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I am now reaching the tail end of my course with Point Blank Online. The past 2 weeks of lessons have focused on recording and editing arrangements (Song Structure). This stage in the creative process of making music is easily one of the most important steps for any style. Because of the emphasis on understanding the details of this critical phase the course dedicates 2 weeks to the concept.

Check out last week’s post HERE and read the full week 5+6 review after the jump!

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By now I am two full weeks into the Abelton Production Course offered through Point Blank Online. The first week touched on all of the core functions of Abelton, while this week focused more on the key features behind these functions. At the end of the week I had complete my first assignment and submitted it to my tutor. Two days later, much to my delight, I had a 16-minute personal video response along with an edited version of my Abelton project (check out the video below).

Read last week’s post here, and see a full break down of week #2 lesson (Percussion, Groove, Warping, and Clip Envelopes) after the jump!

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