GDD™ x FYF Preview: Set Times + 10 Things To Call Home About

The word festival gets thrown around extremely liberally these days, but this year’s FYF Fest is honing in on the melting pot culture that’s led to the artistic explosion in the Los Angeles area. There is so much that goes into making LA a hot spot for kooks like us; from book loving dorks, to animal friendly vegans, and rock and roll loving mad (wo)men, to vinyl aficionados, and thrift shop diving fashionistas, you best be bringing your finest eccentricities and emblazoning them proudly on your will be embraced. This years festival is shaping up to be a celebration of the ages as all the corkiness is coming out of the woodworks, and we’re here to dish out our “Top 10 things To Call Home About.”

1. DARKSIDE’s Last West Coast Performance..EVER!

I hope this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this terribly, utterly horrifying, and tragic news..but more cause for celebration as you watch history come to an epic conclusion here in LA this weekend. RIP DARKSIDE..

2. FYF Book Club

LIke the scholastic book fair 2.0. Except instead of recommendations about teen romance novels from Margaret your friendly neighborhood librarian, find out what literary treasures are keeping our friends Fly Lo, Nico Jaar, and Thomas Mars educated and/or entertained on the road.


3. **REAL** Restrooms

Do we need to explain how excellent this is? Entertain yourself with a still from the young lass who fell inside a porta potty at Glasto and rejoice at the lost possibility that is this situation, and relieve yourself freely inside the LA Sports Arena.


4. Origami Records Pop Up Shop

While I’m not the most consistent vinyl collector, the few I have managed to get my hands on are typically accompanied by a strong performance or memory of a band that I would like to physically commemorate in vinyl form. Origami Records will be there to handle all your vinyl inquiries, and word on the street is some of the bands might be stopping buy for some signings.. o.O !! Stay tuned to their FB Page for a full list of artist signings and when and be sure to cop this limited edition Vans x Origami tote bag to carry all your cool new digs around in.


5. Mac Demarco

One of the strongest personalities to emerge out of this generation of musicians is Mac Demarco. Sans social cause, he’s like a young Bob Dylan (imo), just a lost soul floating around the universe with a guitar and the ability to turn random prose into a beautiful single. Known to associate with the Odd Future hooligans, his on stage tomfoolery is not to be missed. Front and center strongly recommended, call home after.

6. Todd Terje (LIVE)

See below.. say no mo’.

7. FYF Sideshows

Most festivals these days implement and enforce a ridiculously strict radius clause..barring the performers from doing anything artistic anywhere near the festivals grounds for a long time before the show, but the kind folks at FYF & Goldenvoice are hosting a wide variety of shows with performers on the bill before and after this years festival to make the music accessible for anyone who wants to be a part of the celebration. BIG.UPS. While there isn’t anywhere to get a full list of shows in the area, the FYF Page on FB has been posting all of them in their PHOTO section..browse away!

8. Les Sins

The “Dance” alias of on of my favorite producers, Toro Y Moi, is slated to make a performance at this years festival. I’m not too sure what to expect but four on the floor is a safe bet based on all the SoundCloud content I’ve been able to devour. Les Sins has seen releases on Caribou’s label, Jiaolong, as well as some material back in 2010. Something to wish for, Les Sins remixes of Toro Y Moi jams, similar to a 2manydjs // Soulwax remix *prayer emoji*. “Cola” or “Rosequartz” as remixed by Les Sins.. would call home on the spot.

9. Sky’s Tacos

When the tacos look more like mountains of meat and pickled vegetables, you know you’re in the right place. Add the ability to distinguish (properly) what it means to be “hot” and “mild” and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm. Eat Sky’s.


10. The Presidents Of The USA

If you’re “super into” the 90s like every other nasty-gal wearing basic B in the land BUT actually lived and breathed the beautiful music that decade churned out – than why am I even telling you this, you ALREADY KNOW HOW RAD POT USA ARE!

On a serious note, these guys are the real renegade masters of the weekend; multiple breakups, reformations, new band members and old band members under their belts, and they are here they are in all their glory. Here’s to hoping they play every song off their 2012 re-release of Lump.