Out now is the latest from Le Castle Vania’s label Always Never Records, an amazing and multi-faceted six track EP from Miami based producers SLDGHMR. I’m really impressed – there’s not a whole lot of young American producers that have finesse and versatility in delivering an EP that progresses from barreling techno to indie/nu-disco type stylings whilst maintaining a sound true to their artistry.

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I’ve always appreciated Tesla Boy for taking their dark disco & new wave influences from decades past and modernizing them into a sound they’ve been able to call their own.  They’ve taken an 80s-style approach to their sound and updated it with an edge that new wave & synth pop from that era was sorely missing.  Their latest track “M.C.H.T.E.” harks back to early INXS (particularly “Original Sin”) with the addition of that definitive Tesla Boy bounce.  That added punch alongside some big percussion & always-stylish vocals on “M.C.H.T.E.” should be plenty to get Tesla Boy’s faithful fans fired up & ready for their forthcoming new album.  Time to get excited!

Tesla Boy’s new album “The Universe Made Of Darkness” is out worldwide on May 21st.

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[Photo by Joe Wehner]

Spring can now officially begin.  The new aRod SpringGlo 2013 Mix is here to set the mood for the entire Spring season.  From deep disco to indie-electro, from big disco to UK + deep house, this mix runs the gamut on all your favorite genres.  Lustful, sleazy, bouncy vibes from the MASSIVE track list (incl. Villa, Kastle, Russ Chimes, Classixx, Ali Love & Breach, just to name a few of the fantastic many).  ENJOY.

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One of the biggest dance tracks of 2013, “Comet” by Hey Champ, gets the remix treatment from everyone’s favorite German, Justin Faust.  Herr Faust takes the indie-dance anthem and fittingly gives a track named “Comet” some spacey, orbital shine.  It’s the kind of dreamy synth sounds that makes one long for the return of 2009 Dreamwave à la VEGA.

Justin Faust’s shimmering remix of “Comet” is available as a free download.  Take a ride…

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My good friend aRod and I have selected 10 tunes this week for your listening pleasure. We went pretty eclectic as per usual with any Dirt, so download them individually or download both zips for the whole enchilada. Happy Dirt day folks.

<3 J + A
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Our nearby friends Ese’ & Zain have served up a double-feature on fellow San Diego natives Hyena – delivering two versions of their new original “Wander” (which features Dave Keuning of The Killers). The ‘Rave With A Broken Leg’ Mix is fit for the big room favor, pounding anthemic chords on top of a stabbing bassline. The ‘Smoove But I Can Move’ Mix’ is more light hearted, dancing an almost steel drum-like lead atop the haunting melodic vocals. Grab them both for FREE below!


Ese’ & Zain on


Fresh off the success of his long awaited track “Excommunication”, Erkka returns with a remix of fellow countryman Lucky Stripes.  18-year old Finnish producer Lucky Stripes gets the remix treatment from Erkka on his new track “You Take Me Dancing”.  While the whole tropical disco fad seems to have died down, Erkka adds in a new twist of club-friendly tropical flair on his remix of “You Take Me Dancing”.  The outcome is a disco-electro dance floor scorcher.

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My favorite psych-rock experimental group is at it again.  American Royalty just released their highly anticipated EP entitled Prismatic, on Guns in the Sun Records, and it is quite the harmonious gem with sweeping sound waves and infectious hooks.  No 2 songs alike, each spectacularly different and moving in their own way.  The music depth and versatility is extremely apparent in this album, and apparent upon your first listen.  I’m confident you’ll be back for much more.

Quote by American Royalty regarding the track “Hungry”:
“Hungry is one of the first songs that we ever wrote in a live setting rather than a studio. We’re very excited about the way its transitioned into a recorded number, but honestly for us, its always been about that heavy bass hitting you in the chest. So turn it up.”

Purchase this Stellar EP HERE

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The boys over at Solé have taken us on yet another musical journey.  If Lionel Richie was fueled by propane, sported reebok pumps and night crawled the mean streets of Venice, you’d end up with something that sounded a little bit like, well… let’s just say we were lucky enough to capture the radness in this month’s Fixtape.  Solé Bicycle Co. is pleased to present this month’s Fixtape, from LA’s own,Oliver, the electro-funk super group of Oliver Goldstein & Vaughn Oliver. They’ve been making waves with their deep undertones, infectiously funky riffs, and intergalactic space beats, sure to make your mother shutter. Whether you prowl dark alleys hanging out in various voodoo circles or spend your free time spreading funky mayo on your friend’s sandwiches, this Fixtape is for you. Strap on your helmet and chuck the deuce, because you’re on the highway to hell.

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