Digital Structures have just released the second installment of their miniature compilation series, At the Crossroads.  At the Crossroads Vol. 2 is a well-rounded record that showcases some of Digital Structures best talents.  The new compilation premieres their recent label recruit, Child remixing A. Balter & Eitan Reiter‘s ‘Komodo Dragon’.  Also on the compilation is GDD favorite Danalog with a groovy and un-deniably catchy new track entitled Ol’ Paapsh, a guaranteed dance floor killer.

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After an unfortunately lengthy recovery from a devastating seizure, the Dominican big haired moombah badman known as Munchi has returned with his first EP of the year, catching wind on the recent surge of ‘Trap house.’ Just this week he released the entire EP for FREE on Mad Decent, writing a personalized description of each track and how they all break down:

The Rotterdam Trap EP is basically a shoutout to the tracks that were big when I was going out here in Rotterdam at 17. I was kinda sad that these tracks weren’t remixed and basically forgotten. Nah, I don’t really like that lol, so I gave them a little update with some Trap and a lil touch of Bubbling here and there (not Trap Bubbling tho). Haha, and the EP cover was fun to make too lol. One word: Chaos. It looks kinda random, but if you actually look at it, it isn’t. Shout out to my wife!! lol.

So like I always used to do, with an EP release there is the more detailed description with the tracks. Read it or go directly to the downloads below haha, BOW!!

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Coming off a huge festival performance at Spring Awakening in Chicago, HARD fest maestro Gary Richards aka Destructo will be taking over VERSUS this Thursday @ The Central in Santa Monica. Rumor has it that he’s bringing a very special secret guest that you do NOT want to miss. Supporting the night will be our very own Bones and Danceism’s Ben Oprstu, with an opening set by MURDA. This event will reach capacity so please RSVP and arrive early to guarantee entry!

RSVP HERE for FREE entry before 11PM.

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EDC WEEK IS UPON US! After a wild one last thursday with AC Slater, this week @ VERSUS we get a little help from Whiskey Pete and Newestra.com to throw a PRE-EDC MOOMBAH-TAKEOVER, featuring chart topping LA natives Valentino Khan (Mad Decent), Paul Devro (Mad Decent), ETC!ETC! (Party Like Us), Frnch CNNXT (DANCEiSM), and LA Muerte (Newestra). Come out early and get your massive weekend started with a bassline (and Will Bailey‘s birthday party!) before we all head for the desert. !Vaminos!


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The Other Day, Les Petits Pilous released their newest EP, Drop It on Boysnoize Records and it’s just as massive as the name entails.  The EP features two versions of the bass heavy house jam, Drop It as well as an eerie remix from Audionite.  This is not one to sleep on folks, grab it now.

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The new record label project of Miike Snow’s Karlsson & Winnberg known as Robotberget just released the final track in their FREE compilation EP 1, celebrating the first 5 singles to be signed. Boasting a powerful medley of electro, techno, house and bass music, the solid roster features tracks by Carli (Savage Skulls), Style Of Eye, Alex Metric, MtheM and the awesome project Galantis (made up of Carli, Style Of Eye, and Karlsson!). The compilation marketing path released one track per week for the past 5, and we have the entire bundle for you to check out!

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Attention all you bloggers (who like us, used to be computer game nerds)

With the recent release of Diablo III, the internet DJ mastermind from Canada known as Ephixa has exercised an awesome tribute by remixing the Tristram Theme from the original Diablo. Take a trip down memory lane with this one, as according to dubstep.net – “Ephixa’s new “Diablo Dub” transforms the beloved Diablo theme into a chilled-out, highly nostalgic dubstep track perfect for all of your adventuring needs. Simultaneously bringing back great memories while preparing you for the trials yet to come, Ephixa’s “Diablo Dub” is exactly what the Witch Doctor ordered!”

Ephixa – Diablo Dub (Tristram’s Theme) √+

Carli is an immensely talented, constantly genre defying and very charming dj/producer from Sweden. We’ve gotten to know him as one half of Staygold, Savage Skulls and Marcus Price & Carli. We’ve seen him occupy dj booths in Miami, London and Stockholm. We’ve heard him produce everything from filthy grime to saccharine disco. We’ve had the pleasure of tagging along on a musical journey that sways back and forth between dodgy warehouses in Västberga and glittery super clubs on Ibiza; from aggressive beats for the street to dreamy pop productions for la-la-land. Carli comes equipped with an effortless eclecticism that only the most talented can pull of, matched with a tempo that demands unconditional love for music combined with less than zero interest in nostalgia.


This week @ VERSUS we’re proud to be hosting the return of the LA duo Breakdown and their debut F_ckin’ Lose It EP on Vicious Recordings. On top of that, we’ll also be celebrating their own Josh David’s birthday, with longtime buddy and the infamous MC Whiskey Pete hosting the festivities all night long. Supporting sets will be provided by Check&Mate, MERRITT, and our very own Bones. Make sure to RSVP for this one pronto and get there early, as we will reach capacity!


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Killer (as always) new mix by Vito the Aeroplane – so what if he uploaded it a couple days too late of the month, do you really care? It’s finally May and summer is around the corner. Let’s vibe.

Aeroplane April 2012 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

1. Pioneerball – Bananas
2. Joakim – Nothing Gold ( Todd Terje Remix )
3. Trujillo – Acapulco Gold ( Ron Basejam Remix )
4. Rocco Desentis – Danze Fraternalle
5. Finnebassen – If You Only Knew
6. Raiders of The Lost Arp – Night Theme
7. Alistair Gillespie & Alex Deep – Good Ol’ Days ( Thomas De Lorenzo Remix )
8. Hunter / Game – Reckless Lady
9. Adamski – I Like It ( Attar! Remix )
10. Punks Jump Up – Mr Overtime ( Club Version )
11. Andrea Di Rocco – The Past Present