After last year’s CHAIND Vol.1, witch house wizards White Ring , proved to become the ambassadors of the occult ghetto grave-rave tunes.  This week they gave away their Waka FlockaMurda‘ remix as a preview of their upcoming tape CHAIND Vol.2.  Filled with machine guns, horror synths & stuttering demonic raps, White Ring smothered the life out of the original… reassuring this new mixtape will be more than satisfying for all you hooligan ravers out there. 

Preview below & download here.

☯ tamarasky

After writing an introduction post for Dads On Display, I was confident that they would continue making excellent tracks, and they haven’t let me down. Their latest work, “Do You Disco,” is just another great addition to their ghetto-funk catalog that keeps up their unique vibe, and it even contains a little surprise in the latter half of the track. I’ll give you a hint as to what it is: “When I rock the crowd I rock the crowd well, and when I get the feeling I feel the feel swell, ’cause when I start to rhyme well I rhyme the rhyme well.” Whether you know what I’m talking about or not, you should definitely listen to the track after the jump.

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As with many profound experiences, words cannot express the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that culminated from the 3-day fantasy land, Lightning in a Bottle. After attending, I realized what it was that motivates a company to be committed to “the highest levels of art, production, and aesthetic to always challenge people’s preconceived notions of reality and what is possible.” (website) There are countless festivals and music events in the world, but it is clear that Lightning in a Bottle is in a class of it’s own because of The Do LaB‘s determination to create an event that encompasses music, art, spirituality, and culture.

Read our take on LIB 2012 after the jump!

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The UK specialist, Bobby Tank, impressed me so much that he made it into my chart for the month of May. As expected, he has come through with another excellent remix that’ll keep you coming back for more. He single handedly just made my Monday night, and I’m sure he’ll make yours too if you have a listen to the tune after the jump. While you’re at it, grab the bonus free download courtesy of the label he is signed to, MofoHifi Records.

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The LA bass maker, Nico Luminous, took Mr. Marley’s classic tune, “Sun Is Shining,” and applied his West coast sound resulting in a dubby glitch-hop interpretation. It’s mellow, danceable, and fitting to our current season here in the US. Best of all, Nico did us all a favor by giving it out for free. Listen and grab it after the jump.
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Lovely photo by Alexander Jacob.

Sorry for the brief Dirt hiatus folks. We’ve been all over the grid lately — Detroit, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, etc, but now we’re back on track and ready to bring you 10 tracks all for download each Thursday here on out. This week, I’ve teamed up with the youngest member of our family, Toks, for an eclectic collection of tunes that should tickle a bit of everyone’s fancy. Get into it. Continue Reading

Dads On Display provided the last round of glitch-funk that I posted, but I now have a handful of gems from the Los Angeles resident, Kill Paris. As an Ableton certified trainer, you can be certain that his knowledge of production is top tier, and it shows through his great music. If you’re like me and can’t ever get enough funk, you’ll surely be getting down to these Kill Paris tunes.

Grab your free downloads after the jump!
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The great music in the month of May has led me to the decision of throwing together a chart of my top 10 tracks for your listening pleasure. Variety and quality were of the highest importance while I was making my selections, so grab your headphones or plug into your speakers, you’ll be dancing round the room in no time. Enjoy the chart after the jump!

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Detroit-born producer & fashion photographer, Jimmy Edgar, has been making beats for over a decade now.  Snatching all kinds of influences from his city’s eclectic music scene, without a doubt one powerful element stands out from the rest… SEX.  This is a man who titled a track I Want To Be Your STD, and an album XXX.  Creating mystery and dramatic/sexual tension are the main goals in his sound.  He even became celibate (not even engaging with his own person) for a period of time to create sexual energy around him turning him into some kind of vampire. Continue Reading

In just nine days from now, thousands will embark on a journey to a place unlike any other, The Do LaB‘s Lightning in a Bottle. The excellent music, beautiful art, spiritually cleansing yoga, and educational speakers are all to be enjoyed to the fullest at one of my favorite festivals that takes place at the beautiful Oak Canyon Ranch. After attending last year’s LIB, it’s difficult to put to words what my incredible experience was like, but I can assure you that you will be more than happy to have been a part of something much different than your typical music festival. With a well-rounded, eclectic lineup including the legendary Bassnectar, and dozens of other big names/underground acts, I can already tell it’s going to be too much fun going from set to set. Grab your tickets with the link below, check out a video/pictures from last year, and the LIB 2012 mixtape contest winner after the jump!

The Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Tickets/Info

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