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It’s fitting that one of the first big moombaton releases of 2012 should sum up the scene’s all-inclusive outlook. A-Mac, one of the key producers in the sound’s development, has teamed up with Paul David, one of the finest new talents to emerge on the scene, to drop the Horizon EP, released Feb 9th on DJ Barletta & Paul David’s Burner Records. Building a sophisticated bridge between deep house and the original Dutch house roots, ‘Horizon’ finds the pair unveiling one of the warmer, more exciting and fresh take on moombahton. To hold you over til the EP drops this Thursday, here is the giveaway Etc! Etc! remix of Horizon – a solid bit of peak-hour, breakbeat-laden machine gun funk.

A-Mac & Paul David – Horizon (ETC! ETC! Remix) moombah