We featured Saol Álainn‘s debut single “Nostroke” last month, and I’ve probably listened to it 100 more times since then. The delicate, downtempo tune seems to open itself up with every listen, and now it has a very creative, artistic visual element to go along with it. Check the video above and pick up the 7″ single via No Recordings.


I wasn’t there, and I only have the theme from L-Vis 1990′s SoundCloud and a snippet of a video posted by the NY Times to bring this testament to life, regardless, there was an explosion of artistry the other weekend at Art Basel in Miami as London’s Matthew Stone & Co. took to the stage in a display of gender bending spirituality. The theme from L-Vis 1990 that was featured in the opera is a dark meticulously composed piece that grips you for it’s entirety as an electronic symphony comes to life inside your head. In a world where DJ’s get a pretty bad rap for their one dimensional performances, it’s artists like L-Vis 1990 that breathe life back into the word, artist. Catch the short recap video of the performance and L-Vis 1990′s soundtrack after the jump and see if you can make some sense of the art. Continue Reading

Our friends behind the famed Check Yo Ponytail party here in Los Angeles are raising money via Kickstarter so they can finish production on the AMAZING documentary, GET AMONGST IT, which tells the story of the first-ever Check Yo Ponytail tour. Profiling their eccentric tour cast including Spank Rock, Big Freedia, Pictureplane, The Death Set, and more, GET AMONGST IT is set to reveal the ups and downs of a completely independent tour.

As supporters of Check Yo Ponytail and all the people behind the forward-thinking party, we encourage you to donate to the cause so we can all see this film project come to fruition. With TONS of reward packages for multiple tiers of donations, there are many ways to get your money’s worth.

Watch the special message from our pal 12th Planet above and find more information on donations and all of the rewards here!

Our friend, Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow, and more importantly Galantis, just dropped off the brand new official video for the smashing single, ‘Smile’ produced by himself & Linus Eklow AKA Style of Eye. The video is clean in simplicity, yet suggestive, and builds in tension, matching the energy of the tune perfectly. We can’t wait to see where this project heads next, but we know it will be out of this world.

The Boiler Room has started to take on a mind of its own as artists begin to explore the different realms of possibilities when it comes to releasing their music, and being in front of such a large online audience surely presents the perfect opportunity. The synthpop trio from Scotland took their talent to London where they debuted their new album, covered some Whitney Houston, as well as played out some of their notable tracks. Grooves all around as CHVRCHES lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s gentle, chiding voice consumes the underground setting and band members Iain Cook and Martin Doherty compliment with live bass, backup vocals, synth patterns, and drums. Continue Reading

It’s so great to see Mikey and Jordan working on tracks together again. Once the duo known as Light Year, Mikey and Jordan parted ways a while back, with Jordan carrying on the Light Year moniker as a solo project and Mikey creating the new Techno alias, Jensen Interceptor. Today, the guys have posted up a new video to their collaboration titled “A.D.S.R.” — a Techno infused jam featuring a repetitive “Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release” vocal. The video features a bottom-dwelling marine life feeding frenzy which seems to be a perfect visual accompaniment to the tune. Just a little bit creepy…