DAVI is no stranger to the Crosstown Rebels sub-label, Rebellion. With his latest EP, Metropolis, slated to be released on May 20th, it brings about the final chapter to his historically inclined series on the London imprint. We are fortunate enough to bring you a little taste of what to expect with the exclusive stream of “Change Your Life,” the second track off the upcoming EP. Ripe for the late night, it’s a tale of letting go as much as it is a tune that helps you find yourself. With intergalactic synth arpeggios woven across the barreling bass line, DAVI brings you home without you ever having left in the first place.


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Prep School Recordings and Ardency are proud to present: Kavsinky – Nightcall (Ardency Remix), released for free in anticipation of Ardency’s “Gradience” EP, forthcoming on Prep School Recordings in December 2014.

“A lot of the music that we grew up listening to focused almost exclusively on conveying emotion. The musicians that inspired us to produce our own records were those that created well constructed musical arrangements and provoked raw emotion. Kavinsky’s record “Nightcall” is a prime example of this. The song is simple but thought out and meaningful. Every part of it was made to convey the brooding emotion of his character. We wanted to stay true to our style while making a remix that did the original justice. Ultimately, the goal of our music is to stimulate emotion within our listeners; we want to make people feel.” – Ardency


Marking the start of an exciting new collaborative project, Wolf + Lamb proudly shared the debut release of The Waves & Us earlier this weekend. Formed out of a creative meeting of minds between Maayan Nidam, Markus Nikolaus and Louis McGuire, theirs is a sound that strengthens the storied approach of a live band with the experimental thrust of analogue electronics. Pop and rock fundamentals lend an earthly hook to the tracks, but these are anything but straight-forward songs. Continue Reading

Had the pleasure of listening to this jam in the studio as it took shape, and remember thinking what an amazing combo. Now, it has arrived at my door, and honestly a lot different than I remember. It always was special, but now its sexy, and the diamond is polished. Dig in below!

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same hearts


Not being able to choose a favorite song from a quality remix package is a good problem to have.  On the remix package for his latest song “Same Hearts” (featuring Bear Mountain), Pat Lok presents us with this most glorious of problems.  The original is a dreamy, cosmic jam that straddles the line between Deep Disco & House while the remix package offers up a little bit of everything ranging from Indie Funk (Oxford) to Darkside Haus (Shelby Grey) to 80s Disco Funk (Ride The Universe…my personal favorite).  And if that’s not enough for you, just ask the experts:

Goldroom: “really like RTU mix and Oxford’s, original is super fun and stands out with an original style” 
Mighty Mouse: “love this, all versions great”
Drop Out Orchestra: “The Ride The Universe Remix is fun!”
Cosmo Baker: “Pat Lok does it again. A stomper.”
Cyclist: “Greatest song ever written”

So the experts all agree: Pat has a great package.

Grab the original for FREE plus the remixes (HERE), out now via Holographic People.
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The message is simple + the delivery is electrifying.  Tesla Boy teams up with London crooner Tyson to ask the question “Do you want to dance?”  And the answer is…most definitely.  It’s that hot + heavy kind of dancing where you get just close enough to someone, you’re barely touching them.  You can feel your breath on each other as you mirror one another on the dance floor.  “Broken Doll” is a dark + sexy electrosensual jam that will surely get your engine running on the dance floor and beyond.

Tesla Boy’s fantastic new album ‘The Universe Made of Darkness’ is out now via iTunes. [HERE]
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Holy Ghost! are back with their first release since their cover of Ministry’s “I Wanted To Tell Her” all the way back in late 2011.  Holy Ghost! always deliver their music with precision and style and their latest track “It Gets Dark” is no exception.  The sinister Peter Hook-style bassline gives the song its darkwave feel while still maintaining that signature Holy Ghost! disco-jam bounce.  Queue this track as you walk down into the smoke-filled underground disco.

Pick up the limited 12″ HERE or the digital version HERE courtesy of the eternally cool DFA Records.

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Theatre of Delays has gotten a hold of the new technopunk Boys Noize track “What You Want” and flipped that bad boy on its head.  The Theatre of Delays remix douses the original in liquid synths and sets it on discopunk fire.  The synth melody is reminiscent of the Tom Tom Club or more recently the track “Girls” by Prodigy.  Add in some heavy vocoder and you’ve got yourself some pure robotic bliss.

Get on that FREE robo-boogie…

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Toronto duo, Crystal Castles, will be coming out with their third studio album in the following months on Fiction Records, and today we have been given a first taste of its sound with the first single, ‘Plague,’ which they’ve made available for free download on their Soundcloud. ‘Plague’ incorporates elements of Darkwave — utilizing Alice’s haunting vocals with Ethan’s epicly elevating synth leads. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Crystal Castles’ last album, I’m definitely interested in hearing the full length upon its release if ‘Plague’ is the touchstone for the rest of the production.


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