Prince Fox has been all over radars lately.  A major label signing, massive tour, and great tunes to go along with it.  Things are boding well for the young producer in 2016, and he’s kicking things off with a remix for Felix Jaehn.  He turns the tropical tune into a more futuristic pop edition, using some punchy synths and percussion.  The track really translates nicely from Prince Fox’s point of view, bringing something new to your ears.  Grab the tune now!


On Planets have brought the serious vibes with their take on “OMG.”  Uptempo percussive elements set the tone for the super smooth track.  Really light feels considering the depth and darkness of the original vocals from the MXMS tune.  A warm bassline pads your way through the four-minute production, with plucking chords sprinkled throughout.  Safe to say I’m digging my first wind of On Planets and I’ll be keen to hear more!

Mikey Lion and Sabo have just released their first studio collaboration together. Featuring two original tracks, ‘Into The Jungle’ and ‘Sally’, as well as remixes by Lonely Boy and Joyce Muniz, Into The Jungle puts deep and complex tribalistic drum patterns at the forefront of the mix, driving a unique tech-house sound that both Mikey and Sabo are known to champion.   Really digging these strong vibes from the Desert Hearts crew?  You’re in luck; the boys have just released a massive winter touring schedule for their City Hearts party.  Check out the tour dates after the jump!

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The Aussie house gangster Hey Sam is back at it with a dangerous club flip of Ayo Alex’s new single Want it featuring Juicy Jay and we were all over it before we even got the nod on this premiere… here’s what the young gun had to say about it:

“AYO Alex hit me up to do this remix and I jumped on it straight away as I’m a big fan of his original version but it’s a little too heavy for my DJ sets. My version is more stripped back, bassline driven and I’ve found it has plenty of impact in the clurrrbbb.. Also stoked that Uprise Music have let me release this for free download.”

Hey Sam on


Myself and the GottaDanceDirty crew had a chance to check out RÜFÜS as they rolled through Los Angeles on tour promoting their forthcoming album.  One of the bigger singles they have released in preparation of its release is “Like An Animal.”  The emotional lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone with ears, but they seemed to resonate a bit more with Dom Dolla, who has made the track his own.  A brutally smooth bassline brings this indie-twinged tune to the late night dance floor in a big way.  Stream the tune below exclusively at GDD and show both RÜFÜS and Dom Dolla their due love.


LA-based Ryan Collins has teamed up with Bijou for a super sleek ghetto tech jam.  “Hood Crazy” rolls in with tough high hats a echoing samples, preluding the crushing sound to come.  Samples from Tech N9ne, 2 Chainz and B.o.B. keep things interesting while that hard bass line keeps things tech.  This is a high energy tune that’ll reach a large demographic.  Play it loud at a dancefloor near you .

Now we’ve got a heater of a remix from young gun Wheathen out of Chicago.  He’s taking on Midnight to Monaco’s “Suicide,” and the result is pretty epic.  Plucky synths roll through the bass-heavy drops and really bring that trap hands x-factor.  The vox are pitched down and floated over the rest of the composition for a nice ghostly effect.  Really solid remix from Whethen, the youngest person to release a remix with Future Classic to date.  Enjoy!

Pretty bold move to try to take on one of the hottest tracks on planet earth, but EVALYN has succeeded in bringing something new to The Weeknd‘s slow-burner-yet-banger “The Hills.”  Pseudo-mashed with Kavinksy’s “Nightcall,” this track has a little bit of something for everyone.  Stunning vocals, great production value from Louis Vivet, what more could you need.  Stream the track here and make sure to jump on that free download.

Our boy Zimmer is at it again.  He’s got some of the nicest vibes in electronic music and he certainly flexed them all over this Gallant remix.  This Gallant dude is getting remixed at Zhu levels, so it’s tough to stick out in the crowd, but this little house number does the trick.  Featuring the vocals and a nice little bassline, this track hits the spot.  Stream it now and go give Zimmer some Hypem love. 


Like a bat out of hell, Soulwax has slapped their name of some of hottest tunes in recent memory.  Plowing through Jungle and Tame Impala like nothing, they’ve now put their spin on Hot Chip.  “Huarache Lights” was one of the monster tracks from “Why Make Sense?,” and these guys just took it up a notch.  They turn the tough melody from the original tune into a crunchy 120ish masterpiece.  Those characteristic chimes throughout the tune remind you that you’re not the water that’s apparently flowing on Mars.