Think Kavinsky meets Futurecop! meets your favorite 80s TV show theme song and you might be pretty close to Swedish producer Johan Bengtsson’s retro project, Mitch Murder. Title track, “The Touch,” is genuinely lighthearted and fun, crossing over from 80s synth work into a bit of French Touch influence; also including a big time guitar solo straight out of your dad’s record collection. B-side “Race Day” could very easily be the soundtrack to a video montage of all of your favorite beach scenes from every 80s movie you’ve ever watched, or as the PR put it, “quite possibly a contender to be the title screen music to a Wave Race 64 sequel.” Sounds awesome to me. Also included in this package out today on Mad Decent‘s Jeffree’s sub-label are two remixes of the A-side from Lifelike and Nite Sprite. Download below.

It’s been a minute since we last heard from our bud Joakim, but with this Heartbeats/Another Light release and the news that an album is coming we couldn’t be happier. The Tigersushi Label boss and DJ/Producer extraordinaire seems to have been keeping busy lately, moving to the Big Apple and setting up shop for a roll out of releases leading up to his album early next year. Check out the first two releases below and maybe catch him at a certain secret location in LA on Saturday…didn’t hear it from us!

Hit up LA’s golden child & poseidon’s schooner navigating legend, Goldroom, to combine forces with on this weeks dirt duty. I can promise funky feel-good tunes perfect for this amazing weather we’ve been graced with on the west coast. Get the sand beneath your toes and a michelada dock-side, because we’ve got 10 hand-selected jams for your listening pleasure.

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One of the biggest dance tracks of 2013, “Comet” by Hey Champ, gets the remix treatment from everyone’s favorite German, Justin Faust.  Herr Faust takes the indie-dance anthem and fittingly gives a track named “Comet” some spacey, orbital shine.  It’s the kind of dreamy synth sounds that makes one long for the return of 2009 Dreamwave à la VEGA.

Justin Faust’s shimmering remix of “Comet” is available as a free download.  Take a ride…

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Matt Hill, better known as synth composer Umberto, gives us ‘Confrontations’– a lurid album jammed with an italo-disco/soundtrack-esque mood that will make you travel into a creepy foreign landscape once your eyelids shut.

Hill’s sounds in “Confrontations” are more defined from 70’s synth pop punctuations, relatively different than his three previous and more giallo directed productions. It’s impossible not to name drop horror genre maestro Dario Argento for all the imagery in the tracks, but mix it with some flickering Giorgio Morder disco and get caught in the hypnotic road trip Umberto wants you to ride. Continue Reading


Our man in Mexico, disco + house producer Bufi, has quite the portfolio of remixes.  On those remixes, his diversity shines through.  Whether it’s dark disco (Little Dragon), slo-mo house (Goldroom) or a proper club tune (Hot Chip) you seek, Bufi has got you covered.  This time around Bufi has a go at another compadre of ours, Viceroy.  Released in late January, “Dream of Bombay” (featuring the lovely vocals of Chela), is Viceroy at his finest.  Bufi takes the disco-electro, new wave sound of the original & punches it into hyperspace – interstellar disco + Hawaiian shirts in space!

“Dream of Bombay” (The Remixes) is out TODAY via Chookie [iTunes].

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If there’s one thing you can say about Goldroom’s remixes, it’s that he always fully understands the emotional content of the song of the artist he is remixing and always seems to manage to take that emotion to a higher level.  Whether it’s the noirish pridefulness he brought to Pat Lok’s “No Shame” or the added sexiness & solemnity he gave to Lancelot’s “We Can Dance”, Goldroom seems to value the listener’s mental state more than its physical one.  It’s not that his remixes won’t make you dance.  They’ll certainly make you dance but they’ll also make you dig a little deeper emotionally.

Goldroom’s latest remix of “You (Ha Ha Ha)” by UK singer/raver/dancer Charli XCX is another emotionally packed tune dealing with the heaviness of heartache.  It’s an emotional heartbreaker with lots of groove.

Out February 10th via Asylum Records.

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Our compadre Viceroy released a new track earlier this week.  The song is called “Dream of Bombay” and it features vocals by the lovely & talented Chela.  While “Dream of Bombay” still drips with Viceroy’s signature sunshine, this time around it’s less on the tropical side, hitting on a more new wave, electro-disco sound.  The vocals are sweet and the sound is warm & dreamy.  And just like most other Viceroy tunes, it’s catchy as hell & already making its way up the Hype Machine Popular Chart.

“Dream of Bombay” is out now via Chookie [BUY HERE] and coming soon will be remixes by Bit Funk, Alfa, Bufi & Wax Motif.  And if that weren’t enough, there’s a wonderful video to accompany this fantastic tune.  Yes, please.  And THANK YOU.

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Nobody in dance music transports their listeners to another place like our man Goldroom does.  On the doorstep of Winter on the rainiest of days, the sounds of Goldroom have a way helping listeners escape to a brighter place filled with miles of melody and lush, rhythmic landscapes.

Goldroom’s new tune “Sweetness Alive” is another smooth escape to a bright, shiny place.  The perfectly titled tune is filled with euphoric vibes & sweet, dreamy vocals courtesy of SLL (formerly Saint Lou Lou).

“Sweetness Alive” is out NOW.  Grab this delectable ditty HERE and float away to another place.

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Our man Josh Legg, aka Goldroom, is back with another fantastic remix, this time of Australian alterna-rockers Atlas Genius.  Goldroom’s remix of “Back Seat” is a piece of tropical new wave nostalgia that would have fit in well on MTV’s alternative show 120 Minutes circa the mid to late-80s.  Of course to be on the show, there would have to have been an accompanying video.  I’m picturing something reminiscent of “Rio” by Duran Duran: A yacht, the Caribbean, white suits and for absolutely no explainable reason, body-painted vixens.

Grab the free download below and set sail…

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