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Happy Monday! To kick off your week, our LA friend RAGS has given us the exclusive giveaway of (2) of his new originals. Inspired by 90s acid house and Boys Noize current productions, Rags fuses techno driven leads with modern bass workings – influences of hip hop, trap, and club for good measure! Listen to what he had to say and grab the tunes below!

“Hopefully these will stay cool when the party’s over and you’re on your own again, that’s always my goal :) …Let’s party but then be real friends later too. LETS BE REAL FRIENDS.”


let me fuse ep

Xander Milne’s debut EP “Let Me Fuse” is a House music lesson well taught.  The “Let Me Fuse” EP covers various House subgenres, blending classic sounds with modern new ones.  The A-side, “I Know You”, features Whiskey Pickle artist Abstrakt Audio.  The Xander Milne/Abstrakt Audio combo deliver a PROPER House track that’ll make you wish it was the 90s all over again.  Proper club tune.

If “I Know You” is the peak time club track, then the title track, “Let Me Fuse”, is its 4am counterpart.  It’s the late night track that will make you think twice about leaving the club & heading home.  ”Let Me Fuse” serves up jolts of Acid and flashes of Deep Electro, an excellent recipe for a late night energy boost.



So, last weekend I was on my way to Camp Bisco with several other blogger friends and a few new buds, and we were maybe having a lil car party and raving on our way into the fest (with an awesome DD to get us there safe and sound). When all of a sudden the mix we were listening to goes into this funky bassline…

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“The good people at CRAP asked me ‘What is techno?”. I figured the best way to answer this question would be to put together an hour and a half long mix, showcasing a variety of records that may not necessarily be techno, but once put together in the right context, the techno becomes quite clear. Some of these tracks are fast and some of them are slow, from producers who have coincidentally understood exactly the frequency that I am vibrating at! This mix would be my ideal party, whether it’s in a warehouse, Bar Mitzvah or CRAP party!” - Jensen Interceptor

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The Foundation, is just that. It’s me going back to my roots of dub, hip hop and acid. It’s my modern take of decades of music I grew up with infused with electronic music (elements).”

-David Heartbreak

This EP is seven tracks of big, brutal, gangster ass reggae vibes.  Melding dub, reggae, acid, trap, electro and everything in between; David Heartbreak stretches his musical roots with an incredibly diverse and engaging sonic pallet.  Perfectly suited for OWSLA, who just keeps supplying us with the goodies this week.

Stream de eeentire ting:
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There’s something viciously nostalgic about french house producer Panteros666 latest LP Hyper Reality. This new album released by one of my favorite labels, Bromance Records, seamlessly blends 90′s hardcore rave samples and dark house vibes, unquestionably inducing you into a convulsion of no return.  Hyper Reality converges into a musical concept like no other, there’s no doubt an alien abduction took place and the message is… DESTROY!

Panteros666 aka Victor Watel has spent years developing his cyber-pscychedelic aesthetic, cleverly molding genres from acid techno to future bass, and even some southern rap influences.  Expect drone-type vocal samples, steady bass lines, apocalyptic synths and just an overall invitation to another dimension. Definitely not an album for the faint of heart.  Check out the Hyper Reality mini mix and what Panteros666 crafted for his live shows… the future is here!



I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for this one. So just as a precautionary disclaimer, I’m not really trying to encompass the infinite realm of what defines “acid” in both musical and personal experience senses of the term. So before you get your panties in a bunch that Phuture isn’t on here or your favorite Plastikman track is missing or one of these doesn’t have an “acid bassline,” just know that I am pulling the typical Burning Man “I don’t know man, you just gotta experience it yourseeeeelf” move and letting you know this is my personal derivative of what, to me, starts to entertain the idea of the drug we like to call “acid.”

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Photo courtesy of Tracy Monsod

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Our good buddy Thee Mike B and his pal Dirty Dave have thrown together this absolutely stellar retrospective mix for your listening pleasure. If you’re a fan of dance music (safe assumption, seeing as you’re reading this) then I sincerely hope you’re taking the time to educate yourself on the origins of your favorite music. Whether it be Skrillex, Boys Noize, or Swedish House Mafia (RIP) that is your current flavor of the week, everything has a beginning, and this mix does an excellent job of exploring the origins of what’s currently blasting through your Beats by Dre.

Get the download from the artwork above and peep the track listing after the jump, and check those years behind those songs… I’m sure there are some readers out there who weren’t even born when some of these songs were made, and they sound just as good today as they always have. And don’t forget to stop by The Well’s site to thank them for having the guys put this mix together.

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