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In true-to-form fashion, I went a little ham on the R&B influences and remixes… there’s a lot of good stuff circulating right now and whilst still full of summer-driven high serotonin levels I’m basically only listening to stuff that I can sing/rap along to or dance to… or both. There’s a good sprinkling of emotion and a touch of acid just to round it off. Can’t be on one all the time you know. Also I think the median age for the remixers/producers on these tracks is around 20 which means A. I’m getting old and B. college-level guys are way more into Amerie and Ciara (publicly) than I remember.

My good bud Burn Unit really vibing off the British & American producers and vibes, lots of feel-good stuff in his picks from quite a few budding producers.

You can of course download each individual track via Soundcloud but each of us have zipped our selections up for you for easy download purposes. Trust us. – Laura

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Just in time for a last minute stocking stuffer, Brodinski dropped his highly anticipated ‘Best of Everything’ vol 2 last night. If you aren’t familiar with the series, don’t expect to find big room festival style wompers, rather, Brodi dished out his favorite R&B hits to his friends like Beataucue, Renaissance Man, and Tony Senghore and in return you have a compilation of future bass, funky ass remixes of songs you’d normally not listen to. The best part? FREE, which means you must have all been good boys and girls this year. Happy Holidays.

Young Money – Bedrock (Djedjotronic Remix)
Amerie – One Thing (French Fries Remix)
Cassie – Me & U (Brenmar Remix)

Download entire package here