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Over the past month since it’s release, we’ve seen some awesome remix work done for Indian Summer‘s latest “Loveweights.”  None of which, in our opinion, have received such unique and hard hitting alterations as this, an official remix from Ape Drums.  Fresh off his tour with Bro SafariCraze CRNKN, this dude has been rising through the ranks of bass music at a crazy pace with signature man-bun still intact.  A jungle-inspired percussion selection and stunning vocal sampling make this one a dance floor killer — stream it below!

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Over the last few years, The Weeknd has captivated that hearts of millions of teenage girls and music snobs alike with his crooning voice and bedroom rhymes. Upcoming producer Ape Drums takes this track out of the bedroom and straight into the club with some tasty 808s and extremely catchy vocal chops before launching into the stratosphere with screaming leads and a cheeky rave siren. Catch the free download below.

As LA gets ready to hit the rave tomorrow in the form of HARD Summer (OH YES BABY YES!) we could use a little dash of nostalgic fire stoking. Harking back to the glorious days of  bloghaus and Justice mashups, Samir’s Theme was a staple tune at the festy. In fact, I have a handful of 128 kpbs bootlegs & remixes sitting in my iTunes right now, but none sound as chunky and radical as this 2014 Ape Drums Rework. While keeping the meat and potatoes of the tune in tact, he’s added on healthy dollop of gravy to really make this a savory one. As it is, Mr. Drums will be hitting the road with Kill The Noise this fall on an upcoming tour called ‘Majestic As F@*k, which sounds like a pretty neat time. You can probably bet your bottom dollar to expect a couple more of these reworks to circulate the airwaves soon.