brostep room upstairs from our good friends Pance Party and local DJ hero Sleazemore for the kickoff of a new monthly party called BPM. With a lineup like this, attendance is a no brainer. Be sure to check out the facebook event for more details.

This week saw the release of Pance Party’s remix of Benny Benassi’s new single; check it out below in addition to their remix of Paris’ SomethingALaMode.

• Benny Benassi – Spaceship (Pance Party Remix)
SomethingALaMode – 5AM (Pance Party Remix)


Pance Party will be releasing the followup to their “Kim Jong Thrill” EP on June 9, entitled “Let’s Get Invisible”. They’ve uploaded teasers of two of the tracks to YouTube; Promo 1 will get your face dripping before Promo 2 melts the rest of it away, Care Bears-style.

To keep you gettin ready for the festival masses, here’s an arsenal of summer slammers that have the epic build-ups that all follow with solid ass drops that definitely show off that the ‘siren-horn-alarm’ still can’t be beat. No matter what you say about dutch house and the likes, these producers are still stompin’ hard… I can’t fucking wait to see Afrojack @ EDC.
Check out the new stuff Afrojack and Aoki have been working on in LA, tracked previously called ‘TBA’ has now been officially titled ‘No Beef,’ coming out soon on DIM MAK recs.
• Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (HQ Rip) (link removed by request.)

pic: Leo Shoots You

So I just finished a pretty gnarly midterm, and so I thought, “Why not spread this joy by sharing some pretty sweet new songs I’ve been jamming to on my bike ride to class?” So here they are. Think fast!
Benny Benassi vs. David Bowie – I Am A DJ (Alex Gopher Remix) sorry for the low quality here (160)…still a great song though.
Eddie K – Who’s The Hardest thanks to our good friend Taylor at kidcityblog.com for this nasty dubstep dilemma.