Banks - Brain

For her latest release entitled “Brain”, BANKS recruited fellow LA suburbanite Shlohmo to help produce the track.  If the sheer mention of those two names isn’t enough to make your lip quiver, knees buckle and heart skip a beat, then you may want to check your pulse.  It’s the kind of collaboration that dirty dreams are made of.  BANKS’ truthful, undisguised lyrics are equally matched by Shlohmo’s spellbinding beats.  ”Brain” draws you in then builds into a controlled, scintillating frenzy.  By the time the song reaches its paralyzing climax, you won’t even know what hit you.  ”Brain” is dark, dazzling perfection.
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An honor bestowed upon the hottest records at the moment has recently been awarded to Copenhagen’s crowning pop sensation, . Known for her powerful vocals and infectious dance records, she’s worked with the likes of Diplo, and made waves of her own with her last EP, “Bikini Daze.” This time around a freshmen LP is in the works, and it’s first single, “Don’t Wanna Dance,” is being heard around the world after BBC Radio 1 has given it the go ahead to rinse out to the world. It’s dance hall sound unites a room as atmospheric vocal breakdowns leave you in a dreamlike state. Look for her debut album on March 10th and be sure to pre-order if you’re really bout it bout it!

george maple

I first fell in love with George Maple when her vocals were featured on the super smooth tune, “On & On,” from the anonymous act, SNAKEHIPS. There’s something painstakingly beautiful about her tone and delivery, and her most recent track, “Began To Say,” puts her talents right at the forefront. Complete with lounge-style instrumental work, “Began To Say” has somewhat of a Pop feel but rides the futuristic chillwave all the way through. Excited for more from George Maple this year.

Treasure Fingers dropped off his amazing remix of Tatiana Owens‘s new track, Beautiful People, out earlier on T&A Records earlier today. It’s a quite bouncy disco-tech vibe with some amazing vocal work laced on top.

Turns out they extended their remix contest for the original track until January 14th, where the full Remix package EP, also featuring GDD bud, Them Jeans, will be released as well. Full Details HERE.

Blue Satellite’s remix of “Feisty” by Jhameel is a playful + infectious disco ditty that sounds like what a collaboration between Daft Punk, Chromeo + Michael Jackson would sound like if MJ were alive today.  It’s easy to dish out comparisons to Daft Punk and/or Chromeo (in this case both) whenever a slow-funk, vocodered disco track comes along.  In this instance, Blue Satellite’s remix is certainly worthy of such lofty comparisons.  When you factor in the MJ-esque vocals with this style of throwback deep funk, it’s impossible not to listen to the song over and over and over again.  Grab this freebie and glide across the dancefloor…
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Cleveland’s emerging indie group, SomeKindaWonderful, releases a free download of their rendition of Moby’s “Everything That Rises” (off his latest album Innocents) that features a new top line vocal. Following up on their last singles, “Reverse” and “Police,” the group layers dark lyrics over a cinematic backdrop for an emotional offering. SomeKindaWonderful are quickly establishing a strong crossover presence. Have a listen to “Everything That Rises” after the jump.
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One of the standout tracks on Shy Girls’ new “Timeshare” EP is the poppy R&B ballad “Second Heartbeat”.  And fresh out of the remix oven, we’ve got a warm, buttery disco biscuit courtesy of Karl Kling.   Karl Kling’s electronic pop remix ups the tempo of the original and adds the perfect amount of disco, keeping the swoon meter on high.

Grab the free download HERE and melt away…
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Londoner Katy B continues her reputation as an über-talented vocalist and top collaborator with this latest offering produced by Berlin’s George FitzGerald who has had a banner year with releases on Scuba’s Hotflush & Defected along with an Essential Mix back in January. “I Like You” features Katy’s full-bodied vocals atop Fitzgerald’s complementary groove in a near perfect manner, making me hope that the two match up again in the studio sometime in the future. “I Like You” will act as the B-side to Katy’s 5 AM which will see release on November 5th here in the US. √+

Sydney based four piece band Convaire has concocted an indie disco anthem that boosts your confidence and assures that you woke up on the right side of the bed. It’s hard not to close your eyes as you soak in the vibes and sashay from point A to B, grooving to a down under bassline and punchy live drum kit. The lead singer takes charge and makes sure you get exactly where the track is supposed to take you as you day dream about young love and more innocent days through their infectious pop bars. Out now on iTunes, be sure to cop and subscribe to their SoundCloud for future releases.

There’s nothing more satisfying than when an artist rewards fans with a proper tune after a lengthy hiatus (anything longer than a few months off is considered to be lengthy according to the Blog Time Conversion Chart).  Diamond Cut is a favorite artist among many blogs & his return to the remix is a welcomed one by his internet faithful.

Badboxes’ outstanding “JSMN” EP has been making the rounds over the last few months and Diamond Cut gives the title track a shiny overhaul on his brand new remix.  The synths cascade and shimmer in all the right places while the woven-together, heartfelt vocals (particularly the “tell me you love me” build up) are a thing of beauty.  After hearing the track you won’t be sure whether to smile or cry.

The track was released earlier this week via The Most Definitely for the low, low price of an email address.  Submit that addy & float away…
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