I posted the eerie music video to this track from WeDidIt collective member, PURPLE, last week. “The Club” is weird, but in a way that has made me listen to it about 35 times already. Not sure if it’s the creepy vocals or the minimal, downtempo nature of the production, but either way, I’m excited to hear PURPLE’s debut EP, Salvation, in November. √+

Hayden James set the blogs afire back in June with his silky smooth single, “Permission to Love,” reaching #1 on Hype Machine and racking up over 400K listens on Soundcloud thus far, and today, his self-titled EP sees release on GDD™ fav imprint, Future Classic. In addition to “Permission to Love,” the Hayden James EP chalks up 4 other originals equally as impressive, showcasing an attractive downtempo R&B style that is just plain sexy and lovely to listen to in the headphones. If I had to pick, “Lay Down” is probably my favorite jimmy jam on the release, but listen to it all and make your own decision. √+

Another week brings you another set of 10 free downloads from us at GDD, but this time around it’s the always tasteful aRod, and myself, Toks, on Dirt duty for our 126th edition. As per usual, we have a little something for everyone, so head after the jump to grab some quality music to compliment your weekend – we know you’ll need it.

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If your Summertime is filled with naked Sundays, sexy pillowfights, sunbathing topless on an exotic vacation or just feeling sexy while doing (and wearing) nothing at all, then FORTY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is the mix for you.  From new wave R&B to sunset disco to deep house, this mix will set your Summer mood right.  ENJOY

***Extra special shout out + thank you to:
Stefan Merriweather []
Laura Ava []
…for their fantastic collaboration on the cover art photo.***
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I’m sitting here trying to think of the right word to use for a Blog / Label… Blabel? Lablog? Log? Either way you cut the potato, Live For The Funk has been bringing some really special original content to the world, most notably with their newly set up release front.

Up next from that spectrum is from the young Parisian man known as Stwo. I’ve been an absolute fan of young Parisian producers as of late, seems as though they’re fitting into the “French men know real romance” cliché, which when put into musical content is 100% happily lapped up by me. The Beyond EP contains five tracks, with a similar slowed and soulful vibe across each of them. Topped off with a fair amount of bright female vocals, the EP is highlighted (in my opinion) by the first track “Lovin U”, which hits you with a low-end that pierces right into your core.

The EP is available for download as of July 3 through the LFTF Soundcloud. In the mean time, you can preview snippits of each track on the stream below:

Are you a fan of Emancipator or other like-minded downtempo artists? Look no further than this outstanding new release from the Southern California native, Randy Seidman, and Infected Mushroom‘s guitarist, Tommy Cunningham. After being release last week, the Sunset Honey EP has already made its way up Beatport’s Chill-out chart to reach the #2 position. With the EP’s two tracks, “Sunset Honey” and “Dream Express,” generating a blissful, ethereal atmosphere accented with intricately woven organic sounds and exquisite electronic production, it is to no surprise that it has been a well-received offering. Check out the Sunset Honey EP below.

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With all the vitamin D fueled tracks coming out in time for the spring, it’s easy to forget about the downtempo genre and the existential soundscapes that come with it. Thankfully, Ghost Loft is here to sponsor your 3 a.m. music binge as the thoughts in your head get brought to life in the track, “So High.” The outpouring of emotion conveyed in this song creates this haunting chamber that plays host to the minimal piano chords and reverb drenched bass line. The panning of the vocals brings movement to the sound as you feel the kinetic energy of the song shift. Serving as an ode to a very important person, it’s relatable lyrics create a familiar environment for every listener to get lost in.

The second single from Kastle‘s highly anticipated debut album comes in the form of “Make You Stay” — a half time collaboration with LA producer JMSN whom Kastle remixed last year. It’s a sexy, soft ballad, with crisp percussion, harmonic vocals, and one killer keyboard solo from big K. Pick this single up on Symbols Recordings April 9th and keep an eye out for another collab between these two on Kastle’s album.

Yours Truly and Adidas have brought together WeDidIt’s Shlohmo, and Jeremih, to create an original production for their “Songs From Scratch” segment. By now you may have heard Shlohmo’s remix of Jeremih entitled, “Fuck U All The Time,” and I’m sure that had some bearing on the decision to get these two in the studio together.

Based off the ‘making of’ video that aired a little over a week ago, Shlohmo laid down the track first and then the vocals and bars from Jeremih were added. The artwork was commissioned by Saiman Chow and to thicken this plot up a little bit, Shlohmo and Jeremih will be performing together on April 5th and 6th in San Francisco.

Yup.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  You can love it or you can hate it.  Regardless of your feelings towards V-Day, there is one true universal love I think we can all agree on: MUSIC.  The music brought forth to you today on The Dirt #106 is music inspired by sex + love + beauty and everything that little heart ♥ symbol represents.  Let The Dirt #106 be your soundtrack to this Valentine’s Day and more importantly, this Valentine’s Night.

The Dirt #106 features a hot new Julio Bashmore remix of “Suit & Tie” by JT plus some serious gettin’ down jams by Flume, James Blake and Jessie Ware along with some under-the-cover remakes of classics by Foreigner & TLC.  Of course a SLOW JAMZ compilation just wouldn’t be complete without a little somethin’ by The Weeknd.  

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