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A lot of the time dance music leaves itself very open to interpretation. What can be an uplifting listen for some, may be a melancholy experience for others. Even when there are lyrics to a song, they aren’t always seen in the same light by every listener. Well, young LA-native Paris Blohm very much intends for this song about an unfortunate situation to be an inspiring one. In his own words:

“My sister, Chloe Blohm, passed away in 2011. She inspired hundreds of people with her art, and her uplifting and loving personality even while facing her crippling disease, muscular distrophy. This song is dedicated to her because her ‘Presence’ is still here, pushing me and the ones who had the pleasure of knowing her. She did more than most able-bodied people ever even thought of doing. She leaves on the light, when the world goes dark. This song is a tribute to her.”

It’s a Progressive House anthem with emotion and heart, courtesy of not only the production but the vocals lent by Angel Taylor. It’s the debut single under his new moniker Paris Blohm. And it’s free.