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Daft Punk to Appear on “The Colbert Report”
• Watch a mini-documentary on James Murphy and 2ManyDJs’ 50,000-watt vinyl-only soundsystem
• Download new Scuba ‘After Hours Mix Part 3′
T.Williams and Mosca to tour USA together

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Welcome to Vol. 1 of our new weekly feature here at Gotta Dance Dirty™ : The Weekly Mix up. Every Friday we will be posting a new selection of mixes. Some new, some old, and some GDD™ Exclusive. So whether you’re powering through your last day at the office or prepping for a weekend night out, check back here every Friday… Ya never know what is going to end up in The Mix Up!

If you want to see a mix tape featured in the coming weeks, tweet me your suggestions: @GDDkmoc

Without further adieu, I am proud to give you the Weekly Mix Up: VOL.1
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Our buddy Steve Slingeneyer, or One Man Party and the drummer of Soulwax, has a seriously admirable taste in music. Besides being the percussive force behind one of the greatest dance music acts of all time, Steve also enjoys a bit of DJing as well, much like his band mates the Dewaele brothers of 2ManyDJs fame. Driven by this love of DJing, One Man Party has just released a brand new mixtape featuring an unbelievably cultivated tracklist featuring Justin Martin, DJ Pierre, Justice, a few tracks from OMP himself, and everything in between. Download it for free and check out the exquisite tracklist below. √+ Continue Reading

I have your mid-week GDD™ Morning Update and it is a heavy one. Today’s stories include Kaskade’s Fire & Ice, Hard Haunted Mansion 2011, Beatport & digital distribution, and Pukkelpop 2012. Read up and get in the know after the jump!

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After a manic weekend filled with music fueled debauchery in the desert, I’m finally coherent enough to tell the tale of how it all unfolded at Coachella

Friday – Day 1
After Le Castle Vania and 12th Planet smashed up the camping grounds from Thursday night into the we hours of Friday morning, the ball was set rolling for three days of tunage. Finally gracing Indio with his hotly anticipated live set, Muscovite The Proxy left the Sahara Tent in tatters mid-afternoon as he threw down one of the heaviest sets I’ve seen all year, highlights included ‘Raven’ and of course a rendition of the jam hot ‘8000’. Angelenos, if you missed his set at Coachella, don’t fret; he’s just been added to the Hard Summer bill. Get your mits on passes to that here

I can’t help thinking that festival organizers got more than they bargained for in booking The Proxy, because he threw down the heaviest set during one of the earliest slots of the day. In my opinion I think he should’ve been playing a lot later, and not the set before a chilled disco-house duo like Aeroplane, who changed the vibe massively with another awesome set. I like to think that by this point, the bar was being raised at a prolific rate, Wolfgang Gartner hammered out an intense set dominated by heavier dutch house, and a little later Erol Alkan took to the stage as the Sahara Tent was reaching fever pitch. Track of the day for me, was during Erol’s set with his manic drop of ‘Lemonade’.
photo cred: Rukes.com
With everyone throwing down super heavy on Friday afternoon, the ‘Mau5 failed to disappoint, creating the most intense visual experience I’ve ever seen. Evidently three years after the Alive 2007 tour, it’s easy to draw comparisons between Deadmau5 and Daft Punk: the helmet thing that both acts have going on is the most obvious similarity, also the fact that the Mau5 was set up on an lcd plinth in the shape of a large chunk of cheese that someone’s had a nibble at. Daft Punk’s pyramid anyone?! But time and technology has allowed Deadmau5 to up the ante, as he showcased his new robomau5 helmet composed of led lights, making him the centerpiece of surrounding visuals which appeared to engulf him.

photo cred: Rukes.com
The trippiest moment of the set came when the led lights formed the mau5 face for the first time on the plain grey helmet, during ‘Sometimes Things Get, Whatever’. With each lyric mouthed on the helmet, the face twitched, then melted. For a better idea, I highly recommend you check YouTube, cos this visual spectacle was off the scale. I now can’t wait to see what Daft Punk will bring to the table with their next tour, I’ve a feeling it’s going to be mind-blowing.

