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(Pictured: Dixon with Phonon SMB-02’s)

Whether you’re a casual music listener, professional producer/DJ, or audiophile, you probably hold headphones as one of your most essential items in life. Regardless of whatever type of headphone user you may be, we can all agree that sound quality is of the utmost importance, in addition to build quality for a lasting product. Over the past 5 years, Japan’s Phonon has offered headphones that have been created with those ideals at the forefront of their development. When top professional veteran audiophiles joined with Isao Kumano, a highly respected sound and mastering engineer, Alex Prat aka DJ Alex from Tokyo, Kumano’s partner in the music production team Tokyo Black Star, and Yusuke Uchiyama aka no milk, a producer and audio technician, the Phonon brand was born in an effort to truly convey music’s imagination.

Phonon’s innovative and professional equipment, such as their flagship headphones, the SMB-02 and 4000 models, did not come easy, as the development and production has taken decades of research, dedication, and high-level experience in the audio field and industry. It’s clear that their efforts are greatly appreciated and worthwhile with artists like Dixon, Âme, John Digweed, Jeff Mills, DJ Harvey, Laurent Garnier, John Talabot, Gerd Janson, and more supporting their headphones.

We were given the opportunity to give the SMB-02 and 4000 models a test drive, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed to say the least. Read on for why exactly we now prefer Phonon for studio and DJ use, and see how you can get 10% off of your order, just in time for the holidays.

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The talented dudes at Point Blank production school have been partnered with tech legend Richie Hawtin over the duration of his latest tour.  For the first master production class, they were joined in Boston by Matthew Dear.  With modules on composition, mixing, sound design and more, it’s a comprehensive, creative and collaborative course which can be taken for up to 64 weeks! Find out more about it here and remember to join them on the final leg of their CNTRL journey in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles!

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The latest from our friends at ToneDen is a suite of compelling social features, building a clean alternate experience to attempting to stay in touch with your fans on a platform like Facebook.  Sitting on top of the SoundCloud‘s features and functionality we know and love are a few no-brainer benefits that ToneDen has fired off for us:

1.    If you get followed on ToneDen, you’re automatically followed on SoundCloud
2.    Every post you make reaches 100% of your followers
3.    You avoid competing against non-music related entities for attention

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DIY trends are everywhere these days, but today we would like to draw attention to some impressive DIY’ers who are changing the game when it comes to Audio Mastering. Eight years of research from a widely revered group of Graduate Students at Queen Mary University of London’s Centre For Technology (C4DM) yielded an amazingly intelligent audio mastering process, but it wasn’t until TandemLaunch (a small business incubator) got ahold of the rights to the research, that LANDR was able to receive the funding and infrastructure it needed to become a reality. Now, a quick ‘drag and drop’, combined with their intelligent automation process, and you’ve got a fully mastered track that would leave even the pros slightly confounded. To put it to the test, here’s an exclusive mix from Seth Troxler b2b Tiga for you to see for yourself! Continue Reading


The technology has always been there, in fact, festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo have been using it for years, but Electronic Nation, with the help of Intellitix and Greencopper, seeks to enhance the framework they’ve already laid out with their own Digital Dreams Festival app. Apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst the larger festivals, and for good reason. With large crowds comes greater threats to security. The less you need on you, the more secure your festival experience is. But it goes much deeper than that. The experience your are soon to share with thousands of people can be better improved by creating connections, to the artists, to other patrons, and with the festival itself. So what exactly makes the Digital Dreams Festival app a stand out in it’s category?

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Alright this is a fly approach to SoundCloud, and you know how much I love SoundCloud.  The homies at, in their eternal l33tness, hacked together the ToneDen Player with their signature boss UI design and a super trippy visualizer.  I’m a fan.  Read more below for how to implement…

The new player allows for music bloggers, musicians, and web developers to choose between four different color schemes and two different visualizers (for Google Chrome users) when featuring the new player on their website, providing them with a fresh alternative to the current SoundCloud widget.

Anyone interested in featuring the player on their website can get more information on how to implement it by visiting the player demo page. For those without websites, it’s possible to showcase your songs with the player by creating an account on ToneDen.

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For today’s musician, building out an official website is a necessary evil, one which can quickly become frustrating and expensive.  ToneDen looks to solve these problems by offering an elegant approach for the modern musician to showcase themselves online.  With a few clicks, each artist can now configure their own beautifully designed site.  Integrating their SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter accounts in one place, ToneDen also features a press kit generator for one sheets, and robust analytics.  Essentially, everything the modern musician could need.

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Next Tuesday (10/9) we are going to be  in San Francisco, attending the SF MusicTech Summit at the Kabuki Hotel in S.F.’s Japantown district. The increasingly popular event continues its tradition of bringing together some of the top minds and companies within the music and technology sectors, along with a number of developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians and organizations. Tickets are still available – Click Here. If you are attending the conference make sure to drop us a line so we can meet up

We are really excited to attend the event for the first time and find out what it is all about. As a precursor to attending the event, Brian Zisk, SF MusicTech’s coordinator was nice enough to give us his insights on the event, the status of the music industry and his thoughts on the current explosion of Electronic Dance Music in North America.

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Internet radio is tricky when it comes to mixes.  Who gets paid what royalties, how much are they paid, and how do we know which songs are used in the first place?  Other streaming platforms have failed to address these concerns around long-form digital content, but has a solution.  They’ve created MixSCAN which does exactly what the name implies: analyzes the mix and marks each individual track.  Get the world’s top DJs to curate the content, and you’ve got what could be the solution DJs have been waiting for.  We’ve of course got mixes from GDD™ up as well, check out what our mixes look like on the platform, courtesy of BONES, aRod, Tropicool and Burn Unit.

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