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TR!CK$ is one producer you are guaranteed to become acquainted with in the coming months.  A tried and true Jersey connoisseur, the young act is back again with a remix of Vic Mensa.  He brings an extra touch of diversity with some outside vocal samples, one of my favorite facets of this growing genre.  Theres something very infectious about the bass arrangements that TR!CK$ continues to lay down in all his verses, so download the track below and find out for yourself.

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To celebrate his recent AWARD EP release on Fool’s Gold Records, the NY based Brenmar is throwing a party w/ iheartcomix @ Los Globos this Thursday in Los Angeles and we wanna give you a pair of tix to go!

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His aptly titled Award EP (out 1/20 on Fool’s Gold) is more than a victory lap for a nightlife champion, but the start of an awesome new chapter, melding songwriting chops atop years of body-moving DJ knowledge. From 808 slow jams to confetti-ready anthems, Award is a four-track collection of earworms featuring voices from the underground (Newark’s Dougie F and UNiiQU3) and radio (Jeremih collaborator Sayyi) alike.

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Let’s start off with Brenmar.  This guy made some huge noise in 2014 with his tunes, including three extremely well-received remixes of Rick Ross, Beyonce and Route 94.  His style is difficult to pinpoint, but obviously draws inspiration from jersey, hip-hop, and a handful of other bass music genres.  For his take on Theophilus Londonhe decided to slow things down a touch, letting the original track shine in a different light.  Look out for his forthcoming “Award” EP set to be released later this month on Fool’s Gold Records.

Enter Sliink Nadus, two of the most outspoken leaders of the jersey movement, which you can explore further yourself in a recent Vice documentary on genre.  These guys have both become very well known in their own regards for their jersey/bass production prowess, and it was about time that they tag-teamed a track.  They don’t disappoint, as they transform Theophilus London’s track into rough, tough dancefloor bomb.  Enjoy!

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E.A.S.Y. (Shiftee and Enferno) embodies both the #RealDJing and #AfterEDM conversations A-Trak sparked. With all three of them being DMC champions, it’s natural that A-Trak would be one of E.A.S.Y.’s first supporters. After their first ever release and #liveremix video parodying Andy Samberg’s “When Will The Bass Drop” skit started a Twitter craze and inspired DJ Craze to do his “New Slaves” routine, E.A.S.Y. is back with an official remix + #liveremix video of A-Trak’s single “Push.”

The hilarious #liveremix video pays homage to 90s R&B groups a la Boyz II Men and is both a live performance video and fully produced music video that gives us a bigger glimpse of what to expect from E.A.S.Y.

E.A.S.Y.’s remix of A-Trak’s “Push” is out today via Fool’s Gold Records as a FREE DOWNLOAD so grab it now!

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*Bedsqueak, bedsqueak* The reason Trippy Turtle may be one of the lesser known artists on the docket for Snowglobe Music Fest isn’t a lack of musical ability, the dude just likes to be anonymous. Before he began touring in his classic green turtle hood, Trippy’s identity was so well concealed that many attributed the act to his close friend Cashmere Cat. While we now know they are certainly not one in the same, one could say that their production skills do go hand in hand.

A true pioneer in the (relatively new to the lime light) Jersey Club scene, Trippy Turtle utilizes an obviously expansive mastery of sound to create truly entertaining and flawless works. Some of his more popular tunes include a huge collaboration remix of “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” with DJ Hoodboi as well as his latest original “Trippy’s Theme.” If you find yourself in the mood to get down to some bed squeaks and water droplets in Tahoe this year, be sure to catch a sure-to-be stunning set from Trippy Turtle.

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Jersey Club homie, DJ Hoodboi, has teamed up with M|O|D’s Arnold for a solid rework of Future’s truthful tune, “Honest,” and to be quite honest, I’d actually prefer the guys’ new remix over the original (pls don’t tell Future). Lots of great stuff coming from both of these producers at the moment, so make sure to check out both of their Soundclouds (Hoodboi & Arnold) and download this one for free here. √+