Leave it up to HONNE to take one of the sexiest jams from the past four months and sex it up even more.  If “Bassically” by Tei Shi was the track that you seduced someone in the bedroom to, then the HONNE remix of “Bassically” is the track you seduced someone at the whiskey lounge to to get to the bedroom.  It’s high level seduction on HONNE’s remix of Tei Shi.

Be on the lookout for Tei Shi’s “Verde” EP out April 14th.  Pre-order at


Los Angeles’ rising talent, Mister Blaqk, has been keeping the local scene healthy with his stand out DJ sets, and occasional parties like his mimosa-fueled FEELS brunch event a few weeks back. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, he’s delivered the inaugural FEELS Tape, which marks the beginning of his new mix series, and it’s been keeping the vibe right on this holiday. In true FEELS fashion, Mister Blaqk kicks off the tape with slower, smooth jams before masterfully building up the energy with a diverse array of groove-driven house, and other surprises littered throughout. Enjoy the mix above and check out the tracklist after the jump.

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Janelle Kroll

Brooklyn songstress Janelle Kroll is a romantic force.  She appears to be one who subscribes to the philosophy of “What good is a heart if you can’t wear it on your sleeve?”.  Her music is honest & powerful.  Don’t let the title of her new track “Sunny Days” fool you.  She’s not here to boast about how love is all sunshine & puppy dogs.  She’s here to talk about the post-breakup jackass you just can’t shake.  The one you just can’t seem to quit.  The one who keeps walking on your sunny days.

“Sunny Days” is a well crafted song, beautifully balanced with restrained energy & bursts of emotion in all the right places.  It’s a slow jam heavy hitter.  Gone are the days of the fragile breakup anthem.  The IT’S-TIME-FOR-YOU-TO-FUCK-OFF-ALREADY anthem…that’s the future of breakup songs and “Sunny Days” is leading the way.



Philadelphia based producer Louis Futon has had quite an explosive 2014, but it looks like that won’t come anywhere close to what 2015 has in store. From a series of viral remixes and originals, alongside the announcement of becoming a solo artist, the New Year is shaping up quite nice.

To celebrate his first headlining tour kicking off in Australia this month – Louis Futon has reached out to aussie artist Just A Gent to remix his new single “Limelight” featuring H A Z E S. LF turns in one of his most impressive productions to date. He takes his future-bass-meets-trap stylings and takes things up a notch, with not a single dull moment from start to finish. The buildups are pleasant only to be met with unreal drops and breaks for a roller coaster of a ride. To honor the tour we have been allowed to launch this song with a limited FREE download for 72 hours. Then it will be stream only until it is officially released as part of a larger remix package set for an official release very soon.

Louis is also a gifting this track to his fans due to delay’s on the release of his much anticipated self-titled Louis Futon EP, which is now set for a January 28th release and will also be available as a FREE download. This will feature DRNUKSir Rock, Silk and More.

Louis Futon on


For those who aren’t familiar with SoySauce, you’re not entirely alone.  This production team has remained a bit of a mystery in it’s 8 months of existence, all the while dropping some unexpectedly huge tunes.  Today, however, they dropped a brand new track and made an announcement revealing up-and-coming producer Royal as one half of the group.  Listening to both bodies of work will definitely offer a good insight to how his skill set is incorporated into the SoySauce project.  As for the track, “Broken Record” is smart and ethereal, featurig vocals from Joni Fatora and a really vibey bass arrangement.  Enjoy!

SoySauce on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Experimenting with sound is something YNGCULT is becoming known and noted for.  The up-and-comer has released a variety of different material with a bigger variety of collaborators, so every track that floats through our feed is a pleasant surprise. Coming off a dance-y take on Lana Del Rey’s West Coast,” we slow things down today with “When Ashes Fall.” This slow-burner track features some lovely accompanying vocal work from Maharaysi, and is pleasantly guiding me through this Friday morning.  Enjoy, and look out for some new YNGCULT in the coming weeks.

YNGCULT on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

free fallin

Up-and-comer Loosid has been peaking a fair amount of the interest with only a handful of releases over 10 days.  Another anonymous figure, I’m beginning to see a theme here.  Regardless of the mysterious details surrounding the producer, the project is impressive, crossing over genres effortlessly and skillfully.  The previous releases include trap, house, and future house, stepping into a new arena today with this John Mayer remix.  Without further ado, enjoy this glitchy-yet-melodic take on the classic jam.

Loosid Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Free Download


It’s been solid 2014 for the Philly-based phenom Louis Futon – he’s championed remixes for the likes of Mos Def, Wiz Khalifa, and Future, along with chart-topping originals ‘Mojito‘, ‘Sir Rock‘ and the recent ‘Cold Love‘ with Jay Alexzander. Our boy isn’t leaving the year without giving you a taste of whats to come for 2015… his forthcoming ‘DRNUK’ just dropped on soundcloud and has passed 60k plays in only 48 hours.

The vibes ride high in this ambient downtempo journey through what feels like an intoxicated trip of melody, percussion and a distant Drake vocal sample from P. Reigns original ‘DNF’. Listen below and get lost down the bottle, then wake up next year when it drops for free download…

Louis Futon on

Every element and feeling we’ve grown to be extremely fond of by the works of Parisian legend, Zimmer, have found a way to collectively coexist in his newest remix for Brooke Fraser, entitled ‘Kings & Queens‘. In my opinion, this is his best production to date, it’s been on repeat, and keeps getting more infectious! He was able to transform Brooke’s voice into a spacey, yet majestic tone that seems to echo in our souls while longing for something of a future’s past. You can expect Baptiste’s signature horizontal disco touch, however slowed down a bit, with a deeper futuristic sound. Turn on & float away.

We’re excited to have Zimmer moving to LA in January just short of 2 months to write an All-New EP! See you soon bud!

[Bonus]: His latest prior work was for Aussie Psychedelic pop outfit Wunder Wunder (of Miami Horror descent), entitled ‘Midnight Hours‘ is also something quite special, and shouldn’t go missed. Wash it down as dessert.


Chicago natives Autograf have the answer to your Monday blues… the second installment of their Future Nites series is their vibe-driven remix of Christina Perri’s “Burning Gold”. Amongst a very competitive remix package, Autograf successfully holds their own with a downtempo groove and melodic chords that play along the haunting vocals of the original. Listen to what the boys had to say, and listen below:

“We were feeling a Future Indie vibe on this one inspired by the work we’ve been putting into developing our live show. Our vision is for a harmonious blend of electronic synthesis with real organic instrumentation. And that’s what we were striving for on this song, just some good Future Beats for Issue 2 of our new “Future Nites” series…”

Autograf on