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We saw Summer poking it’s head out and invited it to stay. That means tasty festivals, sun-kissed bike rides along the beach, longer days, better lays, and even, a smashing new fixtape to usher it all in. Strait out of Belgium and just touching down on our Southern california turf, Aeroplane has landed and is here to destroy Coachella in all of its cosmic glory. He says this tape is like a bike ride in space, and we must oblige. After all, thats actually a pretty amazing description of Coachella after all.

One of the standouts on Aeroplane’s most recent “Not-So-Monthly Mix” is the track “Love That Funk” by Alkalino.  OG soul, funk, disco, house & techno producer Alkalino has been playing in clubs since the early 90s and knows what it takes to get a party going.  “Love That Funk” has party starter written all over with its energetic electro-boogie sound.  A perfect Summertime party starter.

“Love That Funk” is out NOW [available at junodownload]!
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The anticipation for the new Daft Punk album was finally overflown last week with the itunes stream debuting and spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere. The SF disco dons WhiteNoize got their hands on a copy and made a great party blend of “Give Life Back To Music” with Ellie Goulding‘s melodic vocals from “Lights”. The outcome is a summer secret weapon similar to the crowd pleasing factor of Aeroplane vs. Flight Facilities – “I Crave Paris”, grab them both below!



WhiteNoize on

What does Alex Metric, Aeroplane, and UZ have in common? The next OWSLA release – Ammunition Pt. 2

The London-based Alex Metric saw a massive response earlier in the year for his chord-stabbing anthem ‘Rave Weapon’, gaining widespread  support and the attention of Skrillex and his collective label OWSLA. They’ve teamed up together to release the remix EP, boasting three stunning remixes from the Italo maestro Aeroplane, the mysterious UZ, and Dirtybird newcomer Mark Starr – you couldn’t ask for a better trifecta of difference.

*The EP is due out December 3rd worldwide, and also features the original mix plus (2) new originals ‘Prophecies’ and ‘Motion Study’. Check them all out below!

With my nice leather jacket fresh of the closet for the season, as well as more beanies than I can unapologetically admit to owning and wearing, it’s official: it’s getting cold. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of fall & the things that come with it: rosy cheeks, cozy fireplaces, pumpkin or apple EVERYTHING, and so on, but there’s something I’ll always miss about the kiss of summer that kind of comes with being a california girl (damn you, Katy Perry..)

As the winter chill nips at our heels, it’s nice to reminisce about the warm days of summer, where being out in the sun inevitably leads to a happier disposition, more dance parties, and from a chemical perspective, an increase in your body’s production of eumelanin. Pretty much the stuff that your skin creates to protect your cells from getting their DNA damaged by the sunlight, since it’s pigmented a higher level of melanin would mean a darkened skin color. Viola, a tan!

Below are what I can laughably call my very own musical tanning-bed, your own little reminder of summer. Put on your favorite pool party ensemble, bust out the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Margarita Maker, and shake your booty to these sun-lovin, summer-drippin tunes.

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Finally! After getting teased for about a year over this track, it will finally see the light of day and be released worldwide on the 5th. ‘We Can’t Fly’ by Aeroplane was actually one of the first remixes Oliver ever did as a duo, and considered to be so good, it would get its own release down the road, while being a secret weapon for the few who possessed it. Well now its out of the woodworks, so get your fill; It’s a golden goodie.


This Week in the Mix

We have finally reached the most sought-after day of the week, and what better than receiving a handful of great new mixes fit for the soundtrack of your weekend. October mixes are plentiful as Mighty Mouse, TheFatRat, Aeroplane, and Drop Out Orchestra all deliver their own unique brand of dance music. Also, Crookers address their breakup with an appropriate “Don’t be sad” mix.

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Oy oy oy oy oy! Time for my first round of The Dirt and this time I am pairing up with my dear friend from down under, Andrew aka Ubbs from Stoney Roads. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Australian music blog so it’s truly our/my pleasure to have him on board to throw down some tracks for you lot. Feeling very, very UK with this one, be it with British producers or simply the UK vibe. Enjoy.
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Welcome to Vol. 1 of our new weekly feature here at Gotta Dance Dirty™ : The Weekly Mix up. Every Friday we will be posting a new selection of mixes. Some new, some old, and some GDD™ Exclusive. So whether you’re powering through your last day at the office or prepping for a weekend night out, check back here every Friday… Ya never know what is going to end up in The Mix Up!

If you want to see a mix tape featured in the coming weeks, tweet me your suggestions: @GDDkmoc

Without further adieu, I am proud to give you the Weekly Mix Up: VOL.1
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It’s hard to believe that The Magician is already at Magic Tape 25. It seems like just yesterday that Vito decided to fly solo with the Aeroplane project and Stephen began showcasing his illusions as The Magician. As always with his Magic Tapes, The Magician has left the tracklist unavailable, concealing his tricks that come in the form of exclusives and unreleased material. Download below √+


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