Everyone in New York is busy getting ready for the Ed Banger 10th Anniversary tonight and to celebrate there has been a lot of really great french producers giving music away for free. LEVI is no exception. I just stumbled upon his most recent ‘Le Code’ EP and it’s a slice of hard electro-progressive heaven. I hear something new with every listen and it’s complexities and orchestral stylings easily show LEVI’s classical upbringing.

As a bonus for all you Ed Banger die-hards out there, FACTION, a hard electro duo that LEVI is a part of with Boston based artist Kenny Gray, just released this dope remix of Busy P, also for free download!

Coming off a huge tour w/ Zedd and Alex Metric, the LA rising duo Oliver follow up their finely tuned Mechanical EP with an all-star remix collection that casts their already-diverse originals in a stunning new light. Kicking off with a stomping, fan favorite mix of “Night Is On My Mind” by festival king Dillon Francis, Mechanical Remixes kicks into even higher gear with Nom De Strip‘s big room take on “Control,” before pulling a moody left turn with Tchami‘s bouncing funky house version of “MYB,” and closing out strong with a high energy remix of “Mechanical” by new young producer Values. Machine music on all levels!

*Don’t miss Oliver on the main stage @ HARD Day Of The Dead – Saturday, November 2nd!

Oliver on

This week in the guest mix we’ve got Florida’s slamming duo SLDGHMR. Signed to Le Castle Vania’s Always Never Records, SLDGHMR brings a creative and tightly-produced fusion of banging electro and barreling techno in a way that’s all their own. Their 40 minute mix explores the world of this savage, energetic, rampaging blend with tracks from the finest artists in that spectrum like Proxy, Maelstrom, Gesaffelstein, and Boys Noize. Looks like there’s some brand new unreleased tunes from them in there as well!

You can listen to the mix on Mixcloud below and make sure you go check out SLDGHMR’s amazing Reset EP. Tracklist after the jump!

GDD™ Guest Mix: SLDGHMR by Gddtoks on Mixcloud

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What happens when two of dance music’s sexiest, most powerful beards collide?  You get a hard hitting piece of dirty, sweaty, swaggy electro courtesy of The Magician & Brodinski.  The combination of the two beardy maestros is exactly what you’d expect (and then some): a stomping kick, synths with attitude and sex-fueled vocals that will bring out the bad ass in anyone and everyone who comes face to face to this remix.
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Le Castle Vania has never really taken any prisoners. In a musical landscape where the winds of change knock over the faint of heart or blow them into a field they cannot grow in, Le Castle Vania remains a steadfast entity who is remarkably true to his roots and more powerful than ever before.

The Prophication EP, out now on mau5trap, is a long time coming for the LA-based producer, and in a tongue-in-cheek naming of the title, is an indicator to an even bigger, badder release. It’s an immense piece of work; the four tracks each contain an explosive amount of sound engineering and layers, from live strings (done with the help of 300′s composer Tyler Bates) to rumbling bass lines.

You can read more about the EP after the jump:
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Today we’ve got the premiere of Luke Million’s shiny new remix of “Deja Vu” by Moullinex.  Luke Million remixing Moullinex is almost too much for our electroselves to handle.  It’s a big room electro disco sound that harks back to a time before nu disco was even a thing…a time when this style of pulsating, driving dance music dominated our lives (a la 2009 era Grum & Lifelike).  It’s a welcomed sound free of fluff but full of energy.  We welcome this “Deja Vu” with open arms.

The “Deja Vu” EP is out now via Nurvous Records.

And if we can talk about Mr. Luke Million for a second (I mean, c’mon…that hair is certainly worth a mention just on its own) – be on the lookout for his upcoming “Midnight Galaxy” EP featuring two original tracks plus remixes by Poupon, Den Hetrix, Pete Herbert and the aforementioned Grum.
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Our boy Betatraxx is back and ready to make some moves (and ready to make you move) .  After a string of monster remixes (Wiz Khalifa, The Killers, Alt-J), Betatraxx has been going hard at the studio & is all set to release a brand new EP entitled “V”.  Over the course of the next three weeks, the first three songs from “V” will be released once a week.  Today we feature the first song from the EP, “Body Kit”.  ”Body Kit” is a melodic & funky, hard hitting spiritual kick to the head that perfectly sets the table for Betatraxx’s exciting new EP.  No labels.  No bullshit.  Free downloads.  Be ready.
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Our San Diego friends Dimeuhduzen have finally found a home for their new single ‘RNSSNS’ on Circuit Freq Records, a monster of a track already supported by the likes of Brodinski, Sound Of Stereo, Turbo Turbo and TJR. The track is full fledged barrage of industrial techno that stabs and strikes all the way to the bitter end. Listen below and pick it up today on Beatport!


Dimeuhduzen on

From living with no hot water or cell phone after a commercially unsuccessful first album to being named Rolling Stone’s “Best Secret Weapon” in 2011, writing eight #1 singles in the year alone, Bonnie McKee‘s career appears to be taking on new direction. As she bursts into the pop music scene for round two, business mixes with pleasure as her boyfriend Oligee (1/2 of Oliver) teams up with his musical other half, U-Tern, to remix her hit single, “American Girl.” The product of this talented power couple is a club anthem set to have you shuffling at the dance breaks and belting the lyrics when the chorus hits. The original by McKee is available to purchase on iTunes.

This song goes out to all the beautiful girls courtesy of Fool’s Gold Records and the Brooklyn production duo, Party Supplies. It’s nothing too complicated, then again, love doesn’t need to be. It’s the quintessential jam to help you groove down the street as all the gorgeous girls stroll past, and for the ladies, the perfect tune to compliment a good hair day. A confidence boost and pick me up all at the same time packaged up in a free download for your listening pleasure.