Infectious vocals, full-bodied basslines, and mesmerising hooks is the POOLCLVB way of business. Riding off a recent huge GDD guest mix, it’s dancefloor-primed house music has already been showcased on remixes for Motez, Kilter, Tube & Berger and Micky Kojak. Backed by the nostalgic and carefree inspiration from the 90′s, POOLCLVB keep it fresh & fruity, every time.

On their first journey off the back streets of Bondi Beach, POOLCLVB enlist the vocal prowess of Erin Marshall who delivers the word, some real warm love, to this bumping hooked-up instrumental. Here You’re Mine is a classic slice for the future sound of house music…already backed by, we warmly welcome them to the floor.

Listen below, and grab this when it drops on Halloween!



Full disclosure: Simian Mobile Disco might be my favorite band.  Who can really ever say?

I can say, however, that their live show included moments of sheer elation matched by dizzying confusion.  How these two I’ve seen and heard so many times could produce an array of sounds so diverse and surprising is beyond my humble ears.  And I’ve heard some things in my day.  We were recently treated to the full-spectrum experience one night in Los Angeles: electronic soundscape meets very respectful krautrock turns all-out, churning analog techno filth.

I can also say that you, dear reader, owe it to yourself to go listen to their album and go see their live show, and I don’t say that about many acts.  We can begin, for now, by reading more…

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oriel poole

Judging by the lyrics of her new song “Foothills”, LA chanteuse Oriel Poole is a woman inspired by many aspects of life who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

“Life is worth the take
Make no time to waste
Challenges I face learning to create

Start from the heart, let my dreams make the rules
Let my soul shed the sound, so sensual
Wrapped up in love, it’s a bond I can’t break
A pathway only beauty awaits.”

Oriel Poole has only been producing music for two years but the mature, self-reflective qualities of her lyrics & arrangements, coupled with the veteran craftsmanship of co-producer Max Savage, take “Foothills” into similar territory as current Electro Soul heavy hitters like AlunaGeorge, London Grammar & Sia.  Oriel Poole’s hardworking, grassroots approach to making music appear to have given her a creative edge.  She’s a self taught producer who has raised her own money to produce an EP & build her brand.  And that confidence in herself as an artist shines through in her music.  The enticing Electro Soul sound of “Foothills” is MAGNETIC.

Her debut EP “Sunday” will be out in early 2015.



Joshua Garcia, aka Modus, has been on a steady ascent as a local artist here in Los Angeles, and he’s well on his way to becoming an international contender. Through his pumping techno/tech-house productions like his latest single, “There’s No Limit,” and consistent gigs at some of LA’s finest nightclubs, he’s been cultivating a loyal, like-minded fan-base, while shaping his distinctive sound by drawing upon influences such as Dusky, Umek, & Richie Hawtin. Modus is now stepping up his game with a new podcast series, Operandi Radio, and in celebration, we have an outstanding special edition of our guest mix series that will satisfy your needs for darker grooves.

Subscribe to ModusOperandi Radio podcast here.


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Quite fitting for this Halloween month – Aussie brethren Jensen Interceptor and Craig Williams collaborated on an EP for GND records and it is a diabolical concoction of techno. Their Divide EP features noise fit for any berlin dungeon or french basement, boasting club-piping tracks that fans of Gesaffelstein, TIGA, and Boys Noize will be all over.

The EP has made serious waves in its realm, gaining support from the likes of Jon Convex, Zombie Nation, Thomas Schumacher, Sharooz, Djedjotronic, Mixhell, Monsieur Monsieur, Shadow Dancer, Louisahhh and more!


Craig Williams on

Jensen Interceptor on


Underrated funny guys and professional beard growers, Andhim, have been on a widely under publicized tour of the US (but I guess that’s what were here for?). They maintain an extreme level of authenticity by being tastefully terrible at social media and over the top groovy with their masterful originals. This spin on the classic, “Music Sounds Better With You,” is hard to tell if it’s serious or a joke but all I know is it’s up for free download and I’d totally rinse it..


Julia Kwamya, aka GERMANS, is a well traveled artist living in Brooklyn, whose moody brand of Disco pairs perfectly with the style & sound of New York in the Fall.  It’s a sound that is nostalgic but forward thinking.  To help capture this sound on the GERMANS‘ 2013 tracks “Cruel” & “Wonderhow“, former Pains of Being Pure at Heart band member Kurt Feldman was enlisted to produce.  The results were heavenly, the melodies were out of this world and admiration had begun to soar.  This admiration included Dutch disco producer Auxiliary tha Masterfader (no stranger to us here at GDD).  Back in 2013, he linked up with Julia via SoundCloud & asked her if he could remix “Cruel”.  She said yes.  He remixed the song.  And the sounds of Brooklyn & Amsterdam collided.  Fast forward to present day and the two are back at it again.  With the signature warm synthesizer sound of Auxiliary tha Masterfader coupled with the other-worldly, moody melodies of GERMANS, this remix of “Wonderhow” will no doubt get some major feels going.  The sound of Fall is here and it’s FREE to download.

Catch GERMANS live alongside French Horn Rebellion & AYER on October 17th at Glasslands Gallery.  BUY TICKETS



New York City concert goers, you are in for a treat.  The concert app Jukely, a social concert discovery/recommendation service, is launching a fantastic new feature called Jukely Unlimited.  For only $25 a month, the feature allows music fans to attend an unlimited amount of concerts each month.  That’s right.  A small, fixed fee for unlimited use (and no penalties if you RSVP for a show & are unable to attend).  So far, 17 venues in NYC have partnered up with the service with more to come.  For many music lovers, whose constant frustration stems from not being able to afford ticket prices to multiple concerts every month, Jukely Unlimited is a godsend.

Jukely Unlimited will start off first in New York (and hopefully make its way out West).  Users can sign up now to be one of the first people to get access to this incredible new service: http://jukely.com/unlimited.

So let’s just do a quick recap of the awesomeness of Jukely Unlimited:  Once you sign up for a request and are selected, you’ll pay a $25 monthly fee & will be able to RSVP to an unlimited amount of shows from the list of concerts you receive weekly via email.  Attendance will only be limited by availability.  Although the 17 participating venues are being kept a secret for now, you can bet the concerts available through Jukely Unlimited will be the highest of quality.  And that’s it!  New York City, your concert prayers have been answered – sign up for early access now!


Karl Kling is a good person, and even better friend. Couldn’t be more stoked for him regarding his success with RAC, but as he pushes it further and more personally with his solo career. This past weekend in Sacramento, we were messing around on the decks, and he played a song that instantly struck me as truly special. It was a warm, full-bodied, indie-infused number, just oozing with personality. He sent it over, and its been stuck on repeat.

Karl Kling has spent the majority of the last 4 years performing and DJing around the world as part of the internationally renowned RAC. Kling’s vocal and lyrical contribution to the RAC album “Strangers” helped showcase him as an up-and-comer with the notable song “Repeating Motion.” In the last year Karl has set out to expand his efforts in writing, producing and releasing music under his own name. The debut single “I Will Wait” from his forthcoming full-length release presents a versatility in musicianship, lyricism, and pop sensibility.