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Over the years, Au Revoir Simone and Aeroplane have been a formidable tag team, whether it’s Aeroplane giving the remix treatment to the band or the girls lending their vocals to an Aeroplane original.  Their most notable collaboration was the classic rework of “Paris” by Friendly Fires.  This time around we have Aeroplane contributing a remix (with additional production & mixing by Martin Dubka) for Erika Spring, a solo project of Au Revoir Simone member Erika Forster.  The remix is for the tune “Happy At Your Gate” and the result is another classic.  The formula of deep electrodisco plus sultry, ethereal vocals is a winning combination…just like Vito + Erika.

Grab the FREE download below + pick up the entire Erika Spring EP HERE.

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Mr. KMOC and myself, Tropicool, are your in-flight curators of this weeks Dirt #81.  We’ve traveled to the furthest ends of space and time otherwise known as the internet, to bring you the freshest of the fresh, the coolest of the cool, the jams we’ve been listening to as of late.  Vibe out below and let the tunes carry you into your weekend. Continue Reading

After the release of Peter & The Magician‘s “Memory,” Pierre-Alexandre Busson is back at it under the Yuksek name. The Edge EP contains all of the great french disco flavor that we have come to expect from such a high-caliber artist. If that wasn’t enough, there are also a handful of awesome remixes from Panteros666, Aeroplane, Beni, and KIM to keep it a well-rounded release. Check out the previews after the jump.

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Grace Jones is one of the best female entertainers of all time. Period. Her eccentricity, beauty, and vocal talent have been admired for decades and at 64 years of age, she’s still rockin’ it like she was when she was 30. In promotion of her upcoming headlining set this Sunday at London’s Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park, the legendary diva has been kind enough to give away the Aeroplane remix to her hit single, ‘Williams Blood.’ If you’re not familiar with Grace Jones, download the remix below and head over to Youtube to educate yourself on this living legend. √+ Continue Reading

Killer (as always) new mix by Vito the Aeroplane – so what if he uploaded it a couple days too late of the month, do you really care? It’s finally May and summer is around the corner. Let’s vibe.

Aeroplane April 2012 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

1. Pioneerball – Bananas
2. Joakim – Nothing Gold ( Todd Terje Remix )
3. Trujillo – Acapulco Gold ( Ron Basejam Remix )
4. Rocco Desentis – Danze Fraternalle
5. Finnebassen – If You Only Knew
6. Raiders of The Lost Arp – Night Theme
7. Alistair Gillespie & Alex Deep – Good Ol’ Days ( Thomas De Lorenzo Remix )
8. Hunter / Game – Reckless Lady
9. Adamski – I Like It ( Attar! Remix )
10. Punks Jump Up – Mr Overtime ( Club Version )
11. Andrea Di Rocco – The Past Present

This Saturday night in London, Scandalism + MYLO are coming together for “Ecstacy, Passion, and Pain,” a night full of nu-and-old-disco at the legendary Scala nightclub in Kings Cross.  This extravaganza features performances from MYLOLindstrom, Aeroplane, Mighty Mouse, and the Parisian sensation Brodinski. With four rooms of music, this is sure to be one of the best events of the year.

Read on after the jump for music, event info, and to enter our ticket giveaway!

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Nothing excites me more than knowing that, on February 10th, I will be seeing Aeroplane AND Morgan Geist (aka Storm Queen) play in LA. The city’s already buzzin’ over this one.  Aeroplane’s new remix of Storm Queen epitomizes the deep, dark sweaty warehouse vibes that they both bring to every dancefloor they take over + destroy.  It’s the kind of track that has the whole crowd dancing around with that same FUCK YEAH look on their face.  You know the one…you can actually see people mouthing the words “fuck yeah” once that dirty, rubbery bassline comes in.

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Part I) is out today on Defected.  If a remix package that includes Aeroplane, Dimitri from Paris and Jamie Jones doesn’t thrill your pants off then you should check your pulse…you may not be alive.

