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Up in the mountains of Tahoe in the dead of winter, a new Tycho album came into being. With the help of Zac Brown on guitar and bass, and Rory O’Connor on drums, Tycho took his artistry to new levels as his sound was discovered. What originally was a solo project, now boasts the fortitude of a three-piece-band, and with it comes this new post-rock dreamwave sound that marks the evolution of Tycho into the present. He exclaims that this, in many ways, is the first “true” Tycho record, as he moves away from the sounds that influenced him, and more into his own. If “Montana” is more of the vibe you’re trying to catch, pre-order his new album “Awake” and wait in good company with the self titled single on the album as March 18th draws closer.

Le Castle Vania‘s long awaited song Awake finally dropped today on Always Never Records. This banger was definitely worth the wait and will be used to smash dance floors across the globe. It’s a very full-bodied song, mashing elements of electro and dub while simultaneously streaming a melodic build and drizzling sexy female vocals on top.  Don’t sleep on this one, STAY AWAKE!

You can purchase on Itunes HERE, or Beatport HERE
If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream the Preview Below
Le Castle Vania – Awake (Preview) **Out Now!** by Le Castle Vania