Rogue Vogue x Cyclist

While the new Cyclist remix of “Until the Dawn” by Rogue Vogue (feat. Patrick Baker) will certainly make you boogie & fill you full of 80s nostalgia, the track evokes a more specific 80s memory for me.  Cyclist’s remix conjures up the persona of some of my favorite 80s anti-heroes & reminds me of all things that made me want to be like them when I was younger.  They were the type of anti-heroes who armed themselves with self-deprecating humor & absurdity who somehow always managed to be the coolest person in the room.  Ridiculous & witty, always managing to get the girl & solve the case.  Acting a fool but playing it cool.  Not an easy thing to do.  The Cyclist remix of “Until the Dawn” evokes memories of movies that starred these type of anti-heroes.  Movies (with underrated soundtracks) like “Fletch” or “Real Genius”.  They were playful & upbeat yet somehow mysterious & seductive.

It’s difficult for me to accept the “this song has an 80s vibe to it” generalization and just leave it at that.  Sometimes specificity (even if it’s something as absurd as comparing the song to a Chevy Chase film) is the only way to let someone know that a song brings out the 80s anti-hero in them.

The “Until the Dawn” EP featuring remixes by Cyclist & BRONX is out February 6th via Kiez Beats.
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solidisco - totw

If you’re going to put out a proper piece of Disco, make sure you dig deep into your Disco treasure chest to find the right starting point.  New York duo Solidisco knew exactly where to look when producing their latest track “Top of the World”.  They kept things in the New York family and used the classic label Salsoul Records as their starting point.  Salsoul Records are considered by many to be Disco royalty and part of that royal family were NY Funk/Boogie outfit Skyy.  Taking a sample from Skyy’s 1980 track “Here’s to You”, Solidisco create a glamorous + infectious Disco House track that will immediately make anyone slip right into happy dance mode.  Good luck getting this one out of your head.

“Top of the World” is out January 24th via Ultra Records.
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Tha Funk Lordz were on a mission in 2013, dropping tons of new material and a Boiler Room set, preparing the masses for a funky 2014. To reiterate this point, a new single, “Come Alive,” featuring the indie dance sensation Toro Y Moi, has surfaced to forge their sound into the new year. Dave and Chaz (of Toro Y Moi) perform a good clean sexy duet and share some bars in this disco anthem as the effervescent Chromeo vibes…come alive! This new album, “White Girls,” that’s been teased with the release of the first couple singles, has a message heavily catered to those females out there grindin’ lookin’ to get on that global get down. Then again, who isn’t! Catch them touring the world this year alongside TOKiMONSTA and Oliver at any of their 22 stops with tickets going on sale this Friday. Continue Reading


If you’ve been looking for something to warm your soul during this frigid time of the year, look no further than this gem of a tune titled “Now You See Me” by Swedish artist SKOGSRÅ.  While the lyrical content is one of heartbreak, this smooth slice of dancepop funk surely won’t bring you down.  ”Now You See Me” is a blend of old school Funk & RnB a la Tower of Power & Parlaiment, mixed in with new school IndieFunk & Electro RnB artists like Breakbot & Cashmere Cat.  “Now You See Me” clocks in beautifully at over six & a half minutes, capped off with a dramatic build up & a funk-fueled outro.  A stunning debut by newcomer SKOGSRÅ.

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An early Tuesday morning treat courtesy of the fine people at Thump, “Soul Satisfaction,” the first track on a new EP being released by Brooklyn producer, Bit Funk, is being given away as a free download. Instruments galore as the chorus gallops to groovy piano chords and a punchy jazz drum kit. The funk is made real through the evocation of soulful vocals backed by a healthy dance tempo. This is a superbly stellar production from the artist whose original works catalogue is rapidly expanding, it should be interesting to see what the rest of this project adds to his repertoire.

Vibe Guide Vol. 4

Earlier today I was researching another song but shortly into it my eyes (ears) began to stray & off I went on a beautiful tangent.  This brief musical cyber journey led me to a fantastic, throwback-style track entitled “AP6″ by a Parisian producer named Dabeull.  The song title “AP6″ is a nod to 80s Prince protégés Apollonia 6 & their song “Sex Shooter”.  This style of sexy synth funk that Prince championed in the 80s will always be cool because of his affiliation with it.  ”AP6″ by Dabeull proves this theory well – major sex feels on this one.

The musical tangent I went on earlier was a successful one, which not only led me to “AP6″ by Dabeull, but also led me to the fantastic compilation it appears on via The Vibe Guide.  Grab “AP6″ by Dabeull along with the rest of the hidden gems on The Vibe Guide, Volume 4.
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Blue Satellite’s remix of “Feisty” by Jhameel is a playful + infectious disco ditty that sounds like what a collaboration between Daft Punk, Chromeo + Michael Jackson would sound like if MJ were alive today.  It’s easy to dish out comparisons to Daft Punk and/or Chromeo (in this case both) whenever a slow-funk, vocodered disco track comes along.  In this instance, Blue Satellite’s remix is certainly worthy of such lofty comparisons.  When you factor in the MJ-esque vocals with this style of throwback deep funk, it’s impossible not to listen to the song over and over and over again.  Grab this freebie and glide across the dancefloor…
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It’s almost Halloween! To get the festivities going, our friends over @ Prep School Recordings just released the LA-based Wilks ‘Bring Me Home’ EP. The haunting vocals of Bria park are accompanied by Wilks deep basslines that turn sinister and sawlike (fans of Soulwax and Disclosure will enjoy). The B-side ‘Get It Poppin’ is a G house track in every sense of the term – Funky and deep, but ghetto and gangster. Listen to them both below, and pick up the EP today on Beatport!

This Friday, don’t miss Wilks perform @ Private Label alongside Thomas Jack and Purity Ring (dj set)!

Wilks on
Prep School Recs

This month our friends at Solé Bicycles have partnered up with our pals over at Thump, the killer new electronic music and culture channel from VICE, to bring us a truly special fixtape. The godfather of funk, the french king of disco, the Ed Banger legend himself, Breakbot laid down close to 40 minutes of slow burning grooves. Although this tape is timeless, we highly urge you to throw it on now.

You can find the Download & Tracklisting HERE

[Giveaway] As an added bonus, a Solé bicycle designed by Breakbot himself will be given away through THUMP. Check out the contest details HERE for your chance to enter.

The Golden Pony, our favorite Disco duo based in Brooklyn are back with another remix to add to their Golden Classics series! This time the guys take the new wave classic from Tears For Fears and add their own disco and funk stylings. Check it out below and grab the DL today! And if you missed it the first time, their Simon & Garfunkel Remix is also top notch.

And don’t miss The Golden Pony live at BangOn!NYC’s baller Halloween event Warehouse of Horrors at the end of the month!

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