pat lok x ganz

Last month we featured Pat Lok’s new single “Move Slow”, a song that takes seductive sleaze to a whole new level.  “Move Slow” is classy, trashy, unique and fun.  This time around, Dutch producer GANZ darkens things up on his remix, turning “Move Slow” into a chilling, sexy anthem.

The “Move Slow” remix EP featuring Ganz, SirOJ, WMNSTUDIES, & Jeffrey Jerusalem is out April 4th on BMKLTSCH RCRDS.



The rising Los Angeles-based duo, Casino Gold, has released the excellent remix pack for their feel-good house anthem, “All I Need,” via Perfect Driver Music. Kicking off the package, our own Troy Kurtz gives us a striking deep house floor filler led by a huge, driving bassline paired with percussive/vocal accents. Ruff Hauser follows suit with a stand-out bass-heavy remix that incorporates an unexpected half-time breakdown, while Evil Twin offers up a piano-laden house groover. The Perfect Driver label head, Matthew Anthony, then closes out the pack in proper form with a more experimental interpretation that features unique synth work over  up-tempo tribal rhythms. With these brilliant renditions, Casino Gold successfully revitalizes “All I Need,” just in time for Miami. Purchase the remix pack on Beatport.

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The trumpet player sits cross-legged front and center with a lone spotlight to illuminate his cause as the drummer keeps the beat patiently in the background. The room is dimly lit (naturally), and the clinking of ice cubes rattling around in my goblet of whiskey compliment the quiet acoustics of the space. Smoke vapor is ruminating as it dances freely in the minimal light available as the dull roar of intimate conversation comes into play. People are dancing, but not maniacally, it’s more of a lonely waltz as you wander the dance floor in an attempt to discover yourself. Head in the air, arms wide open, spinning and shuffling as the melody shifts in intensity. This escape that is offered is so meticulously calculated, from the white noise that gently makes it’s presence known in the background to the muted reverb drenched trumpet, it almost lets you know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, because it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be. Check for Francis Harris‘ “Minutes Of Sleep” EP out on Scissor and Thread February 24th. Stream the project preview after the jump.

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new faces

Kitsuné are always on point with their compilation albums, bringing hot new talent to the forefront and their latest compilation, “Kitsuné New Faces”, is no exception.  One of the standout tracks on the compilation is “New Love” by Lxury.  Lxury burst onto the scene last year with his massive track “J.A.W.S.”, co-produced by a little duo named Disclosure.  This compilation may be titled “New Faces” but with over a million plays on his two original tracks, Lxury has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

“Never Love” is a more leftfield approach than Lxury’s previous two outings & the result is stunning.  The track is full of fluttering synths & pitched up, dreamy vocals.  When mermaids put on their headphones & go out for an early evening swim, I would imagine this is what they’d listen to.  Pure bliss.

Kitsuné New Faces out February 24.



Born in Hong Kong, raised in Tokyo, and now a student at Yale University, Beat Culture has cultivated musical influences from several regions to shape his eclectic sound, which has matured into his distinctive experimental pop style. He recently released a new 7″ via B3SCI Records (also did Jungle’s The Heat EP last year) that includes this gorgeous track, “Shibuya” featuring KID A, as well as “Drifter” featuring Psychic Twin. Right from the start, “Shibuya” hooks you in with KID A’s soft vocals and keeps a strong hold throughout the track with lush, evolving soundscapes and varied rhythms. With this release in the bag, Beat Culture is setting the tone for a successful year that will see his new two member live show including a drummer, and his next full-length release. Purchase the new 7″ here.

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banks x kaytra
Kaytranada’s remix of “Waiting Game” by BANKS is the type of track that could serve as the soundtrack to all your romantic interludes.  The song is mysterious & seductive.  Between BANKS’ sultry sound & Kaytranada’s smooth, experimental R&B , this song feels like two beautiful strangers exchanging glances & having a moment.

And if feeling sexy weren’t incentive enough to by this song, this release is also part of a very good cause:

Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition) will be available on the DANCE (RED) compilation.

Pre-order the DANCE (RED), SAVE LIVES 2 album: itunes.com/dancered. ALL proceeds go to help fight AIDS in Africa.

Every generation is known for something. Let’s be the one that delivers an AIDS FREE GENERATION. Today and every day 700 babies are born with HIV. We can get that number close to zero. It’s not a question of can we, but will we? That’s why we have come together with (RED)to DANCE (RED), SAVE LIVES.

Join us on World AIDS Day and go to dancered.com to see all the ways you can get involved.

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In anticipation for their EP release next Tuesday, October 8th – Prep School Recordings artist The Supertraxxe offer up “Revival pt. 2″ to the blogosphere. This one takes you through an experimental trip of funk that takes a turn for even the acid house inspired with its winding synths and rolling bassline. Fans of Ed Banger will understand its groove. Grab it below!

The Supertraxxe on
Prep School Recs

It’s Thursday, which means another 10 free tracks to put in your pocket from your friends here at GDD™. This week, aRod and I have gathered a diverse selection for you with originals, remixes, and edits all making an appearance. Make sure to hit the zip downloads to grab them all and feel free to browse by previewing each track on the Soundcloud players below.

aRod’s ZIP (5 tracks, 58 MB)
jonah’s ZIP (5 tracks, 46MB)
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The turn down is real in Shlohmo‘s latest post-2 a.m. remix. Pitched vocals with rumbling sub-bass and rolling looped hi-hats complete the Shlohmo transformation that will leave you floored post-club. Laura Mvula is someone to keep an eye on here as well, with Prince wishing her the best before her massive performance in LA last night. It wouldn’t be Shlohmo if he wasn’t ahead of the curve.

It’s rare that I personally stumble upon trance I like. But when it sounds like this, and comes with an acre plot of land on the moon, It’s hard to argue. If you could imagine what 80s coke trance would sound like with a killer bassline; welp, this is your answer. Each track is a journey through space and time, meticulously produced, and quite frankly, out of this world. So if you like good music, or hate this world & need to move to the moon, I highly suggest you purchase this limited vinyl EP of 500 copies. You’re sure to have some epicly weird neighbors up there…

Moon Real-Estate