Last week, Pierce Fulton posted this remix of Mutemath’s “In No Time” and it’s a real change of pace. Slower than Pierce’s past work, the remix is a sublime combination of spacious vocals, subtle drums and melodic synths with an almost chime-like quality.  This is one of those tracks that just makes me feel like everything is right with the world, and a perfect fit for late-night lairs or early morning chill sesh’s, grab it below!

Berklee College of Music graduate, Matt Lange, might just be one of the next best producers to look out for in my personal opinion. Piqued by his inclusion in Usher’s remix EP on RCA, I investigated Matt Lange and his back catalogue, and I was astonished not only by the amount of work this guy has put out already but the extreme diversity of his sound production. His focus is seemingly similar to that of Seven Lions; morphing Trance, Progressive House, Dubstep, and Glitch in a way that shouldn’t sound good but really, truly does. I encourage you to check out all of his tunes over on Soundcloud, and make sure to give a listen to this incredibly sultry remix of ‘Numb’ below. √+

That’s right, the Waves ≠ Raves compilation is back. Grab a cocktail with Poseidon and let these tropical and smooth selections warm your soul.

“The waves ≠ raves consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices. Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now. They are groovey, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave. They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet. Stay Dreamy.”

Tracklisting & Zip After the Jump

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We kick off this first week of november with a long awaited release from the phenom AMTRAC – his newest single EP ‘Those Days’ along with 3 successfully diverse remixes from Kreap, Drel, and the infamous summertime wizard Viceroy. Each take the haunting yet soulful vocals and provided awesome renditions of the disco house spirited track, but I still favor the original mix for its big piping bassline and club fitting house appeal.

Listen to the (4) versions below, and grab them all for FREE!



Watching Los Angeles-based producer, Daedelus, live is quite the experience. From his monome-shredding to his experimental music selection, Daedelus is truly unique when it comes to performance and production. This week, he’ll be putting out a new 5-track EP, Looking Ocean, via Scion A/V, and we’re happy to premiere the first track from the release titled “Endless Sea” — a twinkling, airy downtempo production right up your alley if you’re a fan of his more experimental side. Have a listen above and check Scion A/V for the entire EP this week.


♥ jonahberry

The day has finally come!  Flying Lotus‘ second full-length album, Until the Quiet Comes has finally dropped and it has already exceeded my extremely high expectations set by Cosmogramma.  The Los Angeles native, known for his genre-bending compositions, has outdone even himself this time; fusing a mixture of hip-hop, jazz, funk, blues, dubstep and psychedelia together to produce an unique cosmic sound.  Until the Quiet Comes is a journey.  A journey through a psychedelic soundscape that slowly builds on itself with the addition of every new sound and then jerks you back into reality, only to slowly bring you back, note by note.  The album offers no dull moments as it continuously stimulates its listener with Flying Lotus’ unparalleled compositions, stunning even the most scrutinizing of ears.  Until the Quiet Comes is a real gem; from the dirty low end of Sultan’s Request, the breath-taking change up of The Nightcaller, or the pure and jazzy melodic vibrations of Until the Quite Comes, this album is gorgeous.  Until the Quiet Comes may just be my album of the year; I cannot recommend it enough.

Grab what may be this year’s best album after the jump!

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Science Sundays Novocain

Novocain. Or is it Novocaine? Or Allocaine? Or if you’re Frank Ocean… Novacane? Technically, all wrong. Ubiquitous under the trade name Novocain, procaine is something more or less we’ve all likely had anencounter with over our lives. An alkaloid pharmaceutical used as a local anesthetic (big words, for your health), procaine is synonymous in our minds for dulling pain… and for good reason. By blocking sodium channels into the cell, Novocain is frequently used in minor surgeries and dental work as a way of numbing pain sensations in a small area.

There’s definitely something perplexing about local anesthetics. The paradox of knowing something painful is happening, but feeling it in a different way. Dull, blunt, and softened, like someone is punching you through a pillow. The odd sensation of feeling numb but completely alert at the same time. Behind the jump you’ll find a selection of songs derivative of every direction I could take Novocain in. Blunted songs, songs that feel as though the edge or aggression has been taken off, songs that make YOU take the edge off, ones that make you conscious of their presence in a different way. Get numb.

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To those of you that toss & turn in your bed, who find themselves wondering why no channels cater to insomniacs, who grit their teeth at people who get a full eight hours of sleep each night, science has offered up nice little drug called zolpidem to coax them into dreamland. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Ambien, right? Welp, that’s Zolpidem.

Zolpidem is a prescribed drug that very successfully helps to initiate sleep in an individual who ingests it. In the action of helping someone fall asleep, I find that there are some truly special tracks that work in a similar light to Zolpidem. Not to say the songs are boring, and like Zolpidem, if you force yourself to stay awake can have very different effects indeed. (Note: I do not condone doing this with Zolpidem… nor will these songs make you hallucinate…) Right, so after you brush your teeth and tuck yourself in, press play on these songs below & start drifting away…………
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This week’s Dirt is a big one.  Not only did we up the ante with FOURTEEN big tunes to give away (that’s two touchdowns worth of tracks); we also have a very special guest contributor from one of our favorite sites/labels.  Gotta Dance Dirty is pleased to welcome Nancy Lu from Discobelle as our special guest contributor on The Dirt #86.  One look at Nancy’s Twitter account and you’ll see that she’s a big favorite amongst many of our favorite bloggers and artists alike.  And there is certainly a reason for her popularity…Nancy knows her stuff.  When it comes to writing about electronic music, Nancy is one talented + crafty word slinger.  GDD™ could not be more pleased to have her on board this week.  To top things off, not only is Nancy lending her words, she’s also this week’s Dirt Babe.  SCORE.

And now, The Dirt #86 brought to you by Discobelle’s Nancy Lu + aRod

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We’ve always been aware of the multifaceted talent of Swedish producer, John Dahlbäck, and today he’s cemented his versatility even further as he is giving away a full album under his side project, Demure, which features 13 original downtempo tracks made for easy listening. When juxtaposed to his throbbing club tracks, you almost wouldn’t believe that Dahlbäck was behind this, but his description explains it all — “This album is something I first started doing for my iPod. Something beautiful I could listen to on the plane, bus or wherever I was. I’m now sharing this with you. This is not EDM and not for the clubs. This is purely just for listening.” Amen to that Mr. Dahlbäck, Amen. Download the entire album for free below. √+ Continue Reading