Saturday – Day 2

Day 2 was off to a flier with Bassnectar, another heavy act on early. “All your bass belong to Bassnectar” ringing pretty true as his hectic dubstep launched an assault on the Sahara tent. He appears like the maddest geezer on the planet, with long hair flailing around as he dances, head bobbing wildly behind the 1s and 2s. One things for cert, and we like him because of it: This guy can definitely dance dirty. Probably the best set I heard on Saturday, he ended with this:
followed by a track which he told us he’d received back from mastering less than an hour before his set – so Fresshhhh. But seriously, Bassnectar throws down the sickest dubstep, I can’t recommend his shows highly enough – check it.

Playing the smaller Mojave Tent, Major Lazer packed the place out, Dave Switch and Diplo looking boss; taking to the stage in tuxedos, maybe a bad idea as temperatures soared to about 90 degrees in there. Heat aside, Major Lazer killed it with their set, which included everything from dutch house, to dancehall, as well as Ace of Base throwback classic ‘All That She Wants’ and this:
big tune.
2manyDJs closed out the Sahara Tent on the Saturday night, blitzing a 50 minute set Radio Soulwax style. Each track that dropped brought with it visuals of the track’s corresponding album cover which had been doctored: jaws yawning, eyes rolling and body parts tweaking out. Highlights included ‘Mustapha Dance’, a Soulwax remix of The Clash ‘Rock The Casbah’ and the Soulwax remix of Chemical Brothers‘ ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’.

Sunday – Day 3

Rusko‘s sound has changed a lot in the last six months since he moved out to California, and this really lends itself to the vibe everyone was feeling by Sunday. Combining super heavy with mellow dub, Rusko played a mixed bag of classics such as ‘Jehova’, alongside brand new dubplates and material from his forthcoming record which drops in May on MadDecent. Back in the UK I was lucky enough to see Rusko playing to a packed out crowd on a regular basis, but now Stateside, he’s truly getting the appreciation he deserves, and has been more or less adopted by LA and the West-Coast crowd.
One particularly sick drop that stood out during his set was this:

The Sunday set I was really psyched about seeing was Club 75, the five piece Ed Banger supergroup consisting of Busy P, DJ Mehdi, Xavier De Rosnay from Justice, and Zdar and Boombass from Cassius. As a spectacle these guys threw down a killer set: 4 cdjs, 2 mixers, a laptop and an mpd was the setup, so with all five pitching in at the same time, it was kind of expected to get the occasional clang, but they made up for it in their track selection, throwing down a 90 minute set of (Ed) Bangers. Unsurprisingly, these guys can throw one hell of a party!!

The Aftermath
SweetFA’s overall picks…
Heaviest Act = A dead heat between The Proxy and Bassnectar
Best electronic act = Deadmau5
Best indie act = Thom Yorke and his new band Atoms For Peace
Best overall live performance = Gorillaz + their special guests
Favourite moment = Rusko dropping St Petersburg dubstep trio Giant‘s remix of Dire Straits:
Biggest disappointment = Hearing LCD Soundsystem
Best for Vibin’ = Aeroplane in the Sahara Tent on Friday afternoon
Best hair = GDDs own ///BONES, who rocked the sidesweep for all 3 days. Big ups

Well another successful weekend in the books and still have not even quite recovered as per usual. Heres a few songs to help you start your week off ( albeit even if its a day late).

Fukkk Offf- Utopia (Original Mix)
*New track off his newest E.P. Remix is king. Different sound from one of my favorite producers, has a Nu-Disco vibe and less heavy synth.
Cold Blank- Dutchie (Calvertron Remix)
* Electro remix off Cold Blank’s newest E.P. I highly recommend it to fanatic electro kids.
R.E.M- Losing My Religion (Tony Pryde Remix)
*Very Orginal Remix of this R.E.M. Classic.
Owl City- Fireflies (Mightyfools Remix)
* Heavy electro remix from these talented Producers
2ManyDj’s- Get Your Yo Yo’s Out! Mixtape
* A post to celebrate the fact that I just found out they are playing a live set at this years coachella (not just a dj set)


