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Artwork by Joyce Su

Since releasing his debut EP on Symbols Recordings, Druid Cloak has put out two other EPs, Athene’s Hollow and Bastion of the Sterling Thrones, while staying busy with touring and strong remixes/mixtapes. He now introduces his forthcoming offering, Return To The Grove, that accentuates his signature genre-defying sound.

Druid Cloak manages to infuse a human element into these intricate productions that range from smooth, sub-bass house to percussive downtempo. In addition to his tracks, the dirtybird-affiliated Kill Frenzy rounds out the release with a ghettofied remix of “Hearthstone.” Have a listen to Druid Cloak‘s Return To The Grove EP below and if you’re in town, come out to the Lyric Theatre tomorrow night, October 4th, for his Los Angeles debut performance (I’ll be there :D).

Release Date: October 8, 2013

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