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If your newest remix appears on the latest mixtapes from The Magician AND Aeroplane, then by golly, you must be doing something right.  Maxxi Soundsystem’s remix of “Shopping Cart” by Parallel Dance Ensemble is doing double duty this month on both The Magician’s Magic Tape Nineteen and Aeroplane’s January 2012 Mix (if it’s any consolation, Danny Daze beat them both when he dropped this track on this guest mix back in November).  This deep groover is getting some heavyweight love and deservedly so.  Take a listen and feel that bassline ooze through your veins and pulsate throughout your entire body and you’ll know understand why guys like The Magician, Aeroplane and Danny Daze want you to hear this track.

Out now on Permanent Vacation.

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For all those that love getting a tan in the winter, thongs thinner than dental floss, and glistening bootay reflected off the Mediterranean Sea, this mix tape is for you. By our very own Tropicool, this tape will put the funk back in your step and make your day sparkle brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54. There are tons of exclusives littered in this mix tape and all for your aural pleasure. Enjoi, and let the Tropo-funk warm your soul.

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Track list + More after the jump
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Mickey is no stranger to dance music. Hailing from Belgium, he has residency at the infamous Libertine Supersport, surrounded by legends such as The Magician, Mustang, and Aeroplane. He’s definitely a contributing factor to Belgium’s musical excellence. I have seen his sets, and for lack of better words, I have been absolutely blown away. If you’re one of the lucky few that happens to catch one, be prepared to loose control of your extremities and burn holes in the soles of your Chuck Taylor’s. The sound mixes golden elements from the past, then spices them up into a perfect groove & funk, Mickey style. Flavours tease the pallet consisting of a strong drum kick, bouncy chords, and precision production. He’s done remixes for the likes of Tyson, Beni, Headman, Punks Jump Up, and Housse De Racket.

Mickey has graced us with his newest single from smile recordings ‘Love For Sale’ ft. vocals from Monarchy. It’s quite magical to say the least. Give her a listen!
Mickey feat. Monarchy “Love For Sale” by Smile Recordings

GDD :Where are you from & How has that influenced your music? How do you self-describe your musical style / taste?
I’m from Belgium more precisely from Brussels. Its where my studio is. The city influences me by feeling good and at home at the same time. We have a large musical culture over here.

When it comes to my music, i always try to combine big liner notes and a groove full of percussion, synth’s, piano’s and strings. Sometimes i even play extra guitar riffs on top. The goal for me is to make it the way i want to hear it myself on the radio.

GDD: How does your equipment differ from your onstage gear to what you use in the studio?
Very different! My studio gears are all instruments. On stage i’m playing live with Record Effects and 2 x CDJ 1000 & Mixing table.

GDD: Describe your perfect venue down, setting, and vibe down to the littlest detail.
I really enjoy playing close to the sea, what happened to me a couple of weeks ago in Australia, the response of the people is completely different. After your finished you can refresh yourself in the water en get a cool beer on top! These kind of venues are rare in Europe, especially in Belgium.

GDD: How do you go about picking tracks you’d like to remix?
Until now, it was always on request. But i need to chase more the tracks i like, i will try my luck in the coming weeks : )

GDD: What are your 5 favorite tracks play out right now?
Miguel Migs – Tonight (Fingerman Re-Poke)
Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Original Mix)
Jonas Rathsman – Tobago
Maceo Plex – Falling (Original Mix)
Azealia Banks -212

GDD: What are 5 artists we need to keep our ears open for? ( all from Belgium ).
Great Mountain fire

GDD: What does the year of 2012 hold for the great Mickey?
My new single featuring Monarchy on Smile Recordings, the release of some unreleased remixes and a bunch of new tracks and collaborations!

GDD: And finally, because everyone wants to know, when will we finally see ‘Punks jump Up – Mr Overtime (Mickey Remix)’?
They promised that it will see the daylight in march 2012 … But ask to the Punks buddy’s yourself : )