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It’s not exactly dance music, but it’s 100% music worth listening to. Don’t let the “OWSLA” in the title trick you, this is far from anything you’d expect to come out of the Skrillex camp. And you know what, that’s why Sonny Moore is becoming increasingly hard to hate. Those still ignorant enough to spew their constant vitriol his way are obviously ignorant of his gracious acceptance speech(es) at the Grammy’s, his humble and endearing personality, his appreciation of and efforts to push his more mainstream leaning legion of fans to embrace more obscure electronic music (from Aphex Twin to Gesaffelstein), and now his endorsement of a beautiful, undefinable and timeless record like this Hundred Waters album.

I can see myself listening to this album in twenty years over a nice glass of wine accompanied by good conversation and better friends. It’s majestic, ambient yet stimulating, and it’s brought to you courtesy of… Skrillex? Mind-boggling I know, but it’s just one of the few reasons I can think of that the young Sonny Moore deserves his spot at the top right now.

Stream the album after the jump, and ask Siri to set a reminder for tomorrow, when the full album goes on sale via OWSLA. Just don’t try to have Siri spell “OWSLA”…
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Satisfy your ghoulish curiosity with this sublime cinematic makeover of Feist’s ‘Graveyard’ by my very favorite… TRUST.  Preaching necromancy spells, Feist’s ghostly vocals flow in perfect harmony with this gloomy beat full of soothing wet synths.  If you haven’t heard Trust’s self-titled album debut, check it out here… if you know whats good for you.  Free download this little gem below.


☯ tamarasky

Never before has there been such a focus on ATL branded ‘trap’ music, which is great for the undisputed king of A-town Daniel Disaster (Heroes x Villians) because he’s being doing this long before it caught fire on the blogosphere. In February, he debuted his new VAVLT BOYZ project, which fuses everything from UK Funky to Gucci Mane. On the third installment of the mixtape series, VALVT resident DJ Respire takes the reigns and produces a bass heavy landscape that’s equally as lucid as it is dark.

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“Youth in Trouble” is the first original track released by Australian electro duo The Presets since 2009, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. It employs a harder Techno edge, allowing it to transcend its groovy Nu-Disco roots. “Youth in Trouble” is bizarre, dark, and delicious, all the while maintaining a casual feel. The music video accurately sums it up: an offbeat kaleidoscope that oscillates between disturbing and nonchalant. We look forward to hearing more from the Presets as their new album, Pacifica, is due out in September. Check out the original in the video above and stream the remix from our friends The Finger Prince and Light Year below. √+ Continue Reading

Our good friends over at Schitz Popinov have partnered with Vancouver artist, Konrad OldMoney, for the SOLAR MAXIMUS EP slated for release this Thursday the 21st. Equipped with a beautiful piano riff and tribal, drum circle-like percussion, this remix of Santigold‘s ‘God From The Machine’ is being classified as Global Bass, and I think I’d agree with their genre placement. If you’re wanting to listen to something a little exotic, intriguing, and well-produced, give this one a go and grab the free download over at the Konrad OldMoney Bandpage. Continue Reading

GDD™ takes great pleasure in introducing you to Main Course, a label, PR firm, and all-around fantastic concept with the aim of “releasing high quality music for free to those that will listen.” While this may seem generous beyond belief, don’t forgot that the releases “are also available for puchase via Beatport, and iTunes for those who want to support the artists financially.” They say “more than anything, we just want the music to be heard and shared with everyone.” What a lovely bunch of lads they are!

Their first release comes from enigmatic young upstarts known only as The Slow Waves. The EP offers up two distinct offerings. The A-side, Underbelly, reminds me of melancholic New Order sans vocals. Undertow makes me think of Explosions in the Sky, if Explosions in the Sky were from Malibu instead of Texas. Have a listen to the tracks after the jump, download for free, and if you and your credit card are so inclined throw the artists a bone or two and purchase these two quality tunes! Also check out the stellar video for Undertow!
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Detroit-born producer & fashion photographer, Jimmy Edgar, has been making beats for over a decade now.  Snatching all kinds of influences from his city’s eclectic music scene, without a doubt one powerful element stands out from the rest… SEX.  This is a man who titled a track I Want To Be Your STD, and an album XXX.  Creating mystery and dramatic/sexual tension are the main goals in his sound.  He even became celibate (not even engaging with his own person) for a period of time to create sexual energy around him turning him into some kind of vampire. Continue Reading