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Auxiliary tha Masterfader’s new remix of “Hey Baby” by That Girl With Dark Eyes is modern Electrofunk with a throwback feel, harking back to the Sheila E./Prince glory days (although the backing male vocal seems more The Revolution than Prince).  The remix collaboration of Dutch producer Auxiliary tha Masterfader and San Francisco producer That Girl With Dark Eyes came to fruition after the pair bonded over a love of analog equipment.  This intercontinental love fest proves that funk knows no boundaries.  Oh hey baby…


GERMANS is a Brooklyn based artists who makes moody, heartfelt breakup songs.  Auxiliary tha Masterfader is a producer from The Netherlands who makes top shelf disco (he also loves heavy metal).  It’s their love of smooth disco that brings the two artists together on Aux’s remix of the GERMANS song “Cruel”.  Auxiliary tha Masterfader gives the song  just the right amount of disco kick while still maintaining the original’s sweet, soulful + dreamy feel for a wicked blend of Dreamwave, Funk + Italo.  Kickin’ some ass at 98 BPM…
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Back in February, Electronic Rumors released Electronic Rumors Volume 1 and THE standout track on the compilation was “A Little Better” by Ride The Universe (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley).  After months of tearing up disco dance floors all over the world with support by RAC, Jeremy Glenn, A.N.D.Y., Jupiter, Bufi, Cassian, CC Disco, Sammy Bananas, Debonair & Jowie Schulner, “A Little Better” is finally ready for its grand debut.

The single features remixes from a who’s who of disco, house, electropop & synthwave producers including Frankmusik, Pat Lok, Dublin Aunts & Melee.  The remix package also includes our favorite Disco Dictator Auxiliary Tha Masterfader, featured here today.  And who better to help Ride The Universe deliver that dreamy unicorn funk than our man in Amsterdam, Auxiliary Tha Masterfader!

“A Little Better” is out November 5th exclusively on Juno and out November 19th everywhere via Electronic Rumors.

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July here in the US, which means pool parties, beach days, and backyard BBQs — all of which require great music to make it a great holiday. Coincidentally, the Londoner, Mighty Mouse, just sent over his July mixtape and it has the perfect playlist for at least one hour and ten minutes of your festivities tomorrow if you’re here in America. If not, well, it’s just a good summer mix to add to the collection. He’s included all sorts of goodies from Poolside, Auxiliary tha Masterfader, Gigamesh, Digitalism, and more. Download it below and happy 4th! Continue Reading

Now THIS is the disco I’ve been searching for.  Dutch disco producer Auxiliary Tha Masterfader is serving up a brand of disco with some serious attitude.  If people would just shut the fuck up already about EDM, Swedish House Mafia & Paris Hilton and focus on something actually worth talking about, you know like good disco music…then maybe guys like Auxiliary tha Masterfader & his fantastic new Electric Disco EP would get the exposure + notoriety they deserve.

The Electric Disco EP is disco with balls.  It’s edgy enough for a 4am late night drive yet still maintains a solid dance floor vibe throughout with elements of classic disco, italo, synth pop, new wave + 80s funk.  It’s well produced, multi-layered, modern/retro disco at its finest.

The Electric Disco EP (also featuring reworks by the always brilliant Cosmonauts) is available now exclusively on Beatport via On The Fruit Records and will be available everywhere July 2nd.

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One of our favorite Dutch disco producers, Auxiliary tha Masterfader, unleashes a new remix this week for German electro pop band UhOh.  Auxiliary tha Masterfader bridges his brand of electro funk and disco perfectly with UhOh’s poppy electro sound.  The result is a brilliant electro disco tune packed with celestial thump.

Free download + on repeat vibes!

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Today marks the arrival of the Spring equinox and the perfect seasonal cocktail is now being served.  My new SpringGlo 2011 Mix is a refreshing concoction that is 1 part dreamy + 1 1/2 parts disco, garnished with synth.  Sip it, pound it, shoot it, share it – whatever it takes to keep you funked up from Spring all the way thru Summer…

SpringGlo 2011 Mix by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Tracklist after the Jump

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