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What is with all these Russian producers these days? They just love to produce in your face thrash electro and are fucking good at it. First we had the mysterious Proxy who all of us who attended Coachella got our face’s melted off by and now I present to you my newest discovery from the Russian thrash scene DJ Antention. I randomly came a crossed his newest EP “Jump!” released this past week on Crux records and it instantly had me craving for more. I could not find out much more information about him besides a couple of his old tracks which are in your face thrash.

Check em out and let me know what you think:

DJ Antention- Jump! (Original Mix)
DJ Antention- I will Crash (Original Mix)
DJ Antention- Elevator 92 (Original Mix) highly recommended

Bonus!!: The newest track from the Belgian Electro Duo Soda ‘N’ Suds

Soda ‘N’ Suds- Heavy (Original Mix)