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It’s only perfect that Fake Blood‘s record label is called BLOOD MUSIC– but more importantly because of the procured artists that fit into his regime. The UK-based Ado is a prime recruitment, releasing The Ultra EP this week on the label. With 3 big Techno favorites and a self-inflicted remix, Ado’s EP is literally a 4-banger. My personal fav “Age” is a bleeping good time. See for yourself what everyone else said below!

Ado – Age (Original Mix) √+
Ado – Age (Ado’s Solstice Mix)

Clouds: “This was always going to be amazing and yes, yes it is.”
Boys Noize: “nice, will check on floor”
Andy George: “Holy Mother of God. Age is huge. Will be supporting in a big way!”
2manydjs: “Love Age, choon”
Crookers: “All the tracks are stoopid tremors!”
Tony Senghore: “Truly exciting stuff!”
His Majesty Andre: “Incredibly Huge”
Jack Beats: “Ultra is a banger”
Riton: “oh this is fresh”
Harvard Bass: “This EP is well put out! I’m really into The Ultra, definitely adding to my set.”
A-Trak: “Bleep bleep bleep. Good stuff”
Boy*bit: “The Ultra is right up my street. Definitely looking forward to playing The Ultra and Voids”
NT89: “love it big time!”
Hey Today!: “Love it!”
Rynecologist: “Wow! Amazing! Definitely making a way into my set! Massive release!”
Boris Dluglosch: “Amazing, playin all tracks”
Tommie Sunshine: “this is simply perfect music.I’m speechless”

*If you want the full 320 tunage, I encourage you to pick up Ado’s The Ultra EP on Beatport. Support this dude.


First off I would like to apologize for getting The Dirt up late in my first attempt. I am just finally coming back around to reality after the events from this past weekend. If you were not at the Pigeonhole This! Records x Crown Jewels party this weekend at The Well in Downtown LA you definitely missed on quite the night with a super stacked lineup. Well without further adieu. I present to you The Dirt Volume 23.

The Dirt # 23 .zip file (all 9 tracks in easy Download)

Dj Antention – Go (Original Mix)

Harvard Bass – Pruno (Style of Eye Remix ) *192

Shadow Dancer – Catmoves

Jimmy Edgar – New Touch (Jimmy Edgar’s Hard Makeover)

Chateau Marmont – Niburu (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix)

Solila – Till The Light Comes (Original Mix)

Missill – Invincible Ft. Spoek Mathambo (Son Of Kick Remix)

Ado – Plugged (Original Mix)

Beatfanatic – Wintertide (Rave Charles & Funkie Junkie Remix)

Stay Classy Your Friend,


Back in action for 2011, Sir Don Rimini has given us a medley of new killers to come. The Perfect Prescription is a compilation of tracks from a bunch of up and coming producers from all around the world, curated by none other than the don of french electro, Don Rimini himself. The compilation consists of eight tracks personally picked by Don Rimini with 3 criteria in mind: “It had to be fresh, creative and bangin.” The tracks span a bunch of different genres, but they all share the same high energy, dance floor friendly vibe, and they all sound rather new and refreshing. My favorites of the group (and I’m sure you’ll agree) are from the nasty up-and-comer Ado and Southern Fried’s own Keith, both hugely supported artists who have been producing nothing but fire. Grab their two tracks below and let it bang.

01. The Town – Spartanic
02. Tagteam Terror – Flashin Part.2
03. Ado – Plugged √+
04. Blatta & Inesha feat. Edu K – Pancadao Supersonico
05. Keith – Get Up Ouch √+
06. TiTAN & Scuola Furano – Versus
07. Surfing Leons – Late
08. Modek – Quasimodo