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It’s The Dirt #105 with aRod + Tropicool runnin’ the gamut on your favorite genres, from Indie to Disco to Deep House, there’s even a dash of Freestyle Booty Bass to grime things up.  Along with an indie-riffic RAC remix of The Killers, we’ve also got Feeboy’s fresh new take on Duke Dumont’s sizzler-of-the-moment, “100%”.  Also featured is the long awaited track “Excommunication” by Erkka…we’ve waited six long months for this deep electro gem to come out and it’s finally here!  And if that’s not enough, we’ve got some freshies from Grizzly Bear, Lancelot, Hot Natured and many more.


This 12-pack is gonna go down niiice + smoooth…
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Without a doubt, my favorite babe of 2012 was the lovely and talented Ms. Anna Lunoe.  She’s a wonderful DJ, an amazing songwriter, a master collaborator, her style is sexy and her eyebrows are bangin’.  If last year was any indication of things to come from Anna, then 2013 should be a big year for her.

The Anna Lunoe Facebook page just hit the 10,000 fan milestone and as a gift to her fans, Anna is giving away a track for free.  It’s a Winter-y song she wrote back in 2011.  It’s deep & sweet with a little UK shuffle.  Here’s what she had to say about it:

“This is one of the first songs that I wrote, produced and recorded on one rainy Winter’s day in June 2011.  It’s very simple and quite different in style to the things I’m working on now, but looking back, it’s a sweet in its simplicity but I thought some of you might enjoy it.  I will disable it in ten days or after 10K downloads.

Happy new year and thank you for supporting my music! 
x Anna”

A little song with a lot of heart.  Thanks, Anna…

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Does anyone under 105 bpm groove harder than Bondax does?  I think not.  Bondax are back with a new track entitled “Gold”.  It’s more soulful, future bass from the young duo.  It’s that Bondax sound we’ve grown accustomed to love in a very short amount of time: smooth, sultry beats with a gritty, edgy feel.  Toss in some sweet, crooning vocals and it’s another top notch JAM for the Bondax boys.

“Gold” is out late January on Justus.

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Bondax continue to push the Future envelope with their latest remix of “Not Giving In” by Rudimental.  The original of “Not Giving In” is a mixture of poppy soul and drum & bass.  With their remix, Bondax takes things to a whole other Bondaxian (yup, that’s a word now) level.  While still maintaining the track’s original, soulful groove, Bondax’s piano poppin’ remix is full of Future bounce and strategically placed bass making it another winner for our favorite, young UK duo.  OK, second favorite.

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I’ve been waiting a long time for this. With my heart reasonably tied to the sounds of the UK, part of me squeals with joy when I see one of the young artists pushing the new era of garage come to the states. It means something real; that the music that the UK has been an advocate of for ages now has finally touched down in the US, that the was once behind-the-curve American market for dance music may slowly be catching up. Disclosure, consisting of Howard and Guy, two very young brothers (18 & 21) have quickly risen to the forefront of this kind of sound, and lucky for LA, they headlined an amazing live show at the El Rey to a sold out crowd of costumed enthusiasts on Halloween.

I’m pretty sure something has to be said that every single song they’ve made has been released, and on top of that, they’re all hits. These kids quite literally hopped on to making garage style music after falling in love with Burial’s Untrue two years ago, and ever since then it’s been a whirl of success, with a free EP garnering them masses of downloads & “What’s In Your Head” in every single DJ rotation, radio show, and mixtape this summer.

As everyone was doing some last minute costume prepping before heading to the El Rey that night, I jetted over to the historic venue to have a chat with the boys before the show. Their young faces & Howard’s aside that he misses England were perhaps the only things indicating their age; the boys otherwise spoke and performed as though they were much older. Great guys, pleasant interview, a real treat. Later, after I arrived to the always great Samo Sound Boy‘s set, there was a pleasantness in the air unlike other shows; a kind of unspoken knowledge of the oxytocin-laced, subtle booty-shake set that Disclosure was about to provide. And that’s exactly what it was. After opening with “Control”, the boys worked rather seamlessly together in their live show, leaving perhaps the entire audience with a smile on their face the entire time. Whatever it is they are doing, they are doing it right. I’m very much looking forward to the boundless future of Disclosure, and happily await their return.

Until then, get your digs with the interview, and their very awesome mix for The Fader below.

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Did you know that Bondax have a record label?  They do.  It’s called Justus Recordings.  It’s new, it’s up & coming and as expected, it’s cutting edge.  Here’s a little something they had to say about it:

“We basically just want to release all the artists we’ve been listening to over the years that we love and don’t understand why they haven’t been snatched up by other labels. I won’t reveal too much, but we definitely don’t want to stay within the realms of dance music.”

The latest release off Justus is “MLLN DLLR” by Sweater Beats.  Brooklyn producer Sweater Beats describes “MLLN DLLR” as “French Touch meets Future Bass”.  Now THAT is a sound I can definitely get on board with.  And you should, too.  “MLLN DLLR” samples the 2009 Whitney Houston track “Million Dollar Bill” and is one hot + sexy ride.  Check it out below and get ready for some candle lit booty bouncin’.

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Anyone who visits GDD™ frequently knows that we are huge fans of FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS’ Chris Malinchak.  On my Malinchak Appreciation Post a few months back, I referred to him as my 2012 House Music MVP.  FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS and Mr. Malinchak are back at it with more dazzling freebies.  First up is the track “Leaving Tomorrow”, which was released ever-so-kindly as a free download last week via FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS.  “Leaving Tomorrow” is a celestial medley of Commodores-sampled vocals chopped up and seasoned over Malinchak’s soulful beats.

The second freebie in the last eight days from Malinchak is the track “Get Back”.  There’s no need to try and classify this song into any subgenre.  Simply put, THIS IS DANCE MUSIC.  “For you homeboys that think you all that, and tryin to get with this”  – GET BACK.

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It’s time to set the mood for the upcoming months with the next installment of my bi-annual/seasonal mixtape series: aRod’s FallGaze 2012 Mix.  The mixtape is chock full of lustful indie grooves, steamy disco + deep, sleazy house.  Hot tracks from heavy hitters like Anna Lunoe, Disclosure and Van She along with some unreleased heaters from Benoit & Sergio, MANIK feat. Jeremy Glenn and Sure Thing…this mix should keep you warm and electrified from Fall all the way through Winter.

**Special thanks to photographer Joe Wehner for usage of his photo from “The Summer House” feature in treats! Magazine**.

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Engulfed in a sea of tech house, bassline, ghetto tech, NU-K garage, and deep house comes BONES – DEEP END Volume 2. There’s been an vast amount of great production this summer, and this next installment to my new mix series was long overdue. As I’ve stated before, the DEEP END ventures away from my harder hitting origins and lets you reach the depths of rolling basslines and funky riffs guaranteed to make you swim in your seat. Whether you’re at work, school, in the car, in your room, getting the party started or winding everything down – jump in the DEEP END and explore a different fathom of electronic music.

THE DEEP END Volume 2 features tracks by Catz ‘N Dogz, Mak & Pasteman, Justin Jay, Pirupa, The Sneekers, Popof, Zombie Disco Squad, Adam Port, Shadow Child, Audiojack, Sepehr, and many more.