The newcomers on the OWSLA block Sluggers just premiered their video for the EP single ‘Turbo Fade’, and it is not for the faint of rave. The heart-racing blend of techno and stabbing house is complimented with an equally edgy visual story thats suggestive and intense… But we love that. Fans of Boys Noize, Mumbai Science and Destructo will be on point with this one. Check the video out above, and pick up their ‘Phantom Fade EP’ out now on OWSLA!

Sluggers on

I usually hate pop-ups, but Jerome LOL‘s new video for “Deleted” from his recently released EP on Friends of Friends has me feeling a bit differently about them today. It’s very internet as you’d expect from the social media guru, with lots of crazy animations and funny videos from friends layering all over the screen. Check it out below and purchase the Deleted/Fool EP here.

There’s nothing like a good mind fuck via music video. In this instance, you’re being held captive by the Plastic Mermaids, in which they present to you the story behind their single, “Polaroids.” The song itself is elegant, as weeping piano transports you to a world of heart wrenching reminiscing. The stirring strings add a glimmer of hope, though, to the ballad, as the processional builds into a sweeping orchestral explosion that brings about a more complex understanding of the sorrow. The video itself uses multiple mediums that tell the story behind the tune, in a way that provides clarity to the conflict being conveyed by the vocals.

Symbols artists ATLAS are back with their second official release on Symbols, appropriately titled the “Sophomore Sessions EP.” The atmospheres provided by Atlas are always warm and beautiful, like the soft feeling of spring sun on your skin. Opening with Ashycan, a sweeping tune with an off-kilter drum beat – Atlas sets the mood for the EP but surprises the listener with very different drums and structural patterns on each track. The drums on Monday Beats orient themselves in a more garage direction, and the essence of the earliest moments of a Monday are captured wonderfully, caressed with softness & the ambience of your mind before stress and alertness sets in. California is dripping, aided heavily by the lightest touch of keys, a heavy sprinkle of blips and bloops, and the lovely vocals of Emily Harris. The final track, Glow, drifts the EP off perfectly, with a simple 4/4 pattern and soft melodies.

Overall it’s an EP that’s hard to be mad at, a meditative and tender delve into the softer end of garage and house. I’ve always appreciated Symbols for their ambiance and close connection with the sensual and exciting feelings aroused by oxytocin and seratonin in the brain, and the Sophomore Sessions EP is very true to form for the label.

The music video for “California” off the new EP was released on Atlas’ YouTube yesterday. It’s a beautifully colored and lighthearted video chock full of carefree or internal-thought behaviors, skating, taking in the environment, walking along the beach. Lots of rain & puddles which with this drought is a rarity here in California but a beautiful touch nonetheless. Kinda want to head to Venice Beach and vibe out now….

Big tune out this week from the Anjunadeep camp! Lauded by many as one to watch this year, Sydney’s Lancelot has teamed up with vocal duo Antony & Cleopatra for “Givin’ It Up,” a monster, feel-good House track sure to be a mainstay in deep circles this year. Accompanying its exclusive release on Beatport this week, Anjunadeep has commissioned an amazing video from director, Jonathon Lim, for the single, shooting a father/daughter acrobatic team in a sketchy suburb of Shanghai. Amazing track, amazing video. Get into it. √+

Topping our ‘Ones To Watch in 2014′, the Bixel Boys jump into the new year with a intensely edited highlight-esque video for their recent release Black December on Sweat It Out! Music. If this doesn’t hype you up for sports and techno I don’t know what will….



We featured Saol Álainn‘s debut single “Nostroke” last month, and I’ve probably listened to it 100 more times since then. The delicate, downtempo tune seems to open itself up with every listen, and now it has a very creative, artistic visual element to go along with it. Check the video above and pick up the 7″ single via No Recordings.