Ghostly‘s Matthew Dear will be releasing his 4th studio album, Beams, worldwide on August 27th, and while we wait for the 11-track full length recorded in Dear’s home studio, we receive a gift in the form of a Poolside remix of the single, “Her Fantasy,” which sits #1 in the tracklist of the album. As with many Poolside jams, this remix of “Her Fantasy” is mellow, smoothly vocal, and laden with tropical, wooden percussion. Dig it. Continue Reading

After the success of Midi Matilda and MyKill’s first remix collaboration (on the track “Day Dreams”), both parties have decided to have another go at it.  And once again, the outcome does not disappoint.  The heavy guitar & drums in the original take a back seat on MyKill’s more synth driven remix and the result is a triumph.  This track will surely be on repeat throughout the rest of the Summer.

Midi Matilda and MyKill are carrying on an avant-pop/indie/new wave tradition in San Francisco that dates all the way back to the late 70s with Tuxedomoon.  If you like dreamy new wave mixed in with your indie dance, then look no further: Midi Matilda + MyKill have the perfect concoctions for you.

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Swimming with Sharks is a bi-coastal pool party held twice a month at The Standard Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles and New York City. It’s put on by our good friend, Matt Goldman AKA MFG Productions, and this year we’ve actually been grateful to be on board with some of the Saturday soirees. As Scion A/V is a main sponsor of the sexy summer series, they’ve decided to release the second volume of the Swimming with Sharks Sharkwaves EP — depicting the true vibe of the rooftop party in a 5 track free release available for all on the Scion A/V website tomorrow the 19th. Today, we premiere one track from the EP, and it’s from one of our favorite LA Nu Disco phenoms, Goldroom. ‘Pacific’ is everything you’d want in an EP made for a rooftop pool — slow, groovy, and tropical. A big √+ to our mate Goldroom on this one.


♥ jonahberry

With pool decks around the world rapidly becoming filled up with music loving, booty bumping guys and gals, the lads of Future Disco felt that it was necessary to lay down 8 rules that all pool partiers must abide by far and wide. These sunsoaked events are a serious business, and Future Disco needs your help in obeying these commandments so that all summertime soirees by the pool reach their full party potential.

If you haven’t already, make sure to pick up the amazing Poolside Sounds Compilation presented by Future Disco out on the Needwant imprint now! It’s a perfect soundtrack to your summer daze.


♥ jonahberry

The New York duo, Life & Limb, is a project from Populous and Short Stories (the vocalist on Udachi’s ‘Stumble’), and last year the two put together the single, ‘Before the Flame and Flood,’ a breathy, airy downtempo original. Recently, Udachi of Party Like Us Records decided to remix the 2011 original but made sure to hang on to the beautiful vocals from Short Stories, culminating in an overall great tune that he’s giving away for free on his Soundcloud as of last week. Pick it up below.  Continue Reading

Tomorrow is the 4th of July here in the US, which means pool parties, beach days, and backyard BBQs — all of which require great music to make it a great holiday. Coincidentally, the Londoner, Mighty Mouse, just sent over his July mixtape and it has the perfect playlist for at least one hour and ten minutes of your festivities tomorrow if you’re here in America. If not, well, it’s just a good summer mix to add to the collection. He’s included all sorts of goodies from Poolside, Auxiliary tha Masterfader, Gigamesh, Digitalism, and more. Download it below and happy 4th! Continue Reading

The Dirt #78 is all wrapped up and ready to go courtesy of aRod + Steven N. Ewald.  This week’s Dirt brings you Summertime in various ways.  While the aRod selections may be better served during the day while tannin’ that ass, Mr. Ewald’s tracks take you deep into the Summer night as you’re shakin’ + slappin’ that ass.  It’s a soundtrack fitting for how your Summer days and nights should unfold.  Cocktailing, beach frolicking + making out in the sand during the day followed by gritty, dirty, grind it out dance parties until 5am.  If that sounds like your Summer agenda, then The Dirt #78 brought to you by aRod + Steven N. Ewald is just what you need.

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Seth Haley AKA Com Truise is far from your average electronic music producer. A member of the Ghostly International family, Com Truise has gone through multiple styles, sounds, and pseudonyms for the better part of the decade; taking influence from the brilliance of Joy Division and New Order. Over the years Haley has developed a sound which he describes as “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk,” and after 3 EP releases, he’s gathered up 13 additional tracks that have either gone unreleased or used only as demos — until now. Continue Reading

Now THIS is the disco I’ve been searching for.  Dutch disco producer Auxiliary Tha Masterfader is serving up a brand of disco with some serious attitude.  If people would just shut the fuck up already about EDM, Swedish House Mafia & Paris Hilton and focus on something actually worth talking about, you know like good disco music…then maybe guys like Auxiliary tha Masterfader & his fantastic new Electric Disco EP would get the exposure + notoriety they deserve.

The Electric Disco EP is disco with balls.  It’s edgy enough for a 4am late night drive yet still maintains a solid dance floor vibe throughout with elements of classic disco, italo, synth pop, new wave + 80s funk.  It’s well produced, multi-layered, modern/retro disco at its finest.

The Electric Disco EP (also featuring reworks by the always brilliant Cosmonauts) is available now exclusively on Beatport via On The Fruit Records and will be available everywhere July 2nd.

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One glance at the tracklist below and you’ll realize that this mixtape has a different kind of dirty dancing to offer up.  It’s a mix full of seductive Summer sounds that will accompany you during those times when a bad decision is the right decision.  It’s Summertime mystery + sunshine bliss…laid back, sexed up vibes wrapped up + ready to be the soundtrack to your sleazy Summer.

Ellie Goulding – High For This [Weeknd Cover]
Jai Paul – Jasmine
Vanilla – Still Love U
Kindness – House [Them Jeans Remix]
The KDMS – Your Love is Right
Beach House – Lazuli
Goldroom – Fifteen [Freak You Remix]
Touch Tone – Home Away From Home [Benedikt Hammer Remix]
Justin Martin – Don’t Go
Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once
Paradis – Je m’ennuie
Van She – Jamaica
Chromatics – Back From The Grave
M83 – Reunion [Naked & Famous Remix]