The Dirt

Thank god it’s Friday night cus I ju-ju-just GOT PAID! Just kidding I never get paid on Fridays but whatever cus it’s still FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!!! PUMP UP THE JAMS! Me and the Doyle-ster got 10 free tunes for your listening pleasure, hopefully whatever you’re into (ahem, musically) this’ll help liven up your weekend. Get to booty-shakin, head-bopping, hip-griding, whatever it is you do. Preferably don’t twerk. -LD

If you trust us you can download the .zip files here but check out the tracks + stream / download individually after the jump.

OH Doyle’s .zip (5 Tracks)
Laura D’s .zip (5 Tracks)

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The Dirt 132 Tropicool Burn Unit

Summer has us by the balls here in Southern California, and she’s refusing to let go. Amidst a heat wave that’s spiking temperatures to nearly 90Fº at the beach, and a weekend packed with shows from Moby, Jesse Rose, Daedalus, Nosaj Thing, Afrojack, Claude VonStroke and more, it’s fairly safe to say that October is shaping up to be a pretty all-time “Indian Summer” type of month.

All those factors might also be contributing to why we’re a few days late on last week’s Dirt, but hey, here’s ten free tracks to quiet that chorus of boos.

Burn Unit’s .zip (5 tracks)
Tropicool’s .zip (5 tracks)

Listen + Download all TEN (10) tracks after the jump!
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As we say goodbye to Summer and roll right into Fall, our very own BONES and TOKS present to you the 131st edition of The Dirt, equipped with (10) heaters to warm up the weekend. BONES offers up some new versions of popular tracks while TOKS gives up some fall-fitting vibes. Don’t miss out on these puppies, they might just be exactly what you need to kickstart into the brisk nights to come…

BONES’ .zip (5 tracks)

Toks’ .zip (5 tracks, 52 MB)

Listen + Download all (10) tracks after the jump!

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It’s Thursday, which means another 10 free tracks to put in your pocket from your friends here at GDD™. This week, aRod and I have gathered a diverse selection for you with originals, remixes, and edits all making an appearance. Make sure to hit the zip downloads to grab them all and feel free to browse by previewing each track on the Soundcloud players below.

aRod’s ZIP (5 tracks, 58 MB)
jonah’s ZIP (5 tracks, 46MB)
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Back once again with the 129th installment of The Dirt with Troy Kurtz & Three Wise. We’re covering all the bases this week with some tasty new snacks courtesy of our friends over at Main Course, an energized remix of Beyonce, as well as Kastle‘s impressive rework of Drake which is nothing short of class.

- Happy Downloading -

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In true-to-form fashion, I went a little ham on the R&B influences and remixes… there’s a lot of good stuff circulating right now and whilst still full of summer-driven high serotonin levels I’m basically only listening to stuff that I can sing/rap along to or dance to… or both. There’s a good sprinkling of emotion and a touch of acid just to round it off. Can’t be on one all the time you know. Also I think the median age for the remixers/producers on these tracks is around 20 which means A. I’m getting old and B. college-level guys are way more into Amerie and Ciara (publicly) than I remember.

My good bud Burn Unit really vibing off the British & American producers and vibes, lots of feel-good stuff in his picks from quite a few budding producers.

You can of course download each individual track via Soundcloud but each of us have zipped our selections up for you for easy download purposes. Trust us. – Laura

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Better late than never, it’s about time The Dirt segment makes it’s way to your free downloads folder. Bringing you the best of the internet this week is myself, Colby J., and the venerable Tropicool. 10 free downloads marks the spot as we bring you the best of the web’s treasures. Below each of our pick’s you’ll find them .zip’d up and ready to DL, now let’s get down to business. Continue Reading

Another week brings you another set of 10 free downloads from us at GDD, but this time around it’s the always tasteful aRod, and myself, Toks, on Dirt duty for our 126th edition. As per usual, we have a little something for everyone, so head after the jump to grab some quality music to compliment your weekend – we know you’ll need it.

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It’s been a hot one this summer, but not only because of the weather… some of the best tracks over the past few months have been heard across the festival circuit and club sets worldwide. With so much new talent emerging, a plethora of great production is being recognized as well.  For the 125th edition of The Dirt, the LA to NY connection of BONES & Threewise have (10) gems to offer you as we near the end of the heated season.

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M Machine Gotta Dance Dirty

We have a very special edition of The Dirt this week, featuring myself, Burn Unit, and our insanely talented friends better known as The M Machine. Now these guys aren’t your average bedroom producers… they’re real artists, with vision, dedication, and a unique set of skills that allowed them to completely build and program their own massive light set-up in the shape of a M, and not with the help of major label money or touring revenue. Nope, these boys did it all themselves, with their own six hands.

They’ve sent over 5 songs by 5 artists that “inspire” them. High praise from some pretty talented individuals. As always, preview the tunes and grab a .zip of the available downloadable tracks after the jump!
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