If your Summertime is filled with naked Sundays, sexy pillowfights, sunbathing topless on an exotic vacation or just feeling sexy while doing (and wearing) nothing at all, then FORTY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is the mix for you.  From new wave R&B to sunset disco to deep house, this mix will set your Summer mood right.  ENJOY

***Extra special shout out + thank you to:
Stefan Merriweather [http://stefanmerriweather.com/]
Laura Ava [http://instagram.com/laura_ava]
…for their fantastic collaboration on the cover art photo.***
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It’s been a very, very good year for the skinny-white-boy producers of the world. At the top of the pile shines one in particular: RL Grime (who is currently on tour with a bunch of other skinny white dudes. Brilliant.) Henry Steinway won our artist of the year in our 2012 recap and, judging by the past seven months since then, is on a warpath to take the title once again at the end of 2013. His latest EP High Beams, out today on Fool’s Gold, was a long awaited package from the wunderkid and is a bonafide selection of club weapons at their most volatile.

Read the review & purchase/stream the EP after the jump.
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Phazz is my favorite new discovery. After hearing a very awesome mix from Soulection’s Sasha Marie, I noticed that his tracks within the mix were the ones that stood out to me. He’s got a real aptitude for warping and pitch-shifting vocals, it’s not an easy task but he pulls it off almost effortlessly. I’m very glad he’s sort of re-routed himself into a more soulful R&B vibe, his latest remixes are (in my opinion) his best work and should that trajectory continue I am very excited by what dude has to offer in the future. You can grab his most recent remix, a wonderful remix of Ryan Leslie’s “Addiction” for free on the Soundcloud box below. Oh, and stay tuned for an upcoming exclusive from Phazz right here on GDD ;)

This week amidst the big room festival noise everyone is gravitating towards, we present you with a crispy alternative to get your weekend started, whether traveling to Vegas or just holding it down on the home front. The Mexicali/Indio duo known as Thee Cool Cats take the reigns on the GDD guest mix, dropping us an hour of G house (which if you didn’t already known stands for gangster house – a funky deep house backbone with a thugging hip hop spirit.) These dudes are on the come up and have forthcoming releases on NYC’s Nurvous Records and Amine Edge‘s new label CUFF. I’ve been supporting them since day one in my sets, and these tracks go off huge for any crowd. Listen below and get ta’ groovin.

1. ? – ?
2. Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E – SWAG! (Original Mix)
3. ? – ?
4. Thee Cool Cats – Got Body (Original Mix)
5. Marco Violent – Coach (Original Mix)
6. Blond:ish, Climbers – Town Joker (Thee Cool Cats Remix)
7. Jamie Antonelli – Divine (MK Remix)
8. ? – ?
9. Tough Love – Murder One (Original Mix)
10. ? – ?
11. Thee Cool Cats – Vacate (Original Mix)
12. Thee Cool Cats – Hand On The Pump (Original Mix)

Thee Cool Cats on

We’ve been long time supporters of our good friend BetaTraxx, an L.A. producer who’s always been able to stay one step ahead when it comes to producing quality techno + electro.  Following a similar philosophy as Boys Noize, BetaTraxx doesn’t set out to make cookie cutter, DJ-friendly, conventional dance music.  He challenges himself to produce music that sets itself apart from the mainstream and, in the process, has come up with his own classical-inspired, synth-heavy brand of techno + electro.

Fresh off his “Rocktronica” collaboration with Chuckie & the one & only Slash, we find BetaTraxx showing off more of his diversity with a couple of genre hopping remixes of Wiz Khalifa & The Killers.  Big artists.  Big remixes.  BetaTraxx knows how to have fun with the big boys!  Grab the two FREE downloads below and get loose.
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Continuing the abundance of giveaways as weather gets warmer, we have another summer heater for your vibe cultivation. Our SF friends WhiteNoize did a remix of their favorite classic Reggae/Hip-Hop track “Here Comes The Hotstepper.” You know you’ve sang the chorus to this at some point in your life! The boys put it through the chop shop and out pops an uptempo house groove that breaks down into the original and back out again. NAAAAA NA-N-NA-NA, NA-N-NA-NA, NA-N-NA-NA-NANA-NANA!

WhiteNoize on

Kicking off his High Beams US tour this month, our two-faced GDD fav RL Grime just released a giveaway remix for Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” for FREE download via The Fader to celebrate his favorite rap song of last year. Big horns and a major layered clap make this one another hood anthem for Henry in the books. Hurry and grab it fast, it won’t be available for long!


RL Grime on

Hip house & programmed synth progressions equal success. No one could pull off this combo better than our buddy from belguim, A.N.D.Y. He gets help from Dominique Young Unique who sounds like a blend of Lisa Left Eye Lopes of TLC & Yolandi of Die Antword. Strange combo? Yes – But it works magically; give it a spin below.

The haunting hood anthem “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar spread across airwaves faster than you could rephrase.. drank.. the chorus… drank. BUT – our GDD friend and familiar Jesse Rose made a DJ-friendly edit for all you uptempo mp3 selectors out there, beefing up a fat kick behind the vocals that rolls along with KL’s groove. So listen below and download it for FREE from the link to his page. Drank.


Jesse Rose on

“This is the ninth installment of the fixtapes presented by Solé Bicycles. A curated monthly mixtape series with the sole purpose to showcase our favorite artists’ tunes that both inspire and move them. Vibe with us as you ride off into the future.”

The Solé Fixtape Series is one of the dopest mixtape series the music world has to offer.  Following in the footsteps of artists such as RAC, Oliver, Goldroom, Treasure Fingers, Viceroy and GDD’s very own Tropicool, Le Youth is the perfect addition to this super smooth list of artists.  If you like your RnB creamy and your disco dreamy, then the Solé Fixtape Vol. 9 by Le Youth is the mixtape for you.

***Tracklist + exclusive download HERE.***

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