This is how long it took me to put together HARD Halloween post-event coverage. This weekend took it out of me like WHOA. But never the less, HARD delivered a solid 2 days that was well controlled, great sound, and plenty of great merch! Beer Garden coulda been a little better though, and They shoulda had someone bigger inside friday because the main stage outdoors was a landslide. But Im not complaining, I had a fucking FANTASTIC time. and for those who went saturday? You Lucky dogs, got to see the headliners friday perform as the special guests! Sheesshhh. Here’s what happened Friday night…

The Bloody Beetroots got the crowd going insane. This Video is by far the best quality sound & video of the beetroots intro, thanks cigarick! Sounds like it may be a remix they did of their own track! Sounded fucking amazing live.

Deadmau5 was the most anticipated of the night, and after the weekend his set has been argued over being crap or being gold. Either way I always have an awesome time seeing his performance as he brings alot more than his tunes. Check out this video, the sounds pretty MEH but the intro visuals are fucking ridic. YES, he makes all his own visuals. And the Dragonball Z quote before FML drops was pretty sick live. ITS OVER 9000!!!!

Deadmau5 drops all the fav’s from his new album Lack Of A Better Name – if you dont have it yet, your kwazy. The entire album flows right into each song, like a live set would, and goes from electro powerhouse into ravey fidget and then finally into his hypnotising progressive/house/trance that we all fall victim to at the end of his sets. Well worth the purchase – GET IT NOW ON BEATPORT!
Speaking of Great Visuals, 2manydjs had a great set with a RADIO SOULWAX theme, djing theyre favorite tracks while the album artwork of each song mixed into each other just as well (if not better). This clip is a great part of it, go about 7:30 minutes in, where ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ goes into ‘Positif’ – I was going NUTS. The visuals are hilarious.

(picture of 2manydjs from my camera phone. unnnhhh.)
Before they’re show, I got a few questions in with 2manydjs, Stephen and Dave Dewaele, the brothers also known for their godfather-like electronic band known as Soulwax. It was super hard to hear, but I got some good ones back and a few good laughs.
/// So how does it feel to be back in LA again at the HARD festival where you guys destroyed last year?
Dave: it’s always a treat being back in Los Angeles, the fans here know more of our music then we thought possible, you would almost think they would be european (laughs)
/// (laughs) I know right.

Stef: We dont get to come as much as we would like to, but it’s hard when the demand for our music is so much more where were from. LA is great but the festivals back home are like a factory for this music.
/// You dont have to tell me haha, Its always ridiculous seeing festival lineups. You guys have been playing alot this year as 2manydjs, is it something you guys would rather do when your not producing? or do you guys miss the full blown Soulwax tours?

Dave: We get to do a little of both no matter what, it’s up to us but we are also producing all the time. The hard part is being happy with new songs to play (laughs), but, we always have fun no matter how we perform. Tonight will be exciting.
Stef: We want to bring Radio Soulwax to the States though, it’ll take a little more time but it’s definitely been talked about. They’re s much talent here as well that we like it only seems right We do it for the fun and the love. Money is no concern.
/// (draw drops) Umm. Yeah. That needs to happen. So when you guys DJ together, why is it that its been said that you move like sin and cosin? (I begin to do the inward and outward pelvic motions explained in their Part Of The Weekend Never Dies Documentary)

Both: (laughing hysterically)
Stef: We don’t here the end of that.
Dave: We just get excited, thats all. Music moves you and we do it that way.
/// Of course, no problem at all (laughs) ….So can we expect to see you guys back again soon? perhaps with the whole band?

Dave: We can’t really say, but we have a lot planned for next year, so who knows what will happen. Los Angeles is always a great time so I cant say no.
Stef: Yeah, much to do, but last year was great and we hope LA wants us back!
/// Ummmm dont worry, thats not an issue. I– I mean, We do. Yes. WE do.

Both: (laughs)
/// Thanks so much guys, from all of us at Gotta Dance Dirty, we wish you guys continued success and I can’t wait to see you guys tear it up.
Stef: we’ll sure try to.
Dave: (laughs) thank you dance dirty blog! Now get out there! (points to the crowds)
/// (laughs and smiles) ahhhh yessss!

….and a fun time was had by all!