Ah, another year, another round of Gotta Dance Dirty’s roundup of the year’s ‘sexiest’ DJs from NYC’s very own Three Wise as well as yours truly. What started as a joke turned in to a mini internet frenzy and more importantly ignited a discussion of to what makes a DJ ‘sexy’. 2013 was a big leap for dance music, and aiding this leap was a fine selection of boys and girls who in different forms and ways got the world excited about music. It’s more than just looks, it’s more than how many groupies want to send you naked snapchats. So much more. To be a sexy DJ you have to ultimately hold your own, to be identifiable and recognizable amongst the masses as someone predominately good at their job, have their own sense of fashion, humor, and philosophies, someone who is confident in who they are and what they are capable of. In this sense, we’ve gathered our favorite ten DJs that have made an imprint on us this year, sparked a sense of excitement and wonder in our eyes, ears, and hearts.

So without further ado you can find our selection of the ten sexiest DJs of the year after the jump, my selections in BLUE and Three Wise’s in RED.

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There’s been an odd occurrence within dance music media as of late, with once-reputable sources for electronic music exchanging positive reviews of artists and releases for TMZ-style publishing. Instead of reading headlines heralding promising new talent or insightful album reviews, I find more and more outlets harassing me about embarrassing Twitter rants, DJ beef, and what Paris Hilton had for breakfast in Ibiza. As a genuine fan of dance music and an editor of two dance music blogs, I’m wondering what the hell happened. Continue Reading

These days you find a lot of websites posting articles about how the electronic scene is dying, then weeks later about how the electronic scene is thriving, then artists step in and assert their opinions (bias much?), and it stirs up a lot of passion from the bro’s and broette’s who love to get down to some gnar EDM and get all wiggly worm at a festival and sweat on by strangers (now bff’s) to a crazy LED light show that should induce epileptic seizures as any chance of hearing by the age of 65 slowly fades away..and man was that fun for a little bit!! As technological innovations for DJ’s become stagnant, though, the limits for what a live show has to offer has ultimately reached its peak. The stages can get bigger and more money spent towards production, but as I stand 300,000 people deep staring at a stage three football fields wide as Hardwell and Avicii take shelter in a massive owl, I start to have a hard time…getting off. Continue Reading

As if Halloweekend couldn’t get any more action packed, Day of the Dead as presented by HARD is a mere day away. Returning this year in two day fashion with even more heavy hitters on the bill than years past, this years festival will be another ground breaking year for its patrons. With Day Two completely sold out, your opportunity to be apart of this years history is rapidly fading away! Saturday single day, as well as two day passes, are moving quick as the window of opportunity narrows. Check out our top 5 reasons for attending and join us as we burn Los Angeles to the ground at LA State Historic Park this weekend. Continue Reading

A couple months ago I happened to catch a ridiculous set by Felix Da Housecat at one of Bang On NYC‘s legendary parties. As a budding DJ and self proclaimed tech geek I wanted to know what he was using to mix with and was pleasantly surprised to find that Felix has taken up Traktor. So when Native Instruments reached out to offer me a chance to check out some of their gear, you bet I said yes!

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It’s official! Eight weeks have passed and I have finally finished my Abelton Live course with Point Blank Online. These past two months have been packed with fundamentals and techniques that will be utilized every time I open up a session in Abelton Live. For the final recap of this course I have uploaded my final review video, reflected back on the goals set in week #1, and finally provided my favorite parts about this course.

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Heading into the second to last week in my course with Point Blank Online we begin to discuss the final stages of finishing a track. At this point we’ve covered everything from composing to arranging the elements of a song. This week we delve deeper into mixing and the various aspects and techniques that apply to this topic.

Check out last week’s post HERE and catch the full review after the jump!

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I am now reaching the tail end of my course with Point Blank Online. The past 2 weeks of lessons have focused on recording and editing arrangements (Song Structure). This stage in the creative process of making music is easily one of the most important steps for any style. Because of the emphasis on understanding the details of this critical phase the course dedicates 2 weeks to the concept.

Check out last week’s post HERE and read the full week 5+6 review after the jump!

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By now I am halfway through my course at Point Blank Online. This week’s lesson was all about audio effects and building scenes in the session view (more on this below). At this point in the course we have covered the basics of Abelton from its functions, instruments, and effects. The remainder of the course ahead will address arranging a track, polishing it with effects, automation, and finally mastering it.

Catch last week’s post HERE and read the full recap of Week #4 after the jump!

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I’m currently 3 weeks into the course material with Point Blank Online. This week’s lesson was all about bass & midi effects. Comparing the material this week to the previous two, there was a major difference. After two weeks of going over instruments, plug-ins, and effects in Abelton live we finally began to focus our attention on music theory. Although the main purpose of this course is to teach Ableton as a production tool, music theory must be incorporated to make any of these examples come to life.


Read last post HERE and see course material and a full break down of week 3 after the jump!

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