Combining different elements together is what creation is all about. Creating a feeling, mood, vibe, or even flavor is what tickles our senses and keeps us coming back for more. Local tastemakers over at dubFrequency, The Bixel Boys, have just released something extremely special. It’s LookBook that pairs music with imagery and the season at hand. I’ve found myself lost in the pages for a few days now, its quite the aphrodisiac.

Foreword from Bixel:
Known for their select brand of mixtapes, LA’s DJ Duo Bixel Boys have released something a little different. The Bixel Boys 2011 Fall / Winter Lookbook. An amalgam of stunning sexy imagery and hand picked songs, the Bixel Boys Fall / Winter look book is a finely curated collection that invites you into the fall and winter seasons. While their mixtapes provide a back drop to our everyday lives, the Lookbook allows us to peer deeper into Bixel brand. Even if you’ve heard these songs before, maybe only some, or maybe none at all; the Lookbook provides a new way to enjoy them. Rather than a blog, the Lookbook will be refreshed seasonally, each time with a new theme and curated crop of songs to either: stream from the Lookbook or play on your iPhone with the downloadable sampler. Enjoy.

View the Collection Here: Bixel Boys 2011 Fall/Winter Lookbook